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Why do I always feel sleepy when I get in the car?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7999points) March 15th, 2010

Even if I’ve just woken up, I always seem to feel drowsy right when I get in the car. What’s up with that?

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Have you had it checked for a carbon monoxide leak?

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Don’t drive in your pajamas.

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Sounds like a pattern developed in childhood. Some parents take their kids for car rides to get them to relax and sleep.

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get out of the car. it is trying to get you to go to sleep, then KILL you. i’ve heard of this before, very common, yet rare. i suggest purchasing a new car. your vehicle will stop at nothing to get you..

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I live with severe vertigo and frequently I get drowsy from the motion of a moving car. Talk with your Dr for some help.

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I know…me 2! even w/out starting the engine.

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I’d say check for a carbon monoxide leak too.

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With me it’s chronic fatigue from not getting much sleep at night. I almost hit a car head on once. For the most part, my wife does all the driving and I can just sit there and nap.

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I think its just something you have developed from your childhood or something. Dyou you drink coffe when you wake up , if not you should because it really works to hold people awake. My mom uses it to do her homework in the night when she’s sleepy.

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I have this problem too! Before I was driving if I got in the car I would instantly fall asleep, and I was soo worried that when I started driving I’d feel the same but luckily I’ve gotten better. I still feel drowsy a lot when I sleep but I stay alert because well I can’t trust anyone else on the road.

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@metallica7219 “very common, yet rare”?

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