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Who decides whats in fashion?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7981points) March 10th, 2010

Two summers ago the style was plaid. Last summer it was a kind of sixties look with the babydoll tops and sleeves that had little white lines on them (don’t ask).

Who decides whats in fashion?

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It’s time the truth came out. It’s me. I am the one to blame. I take full responsibility.
Also I refuse to apologize. If I didn’t do it who would the poor people at E!‘s fashion police talk about? what would your fashion magazines print? how could we laugh our asses off at the crazy shit people like Lady Gaga or that putrid sack of human effluence Perez Hilton wear?

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I suppose whoever’s designing the clothes.

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From what I’ve come to find, people who don’t know how to dress.

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My mother always said that ”they do.”

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Lady Gaga.

Oh, wait…

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Hipsters, which is why fashion should be rebelled against at every available opportunity.

When I’m made the fashion guru of the universe, I will officially decry anti-fashion as the new fashion.
Wear button down collars with double breasted suits!
Sew stuffed animals to your pants!
Wear socks with sandals!
Mix stripes with plaid!
Buy your DEVO flower pot hats en masse!
Go nuts!

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No no no.
I mean, who decides that something is in fashion? Is there someone thats like, OKAY. THIS YEAR YELLOW IS IN FASHION.

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Magazines, top fashion designers, the media…

Maybe God does.

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No one, actually. Fashion is fluid. A designer might create something that they personally like, and then someone else sees and imitates it, or creates their own custom idea off of the original. From there, it becomes mentality of the sheep to want and wear everything that everyone else does.

And it doesn’t even necessarily begin with designers. They might see some random person walking down the street with their own, unique style – which the designer might imitate. It’s all random, just like the weather.

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“Who decides whats in fashion?”

It’s a process.

It starts with the creative teenagers from any given culture. Whatever they’re wearing becomes popular in the performing arts, artists, rock stars. The designers model their apparel from these culture clues and tame it down for mass consumption. When culture is lacking periods of creativity, the designers turn to history for inspiration.

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Watch The Devil Wears Prada. Seriously. Meryl Streep (Miranda) explains the whole thing near the beginning while simultaneously insulting the hell out of our main character ;)

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For me? I do.

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I wanna DEVO hat!

<missing the point>
And somebody ought to bring steampunk fashion into the mainstream.
</missing the point>

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anyone who has a large following. celebrities, bands, pop stars, designers, all influence their followers, whether they mean to or not.

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Assholes, thats who.

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