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Guess who's just cruisin' along to 10k?

Asked by mangeons (12127points) March 18th, 2010

That’s right, our very own Cruiser!

Cruiser is a very kind and witty member of Fluther, and it seems just the other day I was congratulating him on reaching 5k! Congratulations, Cruiser!

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Congratulations, Cruiser!

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Holy Moly!

Congrats! You are a great asset to the collective.

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one of my best jellies good old cruiser

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Cruiser! You know you are the man. ;-)

Happy 10k.

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I just saw it! AWESOME CRUISER!!!!!

Your suite has a huge martial arts studio and also has a zen garden!

Lets pop the bubbly!!!!

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You consistently crack me up, Cruiser. Congrats!

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Congrats to you Cruiser ! Happy 10k and enjoy it ! (= Many more lurve to come !

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No surprises here! Congratulations.

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Kickin’ back in cruise control…....Congratulations!

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I say, congratulations Cruiser. May the next 5K road be kind.

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Congrats, Cruiser!
We can celebrate by going for a 10k mansion hike. Horses would be preferred, though. But since Dog gave me room for my horses when I moved in, that’s not a problem.
HAPPY 10K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mr. Dude, Himself! The Man with the attitude! Good going! 10K Congratulations!

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HS! I take one phone call and all hell breaks loose!! You could have warned me about this!!

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Wow! Complimenti! Thank you for all that you add to the collective. :)

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woo hoo! congrats!

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Congratulations!! That was fast!!!

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So many here I have yet to really get aquainted with but what a great way to do so!
@mangeons Thanks for drop kicking this through the goal posts!
@Likeradar Thanks! I like your set of wheels there!
@tinyfaery Holy Moly is right! Wowie Zowie too! lol!
@trailsillustrated Since I am making off with Lucille’s clothing I may have to help myself to one of your smashing hats!!
@ChazMaz Thanks for the gift bro but the hair pants you gave me are a size too small!
“KIAH” @Dog! Thanks for setting up the room…mighty cozy!
Thanks @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities More good time ahead for sure!

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It’s still a dream away for me!

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@higherground Thanks for the lurve! Not sure I can handle much more!! Wow!
@liminal and I tried so hard to surprise you too! ;)
@syz My favorite thing to do! Thanks!
@mrentropy I say lets pool our lurve..your 5K and my 10K we could tear this place up good!
@lilikoi Thanks for the Yay! ;)
@rangerr A pony ride through the mansion would be cool just keep the horses out of my Zen garden Dog set me up with!
@wundayatta Thanks for the props! I am not even ½ way to your 27K you’re a monster!
@MissAnthrope How very kind! Are you sure you are talking about moi?? ;)
Back at ya! @Simone_De_Beauvoir Woo Hoo!
@Silhouette Thanks friend! Goes by quick for sure!

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Whoo hoo, Cruiser! Congratulations! One of my favorites!
No, go get my room at the mansion ready for me!

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Awww! One of my fave jellies!
Congratulations @Cruiser !!!

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Wow, you are another speedy one. How fast are you cruisin’ anyway? Congratulations!

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I’m guessing that it’s Cruiser. Am I right?

Welcome to the mansion. The east wing should be finished sometime next week. Until then you can bunk with me.
Btw, the bunk beds are solid platinum and have pearls inlaid throughout. And on Sundays Augustlan serves stacks and stacks of pancakes topless!

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Goodness gracious, that was fast! Way to go, @Cruiser

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@AstroChuck I could have gone without imagining that ;)

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@AstroChuck Why was I not told about topless Auggie? :(

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No, no. The pancakes are topless. That way we can put whatever topping we want on them.
Geez! Get your minds out of the gutter.

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Well, that’s less exciting.

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A fine, fine accomplishment for you! Congratulations all around! =)

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Congratulations big guy! I enjoy your answers and agree with you frequently. Even when I don’t I get a snicker. Wooo hooo!

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Beep Beep! Beep Beep! YEAH!

I know, I know, you’re just stopping for a tune-up on the way to 20K! Congrats. Have a Coke (can’t drink and drive)!

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Big congratulations to you, @Cruiser, for reaching cruising altitude so fast. On to greater heights.

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By the time this lurve fest is over everyone else will be at 10k! :-)

Congrats @Cruiser !!

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Woah, another fast one!

I do love reading your posts! A big ol’ congrats to you! =)

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My posts are strong, look what they did to the other buttons!

Fred931's avatar

Oh god, I’ve broken everything, at least for myself. Is anyone else seeing the same thing?

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

@Fred931 Yup, you broke it. All I see is italics.

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@Cruiser‘s party is special then! Yay you!

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YEAH!!!!!!!! Welcome to the mansion!!

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Italics again. Who keeps breaking fluther?

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@Fred931 You broked it. :( I can’t party sideways.
Edit: OH WAIT. Yes I can!

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Let me try.


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This is too funny! </em> Unbreak it, dude!
Cruiser! He broked your party!!

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Congrats! You seem to cruise along to 10! Keep cruising and I’ll see you at 20k

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Nice job dude. I enjoy your answers. Congrat’s.

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Hoo Rah! Hoo Rah! WTG Cruiser!

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Mazel Tov™!!

Way to go, Cruiser!

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Great work cruiser, top job :-)

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Cruisin??? More like bursting out with the petal to the metal! Good show, @Cruiser!
I’m going to have to supercharge my wheelchair to even stay in sight of this guy!
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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Awesome work Cruiser! Your answers are of such a calibre that I thought you were well over 10k already. Congratulations!

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I can’t fathom reaching 10k! Congrats, dude.

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@free_fallin Sell you sould and lose all contact with reality and you, too, can reach 10k!

