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One Mississippi, two Mississippi... Just a few minutes now...

Asked by Fred931 (9424points) March 18th, 2010

About time she penetrated the mansion walls!


Everybody set their chimneys on fire in celebration of one of the best around!

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She’s not at 10k yet..

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Weird how in the right sidebar Val has all of the headlines…huh… gee I wonder why 10k has lost it’s luster…

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She hasn’t hit it yet.
I declare shenanigans!

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Shenanigans seconded!

But really, she’s pretty damn close.

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Still not there yet!

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Yay Val!!!!!!!

Welcome to the mansion!
Your suite is ready and it has a full spa and sunset ocean views! :)

Let’s party!

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@rangerr oh stfu. Val was one of the very few who laugh at my jokes and i really didn’t want to miss starting this one!

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Timing of question fail.

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Hmmm…still 12 points to go. Shall we welcome her to the 9988 front porch?

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Even if it’s early. :)

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We can go give her lurve. edited for lone monk

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@Jeruba Prepare the confetti. She’s walking up the driveway.

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Removed by me

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You broke the rules, and now you must die 0_0

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So now who wants to go look at Val’s profile?

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She is there!!!!!

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@lim: Not points, lurve. Well, that’s the way it used to be, but now lurve is really just points on a scoreboard…alas…

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A very patient person! You deserve a party! Congrats!

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@liminal I can’t tell who you are calling patient. If you are calling me patient, you don’t understand patience at all. :P

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@Fred931 um, she is at the lurve 10,000… she gets the party not you :P and the patience comment is for her, and I am pretty sure she will get it.

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Atta girl!! Congratulations!! More bubbly!! Yeah!

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So many all at once! This is getting mighty suspicious….

Congrats Val!!!

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Congratulations Val, great work! Enjoy your new suite!

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Again, Val123 You are a patient lady. Congrats! You deserve a party!

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Removed by me.

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Lurve inflation is at its highest rate ever, CNN reports.

But really, congrats on the 10K.

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Val, this thread is a mess. I apologize. Just trying to stick with tradition. But it doesn’t matter. You hit 10k.
Maybe a new party will start because this one started out a disaster.
If not…

You were one of the first people on Fluther to make me realize that this place is indeed a community. Even if you make me do chores and take away my cookies, I am so glad that I know you. You aren’t worried about what other people think and you’re not afraid to talk about frowing up. You are truly one of my favorite jellies. Keep up the work, and welcome to the mansion! Let’s dance. Right now.
I love you!
Plus you have a hot son. BAM.

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Wait? She is at 10k no? I saw her at 10015…

I am so confused.

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@Val You are one of my favorite people to run a question into the ground with! I’m sure if we met in real life, neither of us would ever get anything done!

Mazel Tov™! Way to go!

@Fred931 You really need to learn patience.

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Yay!!! Congratulations! :))

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This congratulatory thread has been tainted, it just doesn’t feel right.

Congratulations anyway Val!

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Congrats to an awesome jelly!!!!!

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Might as well throw this in now…


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My God! Val is in the mansion? It is well deserved. Her thoughtful answers and intriguing questions are a real asset to fluther. We may not always agree, but it’s always interesting discussing things with her.

Congratulations Val!

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“Oh no please don—”

ɹ <em>A</em> T S ! <strong>!</strong> ¡

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OK, so I waited. But I didn’t know I was waiting. I was doing homework. Mazel Tov™!

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@dpworkin Ahem, darlin’

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Congrats Val! Way to go. This week has been full of 10k parties, and I just want to say, it sucks being an underclassmen.

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Woo hoo! I think you’re neat-o. Congrats!

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Hey, that’s pretty cool! Congrats!

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Val, you are my honey! I am so proud of you! Besides the fact that you have been a fantastic friend to me, you’re a sweet person who deserves the good stuff that comes your way. Here’s to you, baby!

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Val123, you will always be my sweet, crazy, mad Duchess. Congratulations.

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Val123, Congrats on 10,000+ !

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Wow, you guys. I am speechless. Wait till JOE hears about this! Wow. Thanks!
You’se my girl @lillycoyote! If I ever wanted to leave and have someone to impersonate me, (avatarp!) it would be you!

Thanks @lfino
@tinyfaery Thank you. I’m….a bit stunned as I was 170 points away last time I looked! May I escape till tomorrow! ?

@Fred931 Thanks for not breaking my party!! And…thanks for jumping the gun! LOL!!

I’ll get with ya’ll tomorrow. Thanks!

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Well a hearty congratulations. You’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy. There’s drinks in the Great Room and the bathroom’s on the right.

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@Val123 These are for you dear:

The infamous avatarp, you avatwerp.

