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Sleeping rituals?

Asked by Milk (357points) March 14th, 2010

Perhaps ritual is not the right word to use. But I’ve found that I never go right to sleep, I usually have to play music at a specific volume—not too high that it keeps me awake, but not too low that i cant hear it—or watch a movie right before I go to sleep. If i think of any idea’s i have to write it down or I fear I’d forget them.

So I’m wondering, is this normal? Do you have specific things you have to do before you go to sleep? Or do you crash as soon as your head hits the pillow?

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i deff. crash as soon as i hit the pillow. i like to keep a “sleeping log” as i put it, a journal of when i go to sleep, if i wake up in the night , my dreams and when i wake. it’s interesting to look back on.

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I have to have a fan on acting as white noise, otherwise there will be no sleep for me. It’s become a bit of a problem when I go on trips and am not in my own bedroom.

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I have to turn around three or four times before I settle in…oh no, wait…that’s my cat.

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Bottle of water. Check
Ear plugs. Check
Sleep Mask. Check

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I like to read before I go to sleep. I also like environmental noises. I have some great Native American flutes with birds and stuff. I also have Beluga whales, which I absolutely love.
Years ago I had some really noisy neighbors and I bought a whits noise machine by a company called Marsona. I paid a lot for it but it was worth every penny. I had it permanently set on surf, seagulls and buoys. I really miss that thing.

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I have to stretch. But it’s never any real, organized stretching. XD
It’s more like just throwing my limbs around and twisting like a lunatic.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I do the same thing. I bought a tiny little fan for $10 that I take with us on trips or I can’t sleep.

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It takes me at least two hours to get to sleep usually.

My sleep ritual usually consists of laying down, putting the TV on a sleep timer for 20 minutes (I get a weird lonely feeling without the background noise and light) and then let my mind wander for the next 2+ hours.

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@jonsblond Sounds like I need to invest in one of those. :)

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I’ve been listening to Stranger in a Strange Land as an audio book for 6 weeks and am about halfway. Something about the reader’s voice just sends me away. But, yes, the water, the window, the lights all out everywhere, door closed just so much, and pee twice!

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LOVE that book.
...but I never finished it. Haha.
Maybe I should get the audiobook, too.

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That’s definitely not uncommon, though I can’t say I do anything like that. I just make sure I’m in sleeping clothes (in other words, no jeans or belt or anything like that) and I make sure it’s as dark and silent as possible. My roommate seems to be able to sleep in any condition, so he doesn’t mind that I prefer things pitch dark and silent.

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Before I go to bed, I usually say “Oh Shit”, run and go start the belated laundry, and write a bunch of notes that mention the essay I should have finished instead of playing minesweeper.

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@squidcake Does the book get stupid?

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No, it was only because I was probably about 13 and at one point I was just getting really confused by a bunch of legal terms they were using.

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Good, cause at this rate it’ll take another 6 weeks to finish, I want it to be good.


My bedroom has to be cool, pitch dark, and silent. I have to feel absolutely clean before I hit the sack——so I always take a shower and brush my teeth before I go to sleep. I also make sure I pee before I go to bed. Lol.

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I need background noise to fall asleep.
Once the light goes out, noise goes on and I hit the pillow, I’m out.
Usually it’s a fan with Jeff Buckley on in the background.
Recently, my background noise has been @petethepothead reading me bedtime stories. I keep falling asleep mid-story, so I don’t need the white noise.
Pretty lovely, really.

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I need to wear earplugs even when I am not sleeping after a shift.

After so long on night shift, needing to wear earplugs to sleep through day noise, I need the earplugs. I need to cover my eyes with a soft, dark cloth even when I am not working and sleeping at night. I started that so I could sleep during the day.

I also need to eat something.

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I’ve been a chronic insomniac for about the last 25yrs…. if I haven’t got any Temazepam to knock me out I’ll usually smoke 4–5 joints, then lie on my back for about 30mins relaxing, then turn onto my right hand side & drop off. Don’t know why this works but it does, & I’m not risking changing it.

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Funny question. First, tv shows. Next
More tv like No Reservations or 19 Kids and Counting
Brush teeth
Grab bottle of cold water; put on nightstand
1mg Melatonin
Make sure sleep mask within reach for 4am awakening
Reach for one of FIVE books on bed
Turn on fan Loud and turn out light. zzz why can’t I read one book at a time? personality flaw.

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