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Bras and underwear: do your's ever match?

Asked by dee1313 (948points) March 10th, 2010

I used to buy black bras and skin-colored bras, and thats it. Black ones match black underwear, and thats about it. With my new batch, I got some pretty ones, but they never match my underwear. Is this common? I love when I do wear matching sets, but I can’t make up excuses for have tons of matching sets so I can match all the time.

Plus, I buy cheap Wal-mart underwear. Finally found some I like, but the band makes it look more boyish / athletic, which definitely does not match.

Question: Ladies, do you usually match? Just color, or even material/ design? Men, does it matter to you? And for everyone, what is your preference?

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I wear an undershirt, teddy or camisole, never a bra and I my underwear almost never matches, but when it does, I do kind of feel a little better, don’t know why. And that’s my answer.

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I only match when I’m not wearing both.

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Usually, I don’t wear gotchies. When I do (if I’m wearing a skirt), sometimes they match. Most times, no.

If I’m wearing a really nice outfit (going out), I’m usually in a matching set. It’s kind of nice for the girlfriend, for when she goes to take them off of me.

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Yes.I think it’s pretty and very foofy :)

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@jjmah Going without underwear has actually not ever occurred to me. Is that uncomfortable with pants?

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The girls need expensive bras to hold them up. I usually go for skin tone, or white bras. They are the only thing that doesn’t show through blouses so obviously. My underwear is cheaper so they come in a large varitey of colors since my skirts and pants are never white in color or made of a thin material.

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Nope. I can’t stand when they match.
It really bothers me.

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When I get to see a women in her underwear, I just consider myself lucky and could care less if the bra and panties match.

Can I hang out in this thread for a while? ;)

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Always. I’m kind of a freak about this… I don’t know why, but if I walk out the door with mismatched lingerie I feel sloppy. It’s ridiculous because I understand that no one can see it, but if the bra and panties don’t match, I feel like it’s as obvious as wearing two mismatching shoes haha

To keep up with this, I keep a good stock of basic colors like black, white, and nude, all in lace. I then have a few sets of “pop” colors that I wear less frequently, just for fun.

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@dee1313 No, not uncomfortable. :)

(I read your last post wrong, which is why I edited).

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities You and me both, you and me both :)

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@jjmah I’m going to have to buy more skirts.

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Sometimes my socks or slippers don’t even match. How can anyone expect me to match those things? I don’t think I’ve ever even bought a matching set before. For me, not matching is the new matching.

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@dee1313 san gotchies = very freeing.

To each their own, though.

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Of course a nice matching ensemble is yummy but I do like white cotton panties…they go nicely with any bra!

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No. I like the ecclectic look of mismatched panties and bra. That is when I’m not going commando.

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Only occasionally and pretty much never on purpose. Matching underwear, or even clothing, is something I couldn’t care less about. I have a lot of other things I’d rather worry about than that.

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Men, does it matter to you? And for everyone, what is your preference?
Let me preface this by saying I’d never complain to a girl about her underwear color choice. I don’t care that much about it.

Completely un-matching colors just feels wrong to me. If a girl is wearing a purple bra and orange panties or something. It’s just not right.
what’s worse to me is really if they have, say, a red bra, and then striped panties with 8 different colors. Stick to one pattern, girls! Have striped tops and bottoms, or solid tops and bottoms, or polka dotted, etc.

Though, this is coming from a guy whose entire wardrobe consists of 4 colors (black, grey, green, blue). So it’s not like I ever have that many choices in the first place regarding what to wear, so I really can’t “mess it up” so to speak. While women generally tend to have a greater variety of colors in all of their clothing (and then you get into all the patterns!).
So if I was to grab a random pair of pants and a random shirt, and you(as a woman) were to grab a random bra and a random set of panties, the likelihood of me matching but you not is vastly greater than vice versa.

So, basically, ladies, consolidate your colors and it’s not an issue.

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Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. I don’t buy anything in sets usually, so when they do “match” it’s pretty much just color coordination. Most of the time they don’t match at all. My bras are pretty plain – black or creme with a bow or something – but my underwear are a wild variety of colors and styles. I really wish a black bra with a yellow bow would match with hot pink cheekies with white hearts. Is there a universe where they do?

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Very rarely. I only wear beige and black bras, but my thongs are all different colors and prints

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The only thing that matters is that they’re both clean.

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@Sarcasm So you’re saying I can’t mix my Star Wars bra with my TARDIS underwear? Hmph. Guess you’ll never see me undressed then.

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I don’t wear any.

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I spent over120 dollars at Victoria’s Secret last Saturday! Yes. I like wearing pretty things nobody will ever see. Matching sets are cute. That an my nail polish and shoes I don’t need are my girly joys in life.

