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What would happen if you try to bamboo torture a Shaolin monk?

Asked by Ansible1 (4831points) March 14th, 2010

Shaolin monks are known for their insane demonstrations, balancing their body weight on sharp points and such. It’s said that they can focus their qi to a certain part of the body and make it as hard as steel.
mythbusters bamboo torture

shaolin monks doin’ their thing

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Monks aren’t immune to piercing. A restrained monk would not be able to resist a bamboo plant growing up through him.
Testing this theory of course is out of the question but I’m putting my $5 chip on of monk getting pierced.

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My money is on the bamboo. The monk might be able to withstand the pressure from the spike for some time, but that takes concetration, and I highly doubt he would be able to concentrate for very long.

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Most likely you wouldn’t be able to sit down for quite awhile if you tried something that insane!

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Shaolin monks (and other such performers) endure long, grueling, and very specific physical training so that their bodies can perform individual tasks (not all of them can do every neat trick). Such tricks are also very short term, and don’t particularly stand up to long term use. Any such performer, under adverse circumstances which directly tests their amazing feat, would last amazingly long compared to a normal human being, but would succumb like anyone else.

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I feel like the monk would definitely lose to the bamboo shoot. Part of maintaining the monk lifestyle relies on training, constantly, and then resting when they are not training or demonstrating. So if they were to end up strapped down over a bamboo shoot their body would lose muscle mass and resistance as the days went by. Also the unrelenting pressing of the bamboo would also prevent the monk from having time to replenish their qi. What they might be able to do though is to use their qi to resist the bamboo, and in theory given that qi can be used to reduce excruciating pain to nothing (i say in theory) then it might be possible, assuming it pierces nothing vital, for the monk to survive the bamboo shoot growing through them so the torture aspect would be nul. But again, that’s just in theory lol

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PS cool question, i missed the mythbusters, but i wouldn’t have believed it otherwise

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