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Would you meet someone from Fluther?

Asked by Sophief (6681points) March 12th, 2010

There are so many nice people on here. Some people I connect with more than others, and some people I really class as friends. There is the odd person I would like to meet up with. Well just 2 actually.

I would just like your opinion on this?

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I am seem to be answering all your questions today loll. I definitely would, if they were close by and we clicked. :)

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There are a few people I think who would be interesting to meet. I don’t think they would want to meet up with me though.

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I’m happy meeting anyone.

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@Just_Justine You sure do! I like your answers though.

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Depends on if they’re a pedophile or not.

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There’s a handful of jellies that I would really enjoy having a beer with.

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if they were cool…

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I go back and forth on this. Part of me would love to meet most of you in person, and get to actually know the people whose opinions I respect so much. The other part of me would feel so weird about it, and really disappointed when they didn’t live up to my expectations. My fluther self is much cooler than the real me, more thoughtful and nicer. The real me is not nearly as exciting. :)

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There is no one here that I’d want to have a beer with. But that’s more related to my dislike of beer than to the folks here.

Anyone want a gin and tonic? Or whatever. I’ll buy the first round.

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I can think of one or two…. although I’d feel very nervous about it.

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I’ll be meeting up with a few in May (when I go to NYC).

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Been there, done that, and would like to continue to blindly assume you all are the way I imagine you.

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Of course I would. In fact, my husband and I swapped phone numbers with a Flutherite that is no longer with us. We were supposed to visit him last Halloween since he only lives 90 miles from us, but our car couldn’t make the trip.

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I have met some pretty outrageous people here that would be fun to meet up and go have a beer with.

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I would like to meet all of you. If I won the lottery you all would be on a private jet to my home.
Where I would eat you!

Sometimes life is about “risk” epically when it is from the heart. Whenever possible, don’t get stuck with a “I wonder if” in your head.
Possibilities are meant to embrace.

Remember, friends or soul mates are not found. They are made. Just depends on how far you are willing to go.

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@ChazMaz You can be real sweet sometimes.

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I have a few fellow Flutherers that I want to meet in person.

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I could see sitting around a campfire (the real deal, not chat) and drinking a beer with a few jellies. I’d bring my girl with me as she’s gotten to know a few, as well. blondesjon would be singing/playing guitar, aprilsimnel, you’d be doing a little accompaniment, jeffgoldbloom, jonsblond, Gris, Dr. C, Miss Allie, Chaz, Auggie, wtfluther, and many others would be there (oh, and tinyfaery, if I could get her ass there). Drinking some brew and singing songs under the stars. :)

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@jjmah Hey, can I come?

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@CyanoticWasp – What time should we be over? I could use a drink.

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My self-esteem could use a boost so I’d be curious to know who would want to meet me. ‘Cause I’m special.

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@CyanoticWasp Make mine a courvoissier please then I’ll join you.

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Yes!! And, Marina, too!!

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Yes I think it would be very interesting. Think we all have a vision of fellow Flutherers and it would be lovely to see if they live up to our imagination/

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@jjmah Sweet! I already live in the mountains, so you all just need to bring yourselves over here. Pronto. I’ll get the fire started. :)

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Gotta be during football season so I can catch a game. :)

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There are some that I’d like to meet :)

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Sure why not?
Lets get a brew at the pub.

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Oh, sure. Why not?

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Of course I would…I have plans to see @jjmah soon

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I would love a dance party with yall.

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Yeah, and I’m sure someday I will meet a few.

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I haven’t really connected that strongly with anyone here.

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There are definitely some I would like to meet up with. By virtue of being here and other websites, there are some I feel I “know” already. I camethisclose to meeting eponymous recently! :)

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@bythebay I’m so happy to see you fluthering again! :)

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@bythebay Let me second @jonsblond on that! Great to see you in the Q&As again!

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I would, but I’m too busy mowing my lawn when I’m not answering stupid questions.

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I would. If my wife would let me. She’s not so fond of me spending so much time here. One time, way back when, whathefluther said he’d have a beer with me. I think someone else was going to be at the pub, too.

It goes without saying that it would be an honor to meet any of the fluther ladies.

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@wundayatta but I guess it goes even better without saying that to your wife, right?

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There are several jellies I’d like to meet.

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Of course I would. Maybe the old discussion about having a Fluther convention or get together will resurface at some point.

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I came to Fluther just so I could meet a specific someone ;)

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I’d love to meet a few people from Fluther. There are some people that live in my city already and sometimes I wonder why the hell I haven’t met up with them yet. :)

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@aprilsimnel I was in the process of arranging a general meet up in San Francisco in April, when a death in the family used up all my available resources. No one else answered my plea to take over, so I had to cancel it.