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Nice work :)

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Ok well Congratulations. I mean as a dude to another dude….not that I’m going to hug you or anything…not that there’s anything wrong with that…................................................ok come here you big lug… slap you on the back, quickly detach, scratch my neck and look at the wall…
no one knows how tough us guys have it.

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WOOHOO! I’m using this as my reason to enjoy my 5th Girl Scout cookie for the day. Congrats on the 10k!!!

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I’m going to walk away from commenting on @SeventhSense awakening sense of bromance…

Congrats on making the Mansion; we made sure you got the last covered parking spot.

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Great googly moogly, that was lightning speed! Congratulations to you! I wanted to say “Cruisin’ for a bruisin’” somehow, but I couldn’t figure out a clever way of doing it.

free_fallin's avatar

@janbb I don’t believe in souls so can I just sell my….heart? Or some other body part?

Cruiser's avatar

@ubersiren If you eat as often at St. Alphonso’s pancake breakfast as I do anything is possible!!

janbb's avatar

@free_fallin You can sell whatever part means the most to you.

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Way to go, @Fred931. Breaking things again, tsk tsk. .-.

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@toomuchcoffee911 It’s all your fault!! lol!
@absalom Thanks! Maybe I will figure out what your avatar and name mean by the time I hit 20 K!
Hey @Cheeseball451 Did you bring the crackers? :D
@Mat74UK Thanks!! Dreams do come true!
@Val123 Awesome girl! You are right behind me!! Time to roll out the red carpet again!! Woo Hoo!
@wilma Thanks! If you are bringing Fred along I better order more snacks!!

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Whoaa slow down… easy now…I’d didn’t say I wouldn’t hit him with a stick if he crossed my urine line.~

Val123's avatar

@Cruiser Crapola. I just hit it. An I don’t know how….
@whomever….don’t break my party if I have one!!!

SeventhSense's avatar

If you eat as often at St. Alphonso’s pancake breakfast as I do anything is possible!!
If you’re going to steal the marjereen give credit

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Congraaaaaaaaaaaats!!! :D :D :D :D :D

SeventhSense's avatar

And I’m still waiting for an acknowledgment of your plagiarism.

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Way to be completely awesome!!! :D

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Hurray! Congratulations on reaching 10K!!

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Congratulation Cruiser! Keep going!

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Congratulations! BTW, @AstroChuck lies. I am topless… right now! ;)

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[mod says] Removed @Fred931‘s wonky formatting, so the page views should be ok now.

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Congrats Cruiser! I have to stop playing outside with kids during the day or watching movies with my husband at night so I don’t miss these things! Must chain myself to the computer!

Cruiser's avatar

@marinelife I am cruisin at full speed the only speed I know! Thanks!
@AstroChuck Thanks for the topless pancakes. Tomorrow put a shirt on please! :O
@zephyr826 Yes it was fast indeed. Thanks for stoppin by!
@Bluefreedom Thanks for the compliment!
Here ya go @Trillian <<hands a case of Snicker bars>>
@aprilsimnel ((honk)) back at ya! ;)
Thanks @Jeruba I appreciate your sensibilities and answers here!
@bvdshec17 Yes lots of lurve all around!
@jjmah I love reading your posts as well! Thanks!
@Fred931 Don’t
Thanks for making the party special! lol!
@Judi Thanks for unlocking the front door for me!
@shego I will look forward to seeing you at your 10K and my 20K Thanks!
@judochop I like reading what you have to say as well! Thanks!
Ooh Rah @filmfann Thanks!
@janbb A sheynem dank!
@OreetCocker Thanks for the props!
@whatthefluther Thanks Gary! I’ll slow down when I see you wheelin my way!
@free_fallin 10k is as easy as free fallin! See you there soon enough!
@Vunessuh The case of spatulas will come in handy more than you know! I found out where you do your shopping! ;)
@Facade Thanks! <<Smiles for the camera>>
@SeventhSense Thanks for the man hug…I don’t think anyone saw do you?
@cak I “love” Girl Scout Cookies! Yum!
Thanks @casheroo Thank you very much!
Thanks for the killer parking spot @PandoraBoxx now I can leave the top down all the time! :))
@Val123 You all moved in yet?
Thaaaaaaaanks @chels :D
@SeventhSense I never reveal my sources and torturing me with you Zircon Encrusted Tweezers won’t make me eat your yellow snow either!
@IBERnineD Why thank you for that! ;)
Thanks for stoppin by @Violet
@Doctor_D Thanks Doc I plan on it!!
@augustlan :O <<covers eyes>> I am speechless <<Peeks between fingers>>
@MissAusten Please enjoy the outdoors and don’t come inside on my account!! Thanks though!

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What ^they^ said + 1

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Great job @Cruiser. Keep on lurvin’!

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Yay @Cruiser! Cupcakes for you!!!!

Cruiser's avatar

@erichw1504 Thanks a bunch friend!
@Cupcake Thanks!! I love cupcakes!! Perfect for driving with the top down!! YUM!

Fred931's avatar

@Cruiser Thanks for saying I made the party special instead of f-ed up like the others!

mangeons's avatar

Thank you for that wonderful image, mother. D<

forestGeek's avatar

Congratulations and cheers to ya Cruiser!

Cruiser's avatar

@Fred931 Anybody that drives a Chevy SS anything can’t possibly F’ up!
@forestGeek Thanks and I love the avatar and name! cool

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@mangeons Sorry, daughter. :P

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Congratulating 10kers is turning into a full time job and I am lagging so far behind!

Good job Cruiser, I will try to be on time for your 20k celebration!

Cruiser's avatar

@rooeytoo Thanks for stopping by see you down the road!

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