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What is the best web browser on the market right now?

Asked by russ_utsa (19points) February 20th, 2009

Mozilla, chrome, IE8…. I know there are a lot more, but which one would you choose and why?

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Firefox with Greasemonkey.

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Mozilla Firefox.

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I’m a big fan of Safari.
As a web designer I love it because it consistently shows my sites exactly the way I design them. So does Firefox, I’m just addicted to Safari.

Internet Explorer is the worst.

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i’d say chrome, it just feels good, firefox is just clumsy in the look and feel department, and hey, chrome’s fast as well, or are you really noticing that 2ms difference between the two ?

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1Safari 2 firefox

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i personally LOVE GOOGLE CHROME!!

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Google, dogpile, u no the usual.

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google chrome.

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her favorite color is chrome…..sorry I know thats not what yall mean but that is the first thing that popped into my head was that song by Trace Adkins. Leave it to me to always get off topic.

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Google Chrome! ! !

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Chrome. Most def.

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Chromes the best in my opinion and quickly getting better. The worst being IE.

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Firefox is my browser of choice on any platform. Nothing can compete with its library of extensions.

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The thing about Firefox is that it has so many extentions that I always end up taking time to download and install things I never use and I totally forget about them. For me Firefox seems almost like an obligation. Then I start up Google Chrome and it’s clean, fast, and has just what I need in the end. It’s just that I have more important things to do than worry about any add-ons. Well, that’s my two cent.

I’m too tired to support this with any follow up so it’s just gonna have to hold it’s own for now. By the way, I’m pretty sure this has been discussed before to if you want to look at some older response. Just search “web browser”.

And with that, good night.

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I like firefox because it still runs stable on my old, tired computer.

Google Chrome is simple, fast and to the point, but will slow to a crawl when I have too many tabs.

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I’m on a Mac, so I’ve yet to really sit down and give Chrome a try. I hear great things about it though. I could switch over in Boot Camp and give it a try on Windows, but I’m a bit too lazy for that. :P
Til then, Safari for its simplicity, sleekness, and efficiency. I’ve never found a single reason to be discontent with it.
Firefox is great too, but the extensions tend to feel cluttered and bulky to me after awhile, and I tire of constantly downloading updates all the time.

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I like Chrome but there are still a few things that are missing from it that keep me from using it full time. On my little Netbook I usually use Firefox with only a couple of add-ons. On my Mac (main machine when I’m not in Iraq) I use Omniweb which has quite a few features that still haven’t been duplicated in other browsers. However it hasn’t been updated in quite a while and is starting to show its age.

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Firefox until Chrome came up.I use both of them.Two of the best in the market.

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On a Mac, I really like Camino for it’s sleekness and speed. It’s built around the same engine as Safari, yet still seems quite a bit faster to me.

I have to mention though, that I like my browsers “au naturel”. I keep plug-ins and extensions to a minimum.

When I do actual research, I use Devon Agent.

I used to really like Firefox back in the 2.2 days, have to say though that it seems to me it is becoming an add-on delivery machine, so it doesn’t appeal to me that much anymore.

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Firefox. Absolutely. It puts all of the others to shame.

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Safari, Chrome and Firefox are all great browsers! I’d say try them all for a week each or something and find out what browser fits your needs.

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@TaoSan Camino is actually based on the same rendering engine as Firefox, not Safari. But yes it is nice and I greatly prefer it to Firefox on the Mac, even without all the add-ons (which usually end up clogging it up into a horrible mess anyway).

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If you’re creating a web app, use IE as your test browser during development, then test under the other browsers.

If it is displayed correctly in IE, then it will also generally be displayed correctly in Firefox and Opera. (Not sure about Chrome).

If you do it the other way around, you will have much more refitting to do.

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@Grisson This is true. Design for the lowest common denominator.

But IE is still terrible.

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Oy, me being sloppy again! Good catch! Lurve

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1-Safari 2-Firefox… 100-IE

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Ugggg… More Fluther browser wars.

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@Anaphase – “Where there are fluthers, there will be browser wars.”- Plato

…the quote went something to that effect. I think. :P

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I’m sort of liking Opera right now. it just seems so smooth compared to firefox.
Chrome has the simplicity thing going for it, as does opera.
I use firefox for my heavy duty browsing needs, and opera for casual.

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~ I really like IE6.

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@fireside Thank heavens for the ~

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Nothing does it like Firefox.

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Firefox for flexibility and add-ons.
Chrome for speed.

