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Could You Please Give Advice About This Fight I Had in the Library?

Asked by delam (358points) March 11th, 2010

Hello, I’m sorry, I posted this question before but it disappeared. Here is my story: I was studying in the library in an area labeled on two walls in the room: QUIET AREA: NO TALKING, and this girl was talking to a group of friends and I politely asked her to lower her voice and she said: “And if I don’t what are you gonna do about it huh?” And she ignored me and continued to talk. So I went to get the supervisor to ask her and her friends to keep it down and she said ” What are you going to do to me huh?” With this cold stare. Then this guy sitting behind her started yelling at me, putting me down and making sarcastic comments at me. All I wanted to do was study. I just left feeling really humiliated and bad. What do you think about this?

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You might have switched to another table, if possible. I know you shouldn’t HAVE to, but if the staff in the libe won’t do dick, there’s not much else that could have been done.
Not sure what kinda advice you’re lookin for, I mean those people you mention were veritable ass scabs.

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Slap dat ho!

Seriously, I hate bitchy people like that. Sorry you had to deal with that. Just remember they are used to always getting their way, and having everyone listen to them, and that’s why you are better than them.

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I think they were a total buch or arses & not worth the worry.

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I think it’s too bad she intimidated you.I can’t stand people like that.

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Little by little the assholes of the world are being permitted to share our space. The explanation is in Yeat’s “The Second Coming”. You might also choose to read “Dawn to Decadence” by Jacques Barzun.

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We (neighbors) broke up an underage open party (kids rented a house on the block as a party house) by walking into the house at 1 am in our pajamas and just stared at people. Finally, the kid asked who we were and what we’re doing there. We told him that the party woke us up. In 10 minutes, everyone was gone. No more parties.

To that end, if they won’t be quiet, join the conversation, and give opinions on what they’re talking about.

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She was just bullying you, and attempting to start trouble.
Stick to your studies… one day it will pay off for you.
Ignore the ones who will fall along the way, as I am sure this person will.
You will win in the end.

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When she asked you the question and what are you going to do about it just say,
“Nothing” With a very large grin on your face.
Then, about a minute later, you move all of your things to their table, don’t say anything at all, just do it.
Then (as stupid people are predictable) she will ask you the hell you think you are doing.
This is the point at which you have to say, “Well, I just thought seeing as we hit it off to such an extent, I’d sit with you guys :-) It’s not often I make such good friends so quickly”.
They will look at you like you are insane, but eventually they will move.
They want to appear ‘hard’, however they just have large mouths powered by much smaller brains. You have to put them in a position where they have no choice but to do something otherwise they will look stupid.
They will walk away dejected and you will have been the bigger man.

Great feeling :-)

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Stick a lit fire cracker in all of their pants.

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Was it the library supervisor who said, “What are you going to do to me huh?”?

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@lucillelucillelucille Bet she wouldn’t mess around with you lucille… with that rifle in your hand LOLL

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Maybe this crude bunch is a large money donor, and the library doesn’t want to tell them to stop. Ha ha. @ModernEpicurian I like your style. You got a great answer for that one.

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Who care about what they think about you. It’s the rule. Each place has its own rule,they must obey that rule or get their ass out of there. Ask the supervisor to secretly ‘blacklist’ those people so you won’t suffer the same situation again.

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Why didn’t you demand someone in authority?

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@PandoraBoxx To that end, if they won’t be quiet, join the conversation, and give opinions on what they’re talking about.

I love it!

If a staff member did nothing, I would definitely find someone in charge and file a complaint. Is it not their job to be ushers as well?

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I second the question that @Brian1946 asked.. the Librarian said “What are you going to do to me, huh?” That sounds a bit off.

I work at a library, and usually the ones that man the quiet sections swoop down and kick anyone out who talks long before anyone can complain. Also, why would a professional who works with the public for a living talk to a patron like that? Also.. why is the library staff member saying almost the exact same thing the girl said?

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I would have screamed shutup as loud as could. I hate people like that

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At the library I work in, they’d have been shown the door.

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You sound young. You’ll learn later in life that the best way do deal with a situation like this is to first politely ask the girls to quiet down. (Even as adults you sometimes get the people who want to fight over everything – but not as often as when you’re young, and they’re usually trashy anyway.)

After that tell the person in charge privately and discreetly, then leave and study somewhere else. That’s all there is to it if you want to avoid getting in a fight over something so stupid and avoid dramatic people like that. Just leave.

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It was the girl who said that twice. The supervisor said nothing. Sorry if I didn’t write this well.

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