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why do I procrastinate so much and is there anyone else out there that is too?

Asked by TheHaight (4399points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I should be studying for my bio test tomorrow… Instead I’m on this and watching the view (don’t ask, its oddly interesting) i feel like a slacker.. I’m just tired and stressed!

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I know that fear of failure and fear in general get in my way a lot. When I’m feeling depressed I tend procrastinate more too because I just don’t seem to care as much.

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yeah, guess that makes sense isteve. I’m not really depressed, just overwhelmed with so much right now. I’m 20! And just already want to be done with school already.

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I’ll answer you later

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Oh, you Got jokes djbuu, you are too clever

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fear and laziness… Which hold us back more?

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I am the biggest procrastinator I know but oddly enough I always get everything done. When I was in high school I would wait untill 2 nights before to write a 2–5 page essay. I always got a good grade though. I guess it works for me

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yeah, I do it last minute and really believe I just work better under pressure. I don’t think that’s the right way to do it in the real world..

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I’ve done this too but I’m finally turning it on its head!

We can all be a lot happier if we can see clearly that we’re wasting our lives and making ourselves miserable, compared to how we could be if we got the stuff done first and then could do whatever we wanted after, without the stress, distraction and self-condemnation.

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I’ll get back to you later on this question…..

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boffin, you killed it. Djbuu already beat you to that line.

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@zaku thanks, that’s all so true

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Getting a handle of procrastination takes persistence. For me, it’s been a problem since the 3rd grade. It took me many crash courses in life survival to be a prompt and responsible person.

I always recommend a planner. I don’t believe it’s meant to be used everyday, it’s simply there for your complicated weeks or months. I’d start with a buying planner, practice using it, and adhering to what you write.

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thanks voodo :) i actually have a planner, I just use for school but I think I should buy a smaller one to put in my purse. Or use my calender on the iPhone :)

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As I sit here and think about how to answer this question, I am once again putting off sorting out my stuff. And yet I am relaxed. Good thing we have deadlines or I might not get anything done.

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yeah, same here! The world would be chaos without deadlines.

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As I type this I have a ton of homework to do in front of me. I think its sad that I scrolled through 3 days of posts to find this topic. I find that if I excersise regularly my procrastination level lowers quite a bit. Too bad excercising is yet another thing I can put off :(

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Exercising!? Guess that makes sense, (endorphins) guess I should start exercising! Thanks for your input g33..

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