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@jonsblond & @marinelife : Thank you very much…nice to see you, too!

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I would definitely hang out with people from around here.
Mainly the chat-rats camping trip, anyone? But there are a few people who don’t hang out in chat that I would want to visit.

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I am usually terrified at meeting people, but I was looking forward to the Fluther gathering that was going to be in SF next month. I am genuinely disappointed it was canceled.

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@bythebay Me too, me too! I missed you!

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There are definitely some flutherites I would love to meet. The blondesjons family, Jeffgoldblumsetc, WTF, and the others that hang out on Randomassradio on Friday nights.
Gailcalled is a must, Supermouse, and tons of others that I love and respect on here.
@mrentropy Yes, I’d meet you too!

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I would certainly meet a few.

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@bythebay! Welcome back!! I’ve missed you too.

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@bythebay – Hellllloooo!

I’d love to meet fellow jellies! I might have to bring a hospital with me, my family, my dogs, fish and other creatures…oh my mother doesn’t seem to want to leave my side, these days. Did I mention my circle of friends, the girl scouts and a few other people? :)

…you don’t mind a crowd, do you?

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@cak We’ll have a party at Disney and yuo can bring all your friends and relations!

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No, never.

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@janbb thanks! I think you guys would like them- they are pretty funny and a bit odd…perfect in my world

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@Shae You mean you joined knowing a specific person was on here, or you’re hoping to meet a special someone on here?

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@cak Funny and odd works well around here.

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Twas a joke, darling. I’ve already met people.

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@Ivan Well, duh. But they don’t count seeing as how you’ve already met them. What about me!?

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@Likeradar yes I came here to meet a specific person and it worked :)

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Sure, I would. I have fun friends on here, especially the gang from AB. Of course, in person we would interact, probably, differently from the way we do on here. Who knows.

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@janbb , @jaruba, @cak: So happy to see you all, truly! for the record, I’d meet up with each and every one of my Fluther friends!

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Holy Honkin’ Twinkies!!

@bythebay and @cak in the same thread!?!?

It’s flippin’ old-home week on Fluther!!

Wha?...oh, sorry. To answer the question: ‘Yes’ there is a handful of Jellies I’d love to meet in person.

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I’ve met shockvalue. He did some art work for my bar. And aprilsimel was at my bar once, but I wasn’t there that night. ;(

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@rangerr, I would go out of my way to meet you, even in the Emerald City, which is where you appear to be right now.

The same goes for dozens of others!

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Absolutely. I’ve already met one, and have several others nearby that I’d love to meet! If I could afford to travel, the list would grow enormously. @bythebay Hello, girlie!

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@Hearkat and I had a lovely breakfast together several months ago.

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Yes I would.

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I would meet up, who knows what mischief we could get into… :)

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@phil196662 I’m so tired. I was thinking your response was to the threesome question for a moment, and thinking how brave you were…lol

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lol @jonsblond oh, then I hope you keep on answering Qs tonight. Who knows what we might see.

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There are a lot of people I seriously want to meet. But I’m not sure how many of them would want to meet me. It seems I don’t make the cut on some of their lists. Oh well. This is why I hate questions like this. I’m too damn sensitive. I think I’m going to go see how the wildlife under the compost heap are coming along. Been a long winter, you know.

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@wundayatta I’ll be glad to meet you if you’ll show me your ass!

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I think everyone should show @janbb their ass.

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@ChazMaz Now you’re talking! Group moon!

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@janbb – My picture is for you. ;-)

Hope it brought you some joy.

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@ChazMaz Wow – that’s some ass!

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See? Everyone has their conditions. My ass has been retired and won’t be coming back.

Anyway, there’s no tattoos on my ass in reality, so even if you made everyone drop their trou, you wouldn’t know if I was there if I came anonymously.

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@wundayatta Dang! Well, I’m sure your face is interesting too.

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@janbb Interesting? Uhhhhhh. I suppose you could call it that. If you noticed it. I tend to blend into the background. True story.

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Ok, now we all want to see your ass. ;-)

wundayatta's avatar

Seriously, it’s a very innocuous ass. If you saw it at the beach, you wouldn’t look twice. Or even once, really. Even if I showed it, no one would see it. Without even a conscious effort, they would “not-see” it. The ass is only a fantasy stolen from the internet. It was a part of a person who no longer exists.

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That would be an “ass of illusion.”

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@ChazMaz Zing! That one flew over my head, I think. Why the quotes? If there’s a pun there, I’m not getting it.

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Vunesuh and Philis. We could have a sleepover, with beer and popcorn. and hawt sex

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@jonsblond ; Perhaps another beer is in order to clear the mind! lol

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