And one of my favorite screen captures. Everything was a little haywire that day. A Duchess question You’re worried that people will think you’re strange? Apparently 150% of wis.dmers already did. :)

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Congratulations!!! It was a wonderful day when you joined fluther. I’ll always remember how well you handled me mistaking you for someone else.

And if anyone’s gonna shit on smokers, you know I got your back!

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NOW congratulations. You’ve risen so fast, I think you must be carbonated. Welcome!

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V for Val!! Victory on 10K :-) woot!!!!

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Congrats Val!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, I missed this (didn’t see it actually) and, so, I was going to throw you another party! But, you know what? You deserve two!!!

Congrats, you crazy woman, you! Well, done!!!

Val’s, bringing the good silverware with her, folks!!

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Congrats Val!

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Yay Congrats! You are one wonderful lady and I’m happy to say that I have received PM’s from you! You deserve it!

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Congratulations on reaching 10K hunny bunny! : )

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Wow!!! It’s like dominoes around here. And damn, @Val123. That sure in hell didn’t take long!

Well, CONGRATULATIONS! Muchos pancakes your way. Welcome to da mansion!

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Hi, @Val123! Come on in! Congrats and welcome to the party!

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Wee hee Val123!

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That was really quick and you totally deserve it.

Good for you.

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Congratulations, Val!

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I really lurve @Val123, and would like to share a story about how I came to know her here on fluther. I think you’d agree that @Val123 stood out immediately when she first burst upon the scene here. It was apparent she was good natured and a lot of fun and just a little bit (or perhaps more), crazy. She seemed a “people person”, personable, approachable and a jelly anyone would love to count as a friend. But I had a problem with her when I first saw her , and I refrained from sending her one my “welcome to fluther” PMs I so enjoy dropping on someone new who catches my eye.
The thing is, she shares the name of my ex-wife, and her first couple of posts read to me exactly as if they had been written by my ex. And, @Val123‘s fluther bio was completely blank for at least several days after her joining, further adding intrigue to an imagination that was already convinced that she was indeed my ex. And, that would be the fun, wild and crazy ex with whom I had remained close friends with after an amicable divorce but who, in time, would inexplicably betray me. So I avoided her.
But then there was a question here on fluther, regarding what in particular we liked about fluther and I posted that the PM system was dear to me and that I cherished the hundreds of PMs I had traded with many a jelly here. And then another jelly posted that my PMs were very nice, or something like that, and then@Val123, (along with a couple others) , posted (or sent me a PM) noting that they had never received a PM of mine and felt slighted.
So naturally, I would head to @Val123s profile to send her a PM, that I figured I would carefully craft. But I didn’t need to. Her bio, now complete was evidence that she was not my ex, altho, it further illustrated just how fun and crazy she really is. I shared that story with @Val123 and we both had a good laugh. And here, 10,000 lurves later, she is just as fun and still a little bit crazy as she was back then. And that is why I lurve @Val123 and consider her a fine fluther friend.
Congratulations @Val123! See ya…...Gary/wtf

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Oh, great, an new trend….anticipatory postings.

Congratulations, Val!

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Huzzah, @Val123! I feel like I’ve only run into you within the last month or so, but the wit and warmth in your answers has always impressed me. So well done!

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Wow, you guys! I suddenly feel really shy, like I wanna go hide in a corner! I’m really not used to feeling that way~With all the 10K parties I figured no one would even come to mine. :) But ya’ll did, with all of the kind graciousness you posses. Thank you.

@Fred931 Thank you soooo much, but….IT LOOKS LIKE YOU BROKED MY PARTY ALREADY! The @ thing isn’t bring up names! I’ll start another response…..

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@deni Thank you, thank you! You are super nice! :)
@Dog Thanks! It’s not a party till you get here!
@J0E Thank you…I tried to tell you!
@Jeruba (Can I come in off the porch now? It’s cold out here!)
@Vunessuh Thanks…all my babies came early too, so it’s ok!
@liminal I guess I am there. Totally took me by surprise! I was watching Bones, came in to shut the puter down and “Holy crap!” And…I don’t think anyone has ever called me “patient” before! Ha ha! Thanks!
@rangerr IT’S ABOUT TIME! I saw you up there pacing about waiting for the Real Deal! (Thanks hunny :) ((()))

