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What tasks have you performed, that you probably should not be doing while driving?

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Picking something up off the floor of the car.

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Making a sandwich. Getting blow jobs… And, I actually got it on while driving.

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studying for a test.

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Filling out forms.

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I have a feeling that she was not just shaving!!

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Eating a burrito. I strongly recommend not trying this. So messy.

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I avoid driving, don’t have a car. But sometimes I do text and walk – though I can handle that with the speed I’m going. Wouldn’t multi task at high speeds, one second is everything in that timeline.

I like offroad driving, where the driving is fun – and one can be completely focused on it. City driving becomes routine, and because it’s routine people ignore the risks – because they think nothing will happen to them. Which may be why most accidents happen near where a person lives – the area they’re most used to. And the one they pay the least attention to.

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How the fuck do you maintain a hard on and focus on driving at the same time?

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@holden Since when does maintaining a hard on require focus or mental effort?

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@holden – In the question was.. “probably should not be doing”

And, I am the man! Don’t do at home. I am a trained professional. ;-)

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Texting. IM ing. Jailbreaking an iPhone. FTPing. Watching The Office. God I love my iPhone

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@Snarp I don’t know, I’ve never had one. I’d think it would be really distracting to have someone orally imbibe your penis while you tried to drive, though.

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He was driving, I went down on him – often. In many different states. It was a road trip.

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Changing into shorts after work. That’s the best I’ve got.

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My first job was in banking, back when they let us do our own appraisals for real estate mortgages for farms. I used to fill out the appraisal forms while driving around the property looking at boundries, buildings, soil types, etc. I was usually alone, but one day I was with another loan officer and I started doing this and he whacks out and asked me if I was fucking nuts. It was a four page form.

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Stay out of my city.

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@holden Well, yes, if they’re doing it right. But it’s not the hard on that’s the problem.

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Lol! I am dying to say…but I can’t.;)

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Jesus Christ.

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Attempting to silence the wife, bloody back seat drivers.Shouldn’t be really, she shall have her say.

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Changing the oil.

I was eating a taco. ;-)

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That also brings back memories of a coworker and my former golf partner. He could leave the bank in a suit and tie and change into his golf attire while driving to the course. Never stopped driving at any time.

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Change clothes, receive pleasure, finish an essay, bombard an enemy car with glass bottles, I know I’ll think of more…

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I have friends who changed drivers without stopping. In a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.

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holding a pit bull puppy that’s in the process of excreting out of every orifice of it’s havoc wreaking little devil-body

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Texting, doing my make-up, watched a movie. All in my more dangerous years. Texting has got to be one of the WORST things you can do while driving. Join the revolution of not texting while driving!

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Anybody throw beer bottles at mailboxes?

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Smoke a pipe with matches with all the windows down on the highway…On the way to meet our friend at his college while driving his car there. That was tough.

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@Snarp I’ve done that. It’s not easy to do.

Driving with a bunch of pre-teen boys in the car is something I do not suggest doing!

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@wtfrickinfrack Ahahahahahahaha!

I’ve always been to nervous to try and get a road job. What if I hit a pothole? Ouch, no thanks. I’ll just park for awhile.

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Great responses!!!

But is there anything that actually got you in trouble with?

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Shaving is about the only thing I haven’t done while driving! Everything is so much better behind the wheel!

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@Seek_Kolinahr -I would but I’m afraid of hellfire ;)

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I’m definitely not going to be on the road when all you guys are! Wow!

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@lucillelucillelucille – Did you poop in your car while driving?

Down here in the south some people shoot at signs while driving.

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@ChazMaz Maybe her meatloaf got to her.

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@ChazMaz , we used to have a place in southern Michigan. All of the stop signs there were full of .22 holes. Once in a while, you’d see something bigger.

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Every time I drive across the state of Florida or just end up on some secluded road.
It is so funny to see all the signs with holes in them.

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was @lucillelucillelucille choking the chicken…?

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I actually changed clothes and shoes while driving when I was a younger, dumber man. And this was before cruise control, so I’d speed up, yank off a shoe, speed up, tie on a different shoe, etc.

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I am ashamed to say that I have talked on the phone and texted while driving until I had a scare where I nearly crashed. That made me realise that there is a law against using a handheld phone for a reason. I have also eaten and picked something up off of the car floor. I gave my fella a blowjob whilst he was driving on many occassions!

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Oh, and I’ve barfed while driving. Couldn’t pull over in time!

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Eating, drinking, smoking and even rolling the cigarettes on the wheel (when I smoked), talking to passengers, talking on the phone, sending sms (yes, that one can be a little tricky), taking pictures and videos (but not looking through the camera), using the computer while it’s on the passenger seat, reading a book (on the steering wheel) and writing notes. And yes, oral sex too, which was the most dangerous of all, and I stopped the car so we could do it properly (it’s the worst because you lose concentration, whereas with all the others you can still keep one eye on the road).

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My list is short and boring. Aside from a few phone calls, one search on Google Maps from my mobile phone, and searching through coupons at red lights while on the way to the grocery, I don’t do much.

My eyesight issues (bad periphery, not-so-good depth perception) make me a pretty nervous driver anyway. Best not push the envelope.

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I used to look at maps but don’t drive outside of town any more. Now it’s just planning my day and arriving at work with no memory of the journey

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I rolled a cigarette while driving stick shift during rush hour. Always was pretty proud of that.

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Oh, and I was really high at the time.

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@cockswain I used to roll cigarettes while driving a motorbike, but don’t tell anyone. ;)

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That just put me to shame, depending how high you were.

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I never take drugs, I was referring to regular tobacco cigarettes. But I was addicted to smoking at the time. So much that I wouldn’t even wait until I got to my destination. Trick with the bike (due to the wind) is not to try and roll with two hands on the handlebar – that would be impossible. I rolled it inside my left pocket with one hand while driving with the other. Just brought it out to lick the paper.

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