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Why am I unable to watch YouTube videos on Google Chrome?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) March 12th, 2010

Hi, I’ve been trying to watch some YouTube videos on Google Chrome but lately I can’t watch any videos. It keeps saying “An error has occurred” but when I watch YouTube videos on Mozilla Firefox it would go but not on Google Chrome, so what’s up? What is going on with YouTube on Google Chrome?

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Do you need to load the latest flash player?

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Version Test for Adobe Flash Player (Current version is

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@nope I don’t think so because I could play the YouTube videos when someone post them on Facebook so I don’t now what’s wrong.

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@xTheDreamer Try updating flash player like @jaytkay suggested.

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I don’t know…but mine works perfectly

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@noyesa @jaytkay I have downloaded the current version and I still can’t watch any youtube videos on google chrome.

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The embedded ones on Facebook still work?

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try closing chrome, installing flash player again, open chrome, and then try watching youtube again.

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@tomokawaii I did that and it didn’t go. It’s so strange.

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what’s the problem? it always says sorry an error has occurred if so, its not it the browser… maybe its youtube, or the internet connection isn’t strong enough.

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@tomokawaii Yes, it always says An error occurred, please try again. But how come I could play the YouTube on Firefox and not on Google Chrome?

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