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Do I have a salt deficiency?

Asked by XOIIO (18251points) March 11th, 2010

Every now and them I get MASSIVE cravings for salt. It happens randomly, and won’t stop until I get something salty to eat. I feel wierd until I do get something salty, then I feel better. I usually grab a small bag of lays salt and vinegar chips and that satisfies it.

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To speculate, I’d have to know what the rest of your diet looks like. I mean, if you eat fast food all the time, then probably not. But if you eat healthily with moderate or low levels of salt in your diet, it’s definitely possible. I think the body generally lets you know what it needs by giving you cravings.

I had a bout of what I’m pretty sure was e. coli and I had the weirdest craving for onions. I love onions, but never crave them. I looked it up and discovered that they help rid the body of toxins. I thought that was pretty cool.

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Also, if you work out frequently, your body could be losing salt that way.

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I don’t eat much salty food really, I don’t eat much in general.

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My friend was taking a medication that made her leach salt. One day she cried, and her tears didn’t taste salty. That was her first clue.

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If anything it is salt “addiction” not salt deficiency. There is some amount of salt in just about everything we eat. A salt deficiency is quite rare, generally people are trying to find ways to avoid and cut salt consumption.

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You say you don’t eat much. Does that go with drinking water as well? You may have a desire for salt if you are dehydrated. But it can also be an addiction. What snowberry said seems a reasonable way to find out. Tears should be salty.

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You should go to Big Bone Lick State Park to satisfy your craving for salt.

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I don’t drink much water, buI LOTS of milk and juice.

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I get massive cravings for those Lays Salt & Vinegar potato chips, but I wouldn’t call it a “salt craving”; I just love potato chips and those in particular. I’ll eat a few bags a year, a half-bag at a time (literally, a bag about every three or four months).

I have been consciously laying off salt for a few years now. I never cook with it, and only add it when I cook french fries (which is rare). And since most of my food is fresh and / or home-prepared, I know most of my salt sources. Even with this conscious limiting, I’m sure that I get way more than enough salt from the few processed foods that I do consume, as well as the natural / fresh ingredients I also use.

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