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Do you remember your favorite toy?

Asked by wundayatta (58591points) March 14th, 2010

It doesn’t have to be a favorite, but a toy you spent a lot of time with. What made it come alive so much that you spent more time with that toy than any other?

I used to love Tonka toys. We had several of them, and we made this little sand patch in our yard. We’d construct houses with sand walls and twig roofs. When the sand dried out, the houses would crumble. We used the Tonka trucks to build roads and dig holes. It was endlessly entertaining for a while.

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Those little green army men. I loved them! My brother and I would play with them for hours.

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my yellow crazy daisy sprinkler !! i used that thing like half the year !!

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I had three stuffed animals. Pinky was a cat, Rabbie was a rabbit. I lost Pinky when I was five in a department store, which I was really sad about. My dad then got Star, another cat made by the same company, Pinky’s “sister” for me.

I loved them mucho. They used to sleep with me and I would talk to them. (I don’t know where they are now though. I assume in the basement.)

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“grr bear” and his sister “snow rube.”
they were polar bears. they went to bear church at the north pole while i was away at church locally on sundays.
goes without saying, i’m sure, but they kept a portal open in my closet for these visits.

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I had a few. A Spiderman action figure. A Bionic Man action figure (with a hole in his head so you could see out of his bionic eye). There was also another figure who had a see-through mechanical leg and arm. His wrist rotated and he had a helicopter blade thing he could hold. I wish I could remember the name of that one.

Also, there was the Super 7 gun. A big blue gun that shot whirly darts, balls with parachutes that could hold messages, secret storage compartments, and other things totaling up to 7. And it had a ring with a ‘7’ shape on it that would unlock stuff.

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I still play with Legos.

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Oh, and my racing game, which was either Mattel or Coleco. It was the same as the skiing game, only the LED lights went in the other direction.

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I had a yellow 4-wheeler that I would ride around the cow pasture at my grandparents.
That was my favorite thing in the world until I got too big for it.
Equally important was my “Melmo” Elmo doll.
I still sleep with him.

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My pet toy Stegosaurus. I treated like other kids would a stuffed animal, even snuggled with it at night. I too had a sandbox and green plastic army men, So I’d often have a stegosaurus/army men battle on a sand volcano. Stego always won.

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Those little green army men. My brother wanted to show me how napalm works, so he poured lighter fluid on them and lit them up! Poof…no more little green army men.

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I had this tiny figurine of three puppies laying down together, all attached into one piece. It came with my dollhouse. I would keep it clenched in my fist all day. Even in portraits taken of me & my sister as toddlers you can see me holding the puppies in my fist.

I have no idea why.

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My dad had an “electronic” football game that I liked, too. It was a box with a light bulb in it. The plays were big pieces of paper with X’s on one and O’s on the other. Each player would choose a play, put them face down on the box, and then pull a board out. This would expose the light bulb and you could see through papers and tell if your side made a touchdown or not.

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Legos ftw. I wish I still had mine… I think I’ll buy some with my next pay check…

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Oh man. I had a giant T-rex that I would snuggle with. Along with this pile of stuffed animals. Note Elmo in pajamas on the left.

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Baby alive( I bought my daughter one this past Christmas, I played with it more than she did!); Mr. Potato Head; slinky; jacks(we still play!) and legos.

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@OperativeQ spend the money and get the Mindstorm :)

I also had a Starbird which annoyed the Hell out of… everyone. I think my dad threw it out when I wasn’t looking, but he still won’t admit it.

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Yes, my Little Red Spinning Wheel.

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Also, I was obsessed with my Sky Dancer.

I will admit I chewed on its foam wings, too.

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I had one of those Glow Worms where the head lit up at night. It was awesome, I had it for so long.

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A Jack-In-The-Box.
It was dependable, yet so amusing to me then.

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My stuffed little girl chimpanze,Calibeana. She wore a dress with panties and little rubber shoes,and she could suck her thumb.She was my favorite toy that I treated like the sister I didn’t have. Mostly we talked about the two older big bad brothers. Calibeana continues living in my bedroom but one rubber hand fell off and she can no longer suck her thumb.

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One of them little wooden toy guns and you use rubber bands to shot

I thought I was bad ass till my mom got my ass lol

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I had a hand-me-down Tonka car carrier that I played with a lot. I also had a doll that was my height and could wear my clothes and walk with me. I was a very small girl for my age. And then there was my red trike with red and white plastic fringe at the end of the handlebars on each side, very much like this one.

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I had a radio flyer wagon, and a big wheel. I use to tie the wagon to the back of my big wheel, and pretend I was driving a 18 wheeler. I would put my stuffed animals in the wagon, and drop them off at my neighbors houses, like a truck driver making deliveries.

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@squidcake No,but that’s a darling!

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just like today i can never just have one favorite of anything. my bmx bike with mags, pegs and redline handlebars. my donald duck car. my brothers g.i. joes i would sneak and play with. Poleposition! doot…doot…doooooooot! i also LOVED skidding out with my bigwheel. lol..oo ..oo…and my brother was always breaking his legs and feet…so i would turn his crutches upside down and walk on “stilts” everywhere.that was the best.

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Aside from my favorite stuffed cat, K’nex was probably my favorite toy. I absolutely loved it, much more than Legos. I had tons of K’nex parts and instruction books and I built as many things as possible. Sure it made my fingers a little calloused, but it provided so much fun when I was a kid. My brother also liked K’nex, so we would often play with them together.

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Whatever huge, cardboard box I could find. I made a little house out of one when I was little. I laid a refridgerator box on it’s side, crawled inside and went to sleep. When I woke up, it was right side up and I have no idea how it happened.

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Legos and toy cars.

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I hadn’t until you asked.

It was the erector set.

I used to love making the same robot over and over.

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Yes, little Wendy who lived across the street.

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My bright red Tonka truck.“Real tough toys for real tough boys“True as well. I tested this claim many times, including throwing it out of my bedroom window & watching it crash onto the yard below.It passed with flying colours.Not sure about the tough boy bit though, I was a pussy cat.

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For my 8th birthday I got the whole set of A-Team action figures, along with the A-Team van & an A-Team armoured car…. They were awesome & used to battle my Star Wars toys, Action Man & all my teddy bears. What I particularly enjoyed was that you could pop off their heads & swap them round :)

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