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How have you been fired?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) March 17th, 2010

I was answering another question about quitting stories and I had a thought about getting fired. There a docmentary called Fired! and it’s just stories about celebrities and other people who’ve gotten fired. Some of the stories are pretty funny. Is there a funny or weird way you’ve been fired?

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No the actual part where I got fired was kinda sad, but when I think about it I guess it’s kinda funny. I got fired by a boss who really genuinely loved that I was his employee. His name is Jothi Jothishankar (real name), and he’s Indian, he’s into meditation and yoga, and I thought that was cool, because so am I. When we were caught up on work, we would talk about those things, or spirituality, or his history, or school, or my future, etc. He even threw all us employees a party to celebrate our thriving business, and it was a semi-meeting, which was mandatory, too. We took pictures and in one picture was me and Jothi, and I actually picked him up in my arms! like I was carrying a giant baby. Im really not sure if he secretly didn’t like that or not, now that I think about it, but he was definitely laughing at the time, and saying in his Indian accent, “Cory iz bee-eng silly!”. Then I showed up late for work one day, opening in the morning. I was like “Shit, Im so sorry, I should have been here earlier, but we’re not busy now, I know I can catch up on all the stuff I missed!” He was like “I already did it”, and I was like “I should just go” with my head all hung down, and I walked out. My coworker friend said she later talked to Jothi about me getting fired and told me that Jothi told her he cried after he fired me lol, I didn’t want to believe that was true, cause it sounded so silly, but I actually think it’s also quite possible he did cry lol, and to think: just two weeks before, he was in my arms! lol (which I wasn’t embarassed to do at the time, but I sure am embarassed for myself that I did that, thinking about it now in light of everything.

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I got fired from a volunteer position for kidnapping a giant stuffed polar bear.

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I stripped for a pack of cigarettes.

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I couldn’t learn the different type of breads fast enough, they all looked the same and smelled the same.

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Fired as in poor work performance or “fired” (let go) as in budgetary cutbacks?
I was fired once. For not showing up at work and not giving a reason. Age 15 dish washer.

Two other times I requested to be fired. they being kind enough to oblige me.

Getting fired is a great life lesson.

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I was sacked from my first job when I was 17. I was the Office Junior in a Solicitors Office. The two partners were husband and wife. The man caught me reaching over a table in a short skirt, the wife noticed he noticed me, Saturday morning I had a letter saying they no longer required my services!. I didn’t dare tell my mum, so I pretended I still worked there for another week.

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What is a harsher word? Sacked or Fired?

Sacked, to me, sound like shoved in a bag (sack), tossed in the river.

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@ChazMaz Well we say sacked in England, but fired does does harsher.

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I’ve never been fired.

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