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I can safely say that my bra and panties are never a match as I’ve never been able to find a pair of boxers that match my wife beaters.
Yeah, you know you want some. Who wants a taste?

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Who wears them anymore?

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Sometimes I match. I have some lacy ones that I match, but other than that I just buy whatever I like in whatever color. I usually buy my undies from VS or Aerie and my bras from VS (since most stores do not carry my size :<).

My bras generally aren’t patterned, just solids, so even when I don’t try to match sometimes I quazi-match.

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@thriftymaid panties are my main defense against flashing the world with wardrobe malfunctions. Are they out of style now?

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@escapedone7 Wardrobe malfunctions are the style now!

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@thriftymaid [NSFW] That is disgusting for a girl…I dont wanna know what your monthlies looks like…[NSFW]

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On the very rare occasion that I want to create a specific illusion I will begin from the skin and work my way out. For most other occasions, no way.

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I don’t wear underware, so there is nothing that needs to match my bra. lol

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@Coloma [NSFW] That is disgusting for an older woman…I dont wanna know what your monthlies looks like…[NSFW]

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Stops following

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Can we fucking ban @Everest already?

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Banhammer of the gods!
Will drive our ships to new lands. Fight the hoards, singing and crying “Valhalla I’m coming”

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Sorry to stress you out Everest…hahahahahaha
Whats being ‘older’ have to do with the question?

I didn’t wear underware when I was 20 either…just evoloution ey? lolol

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‘Monthlies ’???

Does anyone even say monthlies anymore except Everest?

Hmmm… Everest?

Somehow I think you are older than I am! lol

Never fear, the odds of you seeing my ‘monthlies’ are about the same as being struck by lightening while simultaniously being devoured by a Mtn. Lion.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I think he/she has about 3–4 other account

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@Violet My last one was banned. :P

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Oh. Hi, Avvoooooo. I wondered how long it would take you to come back. I was just talking to Vanessa a day or so ago about you. I figured you were about ready to pop. Guess I got it right, huh? How long do you suppose it will be before they find out about you? Don’t worry…..I won’t say anything.

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@Everest – What a shocker. I kind of wish you’d gotten the hint.

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[mod says] Let’s get back to the topic, please. Thanks!

Response moderated
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My favorite matching set is leopard print. I usually wear it under my little black dress.

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So the mods delete off topic posts, but don’t ban a member that just admitted they’ve been banned before? Interesting approach…

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Everest has left the building.

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(NSFW) I’d give you one of these if I could. Thank you.

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@augustlan hip hip hooray!!!

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I usually match.

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I’m a male, but I don’t care if my girl’s stuff matches or not. She is beautiful to me either way.

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[mod says] (NSFW) Added to @Vunessuh‘s link via internal edit.

Auggie says: Hot!

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Vunessuh, is that you with the jeans?

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@augustlan Only for you.
@Violet Nopez! I googledz that shizz.
@Vunessuh lulz I can @ myself.

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[lilly says] Do you people have no shame? We are supposed to be talking about women’s bras and panties! Any comments that do not specifically address the issue of women’s bras and panties will be removed by Fluther moderators.

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Now we need to wait and see who the next account to start hating again is LOL.

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Bras. Panties. Match? Never.

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My car wore a bra once that matched the ties. Does that count? It kept the bumper from sagging. My car and I go commando these days. Augustlan, you have my undying devotion.

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I like matching and if I could buy La Perla I would. Someday hopefully!

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Almost everything I own is black, so I usually match. It’s not on purpose.

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Mine never match. They will once I finish my chain mail undies and top though haha.

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I’m really strange. My thought, upon reading that question, was ‘match what?’ Match the bra to the top, the panties to the bottom? Match them to my skin tone? Match them to each other? So many choices!!

I tend to not care overmuch what I grab. Unless I am specifically dressing to show off to Arisztid (and convince him to remove them), I dress as I please. Usually with whatever I grab. If I dress for Aris, I make sure it all matches. :)

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I don’t usually match, but sometimes I do.
It depends on the clothes that I’m also wearing.

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I only match when I’m going on a date or something. Occasionally I’ll try to match a black bra if I’m wearing black panties, or I’ll match either bra or panties to my shirt for fun. Usually, though they’re completely different, just because I have so many random pairs of underwear and only a few bras.

I do have a few matching sets that I’ve gotten as gifts from my sister, who works at a lingerie shop. It helps that she gets them for free.

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I always match…call me silly…it makes me happy.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities – you might not say that if you saw my pretty underthings!

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let’s go nudist colony… undies…no bras…..maybe a bathing’s summer….
okay…hot skirts/and or dresses
and shiny glitter disco tops

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I try, but it’s not that important. But they “HAVE TO” have lace trim and is feminine!!

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