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Is there a point-and-shoot digital camera that can shoot raw high quality images?

Asked by Glow (1366points) March 14th, 2010

I currently have a DSLR, canon rebel xs, and it takes good photos for documentation of my artwork. I can shoot in raw and edit the images and they will still look crisp and clear when printed out, unlike JPEG images. But, I’m horribly low on cash and I am now thinking I should sell the camera for what I bought it for (380) which is a good price for the camera being lightly used, and compared to what it is new (500). I wanted to get a point and shoot around 100ish, but I thought the loss of shooting with out raw will really bite me in the arse in the long run, being an artist who plans to expand her portfolio for exhibitions (in the future). I was wondering if a point and shoot can shoot in raw AND at 10 mega pixels. I don’t see why it doesn’t exist… does it?

Plus, is it a bad idea to even get rid of the camera in the first place?

I know most major artists would say yes to that question, but I am a broke college student and I was thinking that when I have a decent job and I am financially secure, I can buy a DLSR again.

Just looking for some extra opinions on this.

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Yes.If you really have to sell it.maybe you can enlist photo students to shoot your work on the cheap.You will need high-quality photos to even be considered for good shows and alot of jurors won’t tolerate bad images.It pisses them off ;)

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I’m with @lucillelucillelucille. get someone with very fine equipment and good skills to photograph your work.

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How much does it usually cost to have some one photograph my work? If it costs too much, it is probably worth doing it myself :P

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I love my Cannon Sure shot…anything above 5 MP is rarefied air and PAS’s can easliy do 8 MP and up for under $200.00 The only thing missing on my Cannon is tele capability and that is less than 1% of my shots.

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Is it possible to just get a part time job or a short term gig of some sort? If you sell for 380 and you buy for 100 (which won’t get you much, even in a P+S; my high end P+S that does not do RAW only JPG, and does not produce super crisp images was at least $400), you only net 280. Some people can make that in an hour. A college student could make that in 28 hours (1 week of part time work) @ 10 bucks an hour. I say hold on to your camera and find work that pays.

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Maybe shooting a few other people’s portfolios could finance the DSLR as @lilikoi suggests.

If you can’t get a decent print (8×10 inch) from a 10 megapixel JPG something is wrong.

Even if the camera has no uncompressed RAW or TIFF, the “Super Fine” or similar setting will give a very good photo. Unless it’s a really crappy camera.

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@lilikoi – That does sound wise… I am a little afraid of getting a small part time, since I graduate by the end of this year. I’m trying to up my GPA by at least .1, haha. But it is a good idea, I will definitely think about it more.

Oh and @jaytkay – The problem with the image in JPEG is when I edit it. I do some editing in photoshop, and I print them on 11×14. It came horribly blurry while a raw photo saved in TIFF came out crisp.

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You will regret selling the camera.

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@PandoraBoxx – Can you at least give me a reason why? Sorry if that seems like I am asking too much, but I would like to know :P

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Seconded on the sentiment that you will regret selling it. Not only are you going to lose money from the initial investment in your SLR, you’re going to lose another 100 buying a point and shoot camera which will be a far inferior camera.
Ultimately, you’re going to wind up with a junky camera and wish for your good one back.
Also you can’t expect to sell it for what you bought it for. That’s just not reasonable when people can buy a new one for that price.

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@Captain_Fantasy – Well, I understand what you’re saying, but if I sell it for what I bought it for, I won’t lose any investment. Also, 380 is a pretty good deal for a used camera like this. On ebay, it goes for 400 used and 500 new. So I am pretty sure I can sell it at 380. But that isn’t really my concern either way. I am just concerned that about the quality of the images on a point and shoot, that can shoot raw if it exists, compared to the DSLR.

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It’ll be terrible compared to your SLR because point and shoot cameras lack a wide angle lens. Get ready for fish eye.

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Save it and find the few bucks elsewhere. A good camera that works for you is invaluable.

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