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What is your favourite DSLR camera?

Asked by mazzkat (305points) August 1st, 2010

I’m thinking about getting a Nikon D5000 camera as it’s within the price range I’m looking for (£100–500) and I want to start doing serious photography and build a portfolio up of my work. It’s not something I seriously considered until now but I’ve got so much I want to say, visually.

What’s been your experiences with DSLRs? What would you recommend? Is a more expensive camera worth the higher price?

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I have a Canon rebel xt that I like but have friends that do like and use th nikon dslr’s

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I was looking for DSLR cameras but have opted for Fuji S1800, simply it has everything I need ;-)

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(With reference to earlier posts, above, and given that you seem to live in the UK.)
The Canon Rebel is branded differently in most of the rest of the world…
The original digital rebel corresponded to the EOS 300D and the current one I believe to correspond to the EOS 500D.

I like the EOS 3-digit digital EOS range. It is fair value for money and delivers good reliable quality with a decent amount of flexibility in its settings, from presets to full manual.

I would however also consider that DSLR’s come with a longing for a couple of nice lenses and no brand that I know off will allow you that within the price range you gave.

That being said…. I am very happy with my canon, but I trust you would fare well with Nikon as well. If you want some thorougher revoiews, check out

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I have a Canon Rebel too, and I love it. @whitenoise is right about the lenses though. I really, really want a macro lens and a telephoto lens but they aren’t remotely in my budget. I also have no idea how to use them, so in order to make such a purchase worthwhile, I’d have to take some photography classes.

Even not knowing anything about photography other than the “point and shoot” method, I found the Canon easy to use. I’ve played around with the manual settings, and I like the software that came with the camera even though most of the time I don’t really know what I’m doing. I settled on the Canon because most of what I read said they are more user-friendly than the Nikon for people, like me, that are basically clueless. :)

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Our local Costco sells Nikon DSLRs with a couple of zoom lenses. Anybody know how they compare with Canon or others?

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I prefer Canon products. They seem to have the best lenses, imo. The body of the camera isn’t everything when it comes to great photography. If you have a good, fast lens on a decent DSLR, it will surely make a difference.

I work with the 1D mark III for a college marketing dept.

For a beginning “professional” I would suggest a Canon 7D. I’m considering buying this for myself. I’ve handled one before, takes great shots, especially with this lens to start. It also takes amazing video (HD, 1920×1080 resolution at 30p) which makes it look like a professional movie quality.

I would get this lens for long distance shots/animals that are far away(or dangerous)/sports. (this one is expensive if you buy it brand new)

I would get this lens for macro shots

I’ve used several Nikons (which are supposed to be just as good as Canons -they seem to be the top two choices by prof. photographers) but they don’t really feel as intuitive to use.

Hope that helps a bit.

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@Carly I think that most of us would agree that the 7D is a very nice camera. I am also thinking of buying it.

It doesn’t really help @mazzkat , since just the body would set her back around £ 1,300,-.

That is substantially more than she is looking to spend. The rebel, (EOS 500d) with a simple lens should be just a little bit above £500,-.

@mazzkat You might consider buying a second hand 450? With a decent lens, that will get you started and allow you to get a feel and build on your lens-collection.

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I am a Nikon person. I have two Nikon DSLRS, and a Nikon point and shoot as well. But I have also acquired an Olympus Pen EPL1 (mirrorless DSLR)

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