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Christians what would you do if the High School your child attended called themselves "Home of the Blue Devils"?

Asked by BabylonFree (208points) March 12th, 2010

As in Plainville , Connecticut High School and also has a “Blue Devil” as a maskot?

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Gee… why so blue?

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I’m not a Christian, but Duke University was founded by Methodists and Quakers, and their mascot is a Blue Devil, so… Seems like you shouldn’t really care that much. It’s just a school mascot, anyway, so why does it matter?

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Duke University was founded by Methodists. They use the Blue Devil as their athletics mascot.

Edit: Ninja’d

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Satan comes in many colors.

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Nothing. One of the elementary schools in my city has a Minuteman for a mascot, which was a Revolutionary War militia. I don’t think that’s any more or less screwed up than a blue devil. Actually, I think it’s worse. But my overall point is… It’s just a mascot. Mascots are generally supposed to represent something tough or fierce. It’s not really something that should be made a big deal.

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I really wouldn’t worry about it.

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I wouldn’t care. Why would I care?

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It’s better to be a Horny Devil.

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I’d wonder why I worried about such futile things.

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Gooooooooooo LUCIFER!!!

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I would hope nothing. My high school was originally supposed to be the Predators, but a group of sharp individuals proposed that it was clearly a euphemism for sexual predator, and we were subsequently renamed the most generic name in existence: the WILDCATS! My how pedantic people can be. It was mostly the voice of a religious group.

True story—Plymouth High School in Canton, Michigan.

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I guess if I were upset by that, then I wouldn’t make plans to apply to Central Connecticut University, home of the (other) Blue Devils (and just down the road a piece).

I never realized before what a Satan-loving state I live in. Thanks! (Really.)

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Does anyone us Jesus Christ for their mascot?

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Kill Em’ Jesus!!!

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Do the Blue Devils play with Blue Balls?

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I bet they LOVE sudden death overtime

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@cockswain belief in the second coming is a slam dunk

Jesus he looks pissed too!

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Because there are so many worse things going on in the world to overlook. While I’m busy damning mankind for its lack of morality through the name of a school that my kids might attend, I’ll set all their Harry Potter books on fire while I’m at it.

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I couldn’t care less.

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I’m pretty sure it means that the end times are near.

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Here in San Diego, we have the MCHS Sundevils. I can’t say I’ve ever heard any uproar drama about that.
Even as an Atheist, I have to say, that mascot is pretty nasty looking.

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I do not think that the school is implying that the children bow down and worship Satan to win games.
Would you rather they change the mascot to a pretty little baby bluebird?
What team would you rather play for?

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Oh you’ve made me laugh :-)

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Sorry, it’s March.

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@stardust laughter is the work of the Devil… the BLUUUU DEVIL

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I would buy a Blue Devil T-Shirt and root for my children on whatever team they played for the school.

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@DrasticDreamer, what’s wrong with the Revolutionary War militia?

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What is up with those tags?

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@Jeruba I’m just not fond of war, so I don’t like the idea of a soldier being an elementary mascot. I don’t dislike the idea enough to make a big deal out of it, though.

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Well, let’s take example of the Tampa Bay baseball team who renounced Satan and accepted Jesus as their personal coach and savior.

The “Devil Rays” were one of the worst teams in the league.
The “Rays” won the Series in ‘08.

Just sayin’. ^_^

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Clearly you need to place your children in a school where everything is wholesome and rooted so deeply in your particular brand of Christianity

Sports are unChristian as is Science and most English Literature. Your children need to be sheltered from all the evil and impurity in the world. They must not be exposed to movies, any television other than Christian Television and they should not exposed to computers and the filthy, perverse, godless Internet.

In fact unless you place them in a Church-based school, you will have no suitable option than to home school them using just the Bible as a textbook.

Give them this truly pure Christian education so that they will be ill equipped to deal with the real world. They will only be suited to a career as a minister where they can pass on only the Truth to others. ~

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And @Dr_Lawrence gets the “win”

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies he’s busy in the Vatican right now. call back later.

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Some of us have a direct line, courtesy of Lucent (Lucifer) Technologies.

Ever notice how their vans have the Devil’s symbol of the red dragon devouring its own tail?

Oh yeah baby. Even their address says it all…

666 5th Avenue NY NY

I can still remember the first Lucent Tech tv commercial. Remember the blank screen with a guy typing and talking with the words appearing as he typed? Clack clack clack as he said:

This is a demon -
stration. Welcome to Lucent
Technologies. The largest
supplier of computer chips and
surveillance components in
the world._

If Commissioner Gordon has a Bat phone, I’m quite sure the Pope has a Vat phone.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies never heard of this but it sounds hilarious

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Truth is often funny.

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Is your child currently attending this school and you’re trying to decide whether to make a fuss about it it ?

If that were my situation, I’d be far more concerned about all of the other real life problems which are NOT CONNECTED to a METAPHORICAL sports team. There are bigger fish to fry, so to speak.

I would certainly not be worried about my child or I roasting for eternity in a blue hell with a blue devil presiding over it.

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I’d go, “Eh, blue devils. I never was much into sports in school.”
Still, that’s the kind of thing that you might wanna research before moving into the area.

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GO BLUE DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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believe it or not some xtians actually did get upset about a devil mascot once.

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WHAAAT?! There is no way!! I will not permit my child to be associated with anything blue.

Okay, seriously….people can take some things to the extreme, including Christians. Going ballistic over something as inconsequential as this is a little nuts. Ultimately, that is their right, so I don’t interfere.

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I would hope I had instilled enough common sense in my children that they wouldn’t have their entire theological self confused by a school mascot.

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I’m not a Christian but my mother was and I have family members who are Christians and I know a fair number of Christians and I cannot think of a single one of them that would give it a second thought, for whom it would matter in the least. I can only assume that they understand that the team doesn’t actually have any devils on it, blue or otherwise, nor does the school in anyway have any association with devils, blue or otherwise. As a matter of fact, most of the Christians I know don ‘t actually believe in “The Devil”, blue or otherwise.

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@lillycoyote It would be interesting to see what else they don’t believe.
I suspect that you may have zombie Christians.

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What does any of this have to do with school sports? And who is HaMashiach?

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Home school your child asap!

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If my child attended a school with “Blue Devils” as mascots, I would make sure they undersood that it was just a mascot, nothing more. Other than that, I would probably do nothing. : )

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