Fred… @ thing is broked again! Starting another new response~

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@wilma It is rather odd…..Totally took me by surprise! Thanks :)
@FireMadeFlesh Thank you! Thanks!
@dverhey Yeah…lurve gone wild! Thank you!
@rangerr….LEAVE MY SON OUT OF IT! Bam!
@janbb “Favorite people to run a question to the ground with?” Oh, so appropriate! Thank you! I enjoy interacting with you so much!
@lucillelucillelucille Thank you! Thank you!
@HTDC Thanks. :)
@MissAusten Thank you! You’re a very awesome person yourself!
@wundayatta Why…thank you! I do try not to ask dumb questions ;)
@dpworkin (Did you get your homework done??) Thank you!
@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Thanks very much! :) I enjoy talking with you!
@ParaParaYukiko Thanks!
@shego thanks! Yes, it has been full of 10K parties,and I think that may be what’s causing people to hit 10K so fast. Like a snowball effect. Because I sure know this took me totally by surprise!
@tinyfaery Thank you! :)
@jaytkay Thanks!
@phillis thank you hon! You’re the greatest!
@lillycoyote, lillycoyote, lillycoyote…..That’s “DuTchess”! With a T :) (I remember when Wisdm was doing that crazy stuff! I’M NOT WEIRD!) Thank you my favorite avatwerp!
@lfino Thanks! You’ve been a great addition to Fluther.
@Cheeseball451 Thank you! I’ll be seeing you around!
@KatawaGrey thanks! (I just need to stop talking about the fact that I SMOKE!)
@Jeruba Yeah…I do feel a little dizzy, now that you mention it! Thanks!
@Tenpinmaster Thank you!!
@ChaosCross Thanks very much.
@petethepothead Thank you! And congrats yourself!
@jjmah Thank you for thinking of me! (Um…all I have is plastic ware….:(
@IBERnineD Thanks! I’ll send you more PMs, I’m sure!
@AstroChuck Thanks…I LOVE pancakes! But they have to be eaten in a certain way, you know….
@aprilsimne Thanks! Wow…we’re gonna be doing 20K for you before long!
@Neizvestnaya I think I just met you, and having fun!
@Buttonstc Thanks…you’re one of the first people I met here…I can’t believe you haven’t hit 20K yet, much less 10K. Well…it won’t be long!
@augustlan Thanks Master Auggie!
@whatthefluther O dear. Your ex wife was nutso? Like me?? :)
@syz Thanks.
@zephyr826 Why, thank you for that! :)
@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Thanks! (I’m so glad I finally learned you’re a he, after all these years!)

I’‘m really speechless you guys. :)

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Congrats @Val123!!!!!!!!!

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Amazing @Val123. You’re a great jelly. Keep on lurvin’!

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@whatthefluther How long has it been since you came to a 10k party??

@syz He used to always do that, but now it’s a well-appreciated rarity

@Val123 I take no responsibility for your @ things. The only thing I believe I messed up severely was Cruisin’s 10k party. Besides, everything in italics isn’t a bad thing if it’s just one question. Though there are plenty of haters who’d say otherwise.

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or should I say ¿ooɥooʍ

Fred931's avatar

@Pseudonym The second one is ¡ɹɐʇʇǝq ɥɔnɯ

Val123's avatar

@Cupcake Thanks! Can I have chocolate cupcakes, please?
@Pseudonym ¡noʎ ʞuɐɥʇ

Pseudonym's avatar

¿buıɥʇ ǝɥʇ ǝɯɐɔǝq ʇxǝʇ-ǝpısdn uǝɥʍ pɐǝɹɥʇ ”ןɐǝɹ sı ʞuɐɹɟ ǝuuɐ” ǝɥʇ ɟo ʇɹɐd noʎ ǝɹǝʍ ˙noʎ ʞuɐɥʇ 136pǝɹɟ@

Val123's avatar

@erichw1504 Thank you…you’ll be hitting it any day yourself! :)

Val123's avatar

˙ǝɥɔɐpɐǝɥ ɐ ǝɯ ƃuıʌıƃ ǝɹɐ sʎnƃ noʎ

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Ok, I’m stopping now.

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Sorry I’m late! What a happy party time! Welcome! I hope your room is close to mine! You always seem to be so level headed. I hope things don’t get to crazy for you in here!

Val123's avatar

@Pseudonym :)
@Judi Thanks! Took me totally by surprise! And when things get crazy, um, it’s usually my own fault!

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Congratulations, @Val123! I noticed you were getting close ;)

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@mangeons thenk you so much! I’m really overwhelmed.

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Congrats @Val123! On of the most creative username I’ve seen on Fluther! ;)

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Yay I’m so glad you made it into the mansion. You are a favorite jelly and well deserving of this 10K party. Congratulations and cheers!!

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@toomuchcoffee911 Now you’re teasing me! I’ve been planning to change it, and now’s the time to do it. I’m just debating on what to call myself….

@fforestGeek Why, thank you very much!

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@Val123 I know it’s Dutchess! I just always get it wrong, doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

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are there anymore pancakes left?

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Dutchess, you deserved a better 10K thread.

Congrats, though. You have earned it.

Val123's avatar

@OperativeQ This one is perfectly fine! :) Thanks~

Val123's avatar

@cyndihugs Shoot. I ate ‘em all!

Response moderated
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FRED!!!! What did you say??!!

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@Val123 Actually, I don’t even remember. No, seriously.

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