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What do you want to do before you die?

Asked by vegelizabeth (723points) March 14th, 2010

I was inspired to ask this question after watching a show that i am now in love with called The Buried Life, on MTV. I have so many things i want to do, heres a few…

1. meet my only real sibling whom i have still yet to meet.
2.make one of my residents at work “love the skin” they’re in. a million dollars on a scratch ticket :)
4.go backpacking in europe in new zealand
6.marry an irish man :)

what about you… what do you want to do before you die ?!

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Marry a girl that wants to marry an Irish man…me Irish eyes a-smilin’! : )

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Enjoy a long retirement.
A lot of people in my job die within the first 6 months of retirement.

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See the Mayan ruins and the pyramids, and live in Italy for awhile, maybe the Greek islands for a summer.

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1. Go to every state in th U.S and
2. Go to a foreign country on a missions trip to make a difference in the world.

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these are all so good !!

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Spoon my wife.

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Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef.

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meet an alien or find big foot

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1. Find someone on my biological fathers side of the family.

2. Graduate from college with my Bachelors and Masters.

3. Obtain financial security

4. Go to Hawaii

5. Have all 8 of my mothers children and their children all together, without it being a funeral.

6. Experiene “mature” love.

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Travel to Australia, Texas, and Taiwan. Ride a roller coaster. Oh! and buy this really expensive gold dessert I saw on travel channel once…

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Learn the conundrum of sexuality and cancer

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I want to have, at minimum a wikipedia article written about myself.

A book would be even better though.

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i want to write an autobiography ! i always have .

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make millions of dollars playin poker. is one.

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Have a beachfront property in Lincoln City, OR with a ‘68 GT 390 fastback mustang in the driveway, a ‘67 Chris Craft in the water and a Phd in theoretical astrophysics. :)

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I have a masterpiece somewhere inside me.

I just don’t know what format it will take. For the first few years, I expected it to be an epic song (I play guitar). Recently, I expected it to be a short story. Now I think it might be a poem.

Before I die, I want to get that fucker outta my system.

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Be happy with every part of myself and publish my writings.

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Build a wooden canoe and paddle.

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Figure out how to let go of my self conciousness and relax and be happy with myself.

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As much as possible

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See a professional Football game live.

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Tell people I love and God I love how much I love them. That’s it.

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I agree with with @filmfann. I know so many people who busted their ass for years to stay afloat and dropped dead before they had a chance to enjoy retirement (or even retire at all).

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* Be with the person whom i love most.
* Ride my bike at its max speed!!
* Witness territory fight between male lions
* Fight Muhammed Ali
* Get lost in the middle of an ocean
* See sun-set from a sea-shore all alone

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- Visit every major Roman monument, building, ruins in the world.
– See the pyramids at Giza.
– Marry the woman I love.
– Slap the Queen in the face…. just for the hell of it.

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See pyramids at Giza – ride camel—see Mayan ruins
Go to UK and walk in a crop circle
See Jimmy Buffett in concert, first row
Take a round the world cruise
do a 5K . no, run ¼ mile race
learn a 2nd language

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