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What do you think when everyone seems to be driving in the opposite direction as you?

Asked by sevenfourteen (2422points) March 16th, 2010

Ever wonder where they’re going? Or what they’re driving away from? (or maybe I’m the only one that thinks up crazy scenarios where everyone is driving away from danger and I’m headed straight towards it) Does it ever worry you that there may be traffic/something ahead?

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I think that you were on the wrong side of the road.

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Oh goody – no traffic!

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I figure wherever I’m going, I’m bound to get a good parking spot if everyone else is leaving.

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That I should accelerate or I might miss the Gojira they are fleeing from.

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I think it’s lovely to have this day off.

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I do that too. I love making up stories about things I see in my world. So yeah I think maybe I am driving into the Zombie Apocalypse.

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If a tsunami starts 57 miles from shore at 5pm and is heading towards Boston at 100 mph, and I start from Worcester at 4:40 and head to Boston at 67 mph, when will I die by hitting a wall of water, and with what force will I be crushed as I am sent to my watery grave?

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“Am I in a foreign country?”

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I check to make sure I didn’t go against the one-way, again!

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I think, “Yeah! I’m heading home to ‘cottage country’ and the tourists are leaving!

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My first thought is that they know something I do not.

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@elenuial…you wish you were doing 67 mph on the Mass turnpike at 4:40PM . . . besides, why does it matter when exactly you hit the watery wall when you’re going to be sleeping with the fishes within that hour.

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@njnyjobs Inbound to Boston isn’t so bad at that, hour, actually. Tons of people heading for the surrounding ‘burbs, and fewer people coming in. It does bog down a bit within 5 miles or so of the last tollbooth.

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This question and a few answers made me giggle. Whenever that happens I always think Uh oh. Do they know something I don’t know? and Oh no. Zombie apocalypse! Turn around!

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If I’m driving one direction and everyone else is going in the opposite direction I’m probably going the wrong way on the freeway… that’s what those signs that say “wrong way” are for!

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Usually I just think about whether the traffic will probably still be that bad on my way back, and if I decide it probably will, I take a different route.

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I’m on a one-way going the wrong way, or I didn’t get the party invite.

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I usually think…. “Hehehehe, chumps!”

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“I’m glad I’m not stuck in all THAT traffic!”

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“You don’t have time to think up there. If you think, you’re dead.”

- Maverick (Top Gun)

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@ChazMaz Talk to me Goose!

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