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Get Fire fox, Chrome is my second browser but I am in love with Fire Fox. I have only used IE once on this laptop. I would recommend Fire Fox because its fast and simple, it also has spell check and is more secure. I really like the spell check. I think other browsers have it although I haven’t seen them do anything about my misspellings.

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wh00t, Safari 4 is out on beta, works pretty zippy :D

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@iwamoto: Ooh. I’ll have to check that out. Is it visually any different?

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Yes there is an unreal amount of new features. In Windows it looks like a normal ugly Windows application now.

Read about the new features. Crazy amount of new web technologies supported as well.

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i downloaded it, but haven’t installed it yet. now i want to try….!!

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I’m using is now. Very slick. I really like how little vertical space it takes up since I’m on my netbook with only a 600px vertical resolution. The Top Sites and History search are great also. Hard to tell how fast it is since I’m only on 128kbps satellite internet here.

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Safari 4 is the best web browser on the market right now.

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true to that, damn it’s fast, especially the javascripting engine deserves the name nitro…damn

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I’m running it on my ibook g4 with 512mb ram and it is actually… fast!

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@wilhel1812 yeah, same here. the scrolling is a bit choppy, but otherwise, it seems great.

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on mac here’s my list….
For speed/battery life-Camino
For web design-Firefox-(Ad block pro, web developer toolbar, tab groups, colorzilla, ruler)
I think IE should be made illegal.
my 2cents
safari 4????
wow, i think i need to go download that….

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I use Opera daily, Firefox due to some compatibility issues with a few sites, but I also have Chrome, Safari and IE8 (which isn’t that bad).

As for favourite, I pick none.

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@Skyrail yay! another opera user!

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I take it back, after using safari 4, i love it.

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I really like Flock as my browser because of all the social features.

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Safari 4 is epic win. Safari had already pretty much taken over Firefox as far as my usage, and now I know there’s no going back.

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@Ulmaxes – agreed, but I need all my FF add-ons…
web develper tools mostly….sigh….

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@patg7590 what do you miss with the safari developer tools?

patg7590's avatar

well i havent looked at them a ton…but i didn’t see an obvious color picker, the whole “image” menu is not there, all the little convenient things like clear only the cache, all visited links settings, live css edit…idk like i said I havent really used it much but it didn’t seem as extensive when I did.
Also cooliris…Ad Block Pro-(a nice css style sheet works in safari but not as well imho)
Oh yeah! and tab groups

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Well, maybe it doesn’t have all the features, but it has some of them. It has live CSS and HTML edit in the web inspector. But afterall, firefox is a more powerful browser, i admit that.

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@patg7950 – ah. I don’t do anything web-developer related, so ya got me there.

As for the beta missing some tools, I have noticed that a lot of stuff is still missing, so if anything is gone, there’s probably a good chance it will still turn up.

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@Ulmaxes – What things would you say are missing? because at first I couldn’t find the stop and reload buttons but they’re all the way to the right of the adress bar haha.

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I’ve had Safari 4 crash 3 times on me in 12 hours, on my Mac. but i still think it’s pretty groovy.

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OS X. 10.4.11 or whatever the last Tiger update was. Powerbook G4

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crashed twice in one day here…
but I still love it

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@eponymoushipster huh, that’s odd. works perfectly for me on my ibook g4, well i guess they put that beta tag there for a reason after-all.

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yeah, it might be the sites i go to. it crashed on once and facebook (oddly enough) once. i can’t remember the other site, honestly.

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it crashed for me when using adium, safari was not even active.
But is took adium down with it.
Or maybe adium took down safari….

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@patg7590 glad you mentioned that, i use adium at home. perhaps there’s some conflict between the two…?

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weird, i have safari and adium open right now, and no problems, using adium 1.3.3

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it was only once, and there was alot of other stuff open as well,
it seemed to crash when adium tried to update my facebook chat, which was alos open of safari
and i’m still using it no prob, only happened that once.

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can it really be considered a market if its all freeware?

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@kibaxcheza absolutely it can, because free or not, market share is king. Just ask the smouldering wreckage of what used to be the internet explorer franchise.

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Have you ever wondered how prices keep going up if companies are competing for the better price to attract more clientele?
wouldnt it make more sense (in theory) for everything to become cheaper?

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@kibaxcheza because you get what you pay for. On one level, they are competing for your business by making things cheaper, but on the other, they have to cut corners in order to do that.

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