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When have people incorrectly guessed how you are related to someone else?

Asked by iphigeneia (6229points) March 11th, 2010

I had trouble wording the question, so here are some examples:

People have assumed I was my dad’s wife on two occasions. My dad does look quite young, but he’s still 30 years older than me, and I wasn’t in the mood for being so affectionate towards him for a day or so after each occasion.

When my friend was 17, she was pushing her younger sister around in a pram and had others assume that she was her daughter.

Has this sort of thing happened to you, and how did it make you feel?

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My father and I get mistaken for brothers on a regular basis. I think it’s mostly based on how we interact with each other.

When I was maybe 15–16 the papergirl asked if my “wife” was at home.

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Often people think I am my sister or vice versa. She gets annoyed because I am almost ten years older. I love it.

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Whenever we are out for family dinners, I get mistaken for my cousin’s girlfriend.

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Everyone asks my boss and I if we’re married. It’s quite odd because no one ever asks if we’re together. They always throw the m word out there.
We’ve developed a more father-daughter relationship than anything. For some odd reason we give off the vibe that we’re closer than that, or the simple fact that I live in LA and every old man is married to a 20-something year old. Not the case at all with us.

And my best friend and I have been mistaken for sisters.

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I have dark brown hair, and people think my BLONDE baby cousin is mine. Also, I’m only 17 but people swear I look 12 haha so I don’t really get it o_O…it only makes me mad when old people stare at me in disgust just because I’m carrying her.

Every light-skinned hispanic I stand near is automatically my brother or sister or cousin…that’s a little weird to me. It’s only ever been assumed twice that I was related to a white person haha, people think I’m adopted because they don’t see the resemblance between me and my parents lol

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I used to get mistaken for a child of the mailman quite regularly.

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A customer at my daughter’s store, asked if my daughter and I were sisters. I hurried to reply before my daughter could yell ‘hell no’.

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I was skateboarding with my sons in front of our house several years ago when a group of boys walked by and asked if I was their sister. totally made my day

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I was visiting my girlfriend at a school where she teaches and one of her students asked her if I was her son. Mind you, she’s 22 and 5’4“ish and I’m 21 and 6’2”. I was cracking up. She wasn’t laughing as hard. :)

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I looked so young when my first son was born, when I went to the finance office to sign out, the admit clerk in the nursery told me no relatives, only Mothers allowed. She hardly believed that I was the mother, but my wrist band proved it.

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Several times when I was in my father and stepmother’s apartment building, some other tenant would step into the elevator with us and say “Oh, this must be your daughter, she looks exactly like you,” looking from me to my stepmother. Then I would say, “She’s not my mother” and later my father would tell me that was rude. No, it wasn’t. It was rude of him to marry someone who looked like me.

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It wasn’t about me, but people always thought one of my daughters belonged to my sister.

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Because I look a lot younger than I really am, people frequently assume my daughter is actually my sister.

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My brother always gets mistaken for being my dad EVERYWHERE we go. Maybe because he’s about 14 years older and has grey hair.
Also friends get mistaken as girlfriends.

I usually think its funny when other people try to guess your relationships. Gives you an idea of the image you’re portraying to others.

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Oh, I just remembered another one. I don’t have a new picture on my driver’s license, so it looks like I am carrying my daughter’s license if you just go by the picture.

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