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When can a OBGYN charge you for Maternity care and delivery?

Asked by tesad (1points) March 17th, 2010

I paid $500 to my OBGYN at the beginning of my pregnacy. This doctor decided to close her practice in January with her last day being Feb. 25. I frantically found a new OBGYN to deliver my baby, which was due March 19. I ended up having my baby on February 24 and the new doctor delivered. Should I get my $500 back since she did not deliver my baby?

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I have no problem paying the Doctor that delivered, which I did! Can the old Doctor keep my $500 since she did not deliver the baby?

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You signed a contract with your OB/GYN. Read it.
I’m willing to bet that the $500 was a deposit and very likely non-refundable. Besides, if your OB cared for you throughout your pregnancy, regardless of whether she delivered you, you still owe her for prenatal care. There were blood tests, and sonograms, and office visits… I’m sure she earned your money.

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Congratulations on the new baby :-)

You should read your contract as it will state the particulars.

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What ever happened to being billed later on? I was very upset to find I had to pay by the 20th week of my pregnancy…

Congrats on the baby btw (: You’re so lucky, I had to pay nearly 1200$ with Aetna ): and if you think about it, I’d agree with @Seek_Kolinahr becaue if this doctor did care for you during your pregnancy with check ups, ultra sounds, ect you have to consider there’s like, I don’t know.. 25? visits during pregnancy and you would probably pay around 50$ per check up if it weren’t a pregnancy package, Then consider the price of giving birth. As long as your baby is happy and healthy I’d be quite pleased.

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