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Would you like to join me in congratulating laureth on reaching 10k?

Asked by casheroo (18106points) October 7th, 2009

Yay! Laureth has reached 10k!

congratulations. I thoroughly enjoy all your posts! lots of lurve for you for being such a great contributor.

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How terrific ! Congratulations to you.

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Excellent work! Congratulations on a fine accomplishment!

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Congrats, laureth! I knew you’d get there, and you truly deserve it! Conga rats, once again! : )

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Congrats Laureth!

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Oodles of good wishes to you @laureth. I love to read your posts and am happy to see you in the 10k club.

Now can you go back to your cartoon avatar in honor of the occasion? I love that avatar.

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Congratulations Laureth! You are always the voice of reason and equanimity. I can’t remember ever reading one of your posts and not reaching for the GA button. We are lucky to have you around!

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CONGRATULATIONS! Great job!! <3s

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WONDERFUL! A toast to laureth!

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Yay! You’re the greatest, baby.

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Well done Laureth

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Ohhh! A double party! Congrats Laureth!!! Now to get the party trays and champagne chilled!

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Woot! A big ol’ congrats to you!

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Congratulations, laureth. I missed your voice during your hiatus. Now that you have hit 10K, you will get your second wind and come back from hiatus. (and change your bio).

You have much wisdom which you impart on Fluther. I enjoy your answers and your gentleness, which comes across in them.

Here’s to a great Flutherer, who is also a fellow arachnophobe!

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Congrats Laureth! You started on Fluther only a mere week before me, how the heck did you get this so quickly??

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@forestGeek Pssst, brilliance. And a lot of Fluthering. We just don’t see you often enough.

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Congrats!!! We lurve you! We really lurve you!!!

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Congrats Laureth!!

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Way to go! I bet it feels like you won the lottery, or something.
Lurve Lottery

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Wooo! Some of us can only dream.

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@Marina – true on the brilliance! I took a hiatus and I’m just not here much lately, though I’m working on that.

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You are one of my favorite flutherites and I too missed you during your hiatus. I’m with @nikipedia, you always receive a great answer from me! Congratulations! =)

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Congratulations Laureth! A great jelly among the fluther!

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Congratulations! Well deserved. :)

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Wonderful, congratulations – I always enjoy your responses, such a good sense of yourself you have and such a calm outlook on ‘deviance’ in this world and thank you for sharing with me and with us some of your life

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Congrats!! A party is a must :)

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Well deserved, @Laureth. Your posts are some of the most sensible and rational comments we see around here. I always know you are going to bring light and not heat. Congratulations.

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What a wonderful surprise it is to see you in our little 10k clubhouse. Welcome, now grab some pancakes out of the frizzer and let’s get this party started.

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@laureth, I’ve enjoyed your comments here very much. You are one of the people who I always expect a quality answer from. Congratulations on reaching 10K!

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@Laureth It is always a pleasure to read your posts – I am happy when I see that you’ve weighed in on a controversial issue because I know I will be getting a thoughtful and intelligent response. I know you’ve had a lot of tough times in your life you’ve done a great job raising yourself.

Congratulations to You!!

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Wow, I almost missed it! Yay, laureth! ::goes to whip up more pancakes::

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Wow! it’s a 10k party :) Go Laureth that is awesome. Please teach us your ways. :) Yay!

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Mazel Tov!

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Hot diggity! Congrats!

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Wow, a big day, two in one. Congrats!

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Congrats to you!!!

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I am going to have to start staying up all night just so I don’t miss these parties!!!

Congratulations a little bit late!

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Congratulations Laureth, and thank you for letting me know about those “disappearing” germs!

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Whoo Hoo!! Congrats!!!!

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Congratulations, Laureth!!

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Aww, thanks everyone. I’m blushin’. :)

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Congrats!! That’s a great accomplishment!

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Late to the party! There better be pancakes left!
Congrats laureth!

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^^ Lookee! Cartoon @laureth is back.


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WOO HOO!!!! Way 2 go!!!!!! Congrats!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congratulations on your achievement! Looking forward to the next 10K’s worth of stellar posts!

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Happy happy, joy joy! Congratulations on reaching the big 10K.

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Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch!

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Gordon Biersch!

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WOW! Thats awesome! I really dont know you much but your still awesome! CoNgRaTeZ! :)

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Congrats Laureth!!!!

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Don’t rest on your laurels, Laureth! 10K is awesome, but now on to 20K!

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Happy Belated Congruatiolations, laureth!

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I am truly sorry for my tardiness to the party. It is certainly not due to a lack of appreciation for @laureth‘s participation on fluther. As a matter of fact, I feel certain that @laureth and I would be close fluther friends if it were not for some coincidental timing issues. You see, she joined fluther apparently with quite a splash and quickly accumulated a whole lot of lurve just after I had pulled the plug and departed upon a hiatus that would stretch seven long months. And, unfortunately, my return closely coincided with @laureth‘s decision to also take a break from these waters.

But when the timing finally synchronized, I noticed @laureth immediately. I not only quickly appreciated her posts, I found myself standing by in eager anticipation while she was composing and reading every post she made with great relish.

I find @laureth to be real and relevant, sensible and sensitive, thoughtful and thought-provoking. considerate and (at times) controversial, and her posts always insightful and never insignificant.

Congratulations on your well deserved milestone @laureth. I hope to share a lot of dialogue, thoughts and experiences with you in the future. And guess what? That timing issue might not be all bad. It’s quite possible we have not yet maxed out on each other’s lurve and we may actually see our counters increase as we share that lurve (that is, if you find an occasional post of mine worthy of your lurve). All my best to you. Again, congratulations. See ya….Gary/wtf
now if you’ll pardon me, this old man needs a nap before trying to catch up with that joyous jelly that goes by the name of @casheroo

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Oh, man… how did I miss this?!? Congratulations laureth! Way to make a comeback, girlie. ;-)

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Yeah. How did you miss this?
You suck, Auggie. ; p

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I know it. And are you stalking me tonight? ;-)

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Everynight, baby. ;)

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nervously looks over shoulder for @AstroChuck

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