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Should I send my boss an email asking if he wants weekly status reports?

Asked by mowens (8379points) March 16th, 2010

Or, should I just start sending the reports every Friday?

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Er, no!
Why create more work for yourself?

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Without knowing your relationship with your boss, such as how often you already touch base with him, I would say to issue the reports, then modify or discontinue as the boss directs. See ya…..Gary/wtf.

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Did your boss say they were part of your job? If so, send them. If not, don’t. As @Pazza said, why make more work? Unless you’re incredibly productive and want him to know…

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Is there a reason that you want to send them? Are you feeling like he or she thinks you’re a slacker and you want to prove that you’re not? If that’s not the case, then I wouldn’t create extra work.

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put them on his desk without asking. take incentive. That will get you noticed in very positive light. If he doesnt want them, he will tell you after the first one.

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No they are not part of my job, I just want to stick out.

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I’ll add that if your boss is already aware of your progress on assignments the report will be viewed as a waste of time. And if you are using such a report for the primary purpose of covering your ass, it will also be viewed as counterproductive. But again, the boss may well appreciate a brief weekly summary of your activities/actions/assignments/progress/schedules/etc..
See ya…...Gary/wtf

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My weekly status reports consist of, “how is the weather?”

I avoid them.

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Over communication is better that under communication. Ask. B/C you could just do it, it shows initiative. But who knows if he really doesn’t give a crap? Then you did it for nothing, not even recognition!

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I hate status reports. They take up more time than they’re worth for me.

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Don’t forget the cover sheet for the TPS report. Did you GET the memo?

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It’s not the worst idea ever.

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I would:

* Draft a mock status report with basic data points in it for your boss’ review

* Meet with your boss, tell them you’re trying to facilitate better communication and this this is a tool you’ve put together

* Ask if it works for them, or if there are any other elements they’d like included

If this status report is no-big-deal to put together, it will do at least a few things: set you apart from your other workers, show that you’re a strong communicator, show that you take initiative, show that you care about what your boss needs and finally, it spells out for your boss all of your acomplishments. Trust me, this small investment will serve you very well during your annual review.

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He just asked for one weekly report. Sure, send an email and attach the report.

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No, if you think he’d like to recieve them, be proactive & just do it.

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