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What determines whether you will stop and chat or not?

Asked by lostinyoureyes (1118points) March 18th, 2010

Say if you’re at school, walking around town, or anything like that… and you bump into an acquaintance. What determines whether you will actually stop and chat for a bit instead of just saying “hi”?

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1. do I have the time for a lengthy chat
2. does the other person look in a hurry
3. do I really have anything to say.
4. do I like this person
5. do I care to hear anything they have to say
6. am I bored and desperate for company
7. have I missed keeping up with them and this seems a good time

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The biggest factor for me is whether or not I secretly hate their guts. Aside from that, if I’m in a good mood or a bad mood, if I’m in a hurry, stuff like that.

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Well there are a lot of factors here. I’ll stop and chat if number one, I’m not in a hurry to get somewhere, number two, the so called acquaintance is someone who I would actually want to talk to, and number three, does it look like this acquaintance wants to talk to me.

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Pretty much whether or not they seem to be up for me blathering on about one thing or another, whether or not they seem up for a chat themselves.

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Whether I have time + if I know the person..whether I know I have something in common with them.

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My time and their body language. If they appear purposeful in their walk,then I simply smile with a hello and continue on my way. If they slow down physically,to address me ,I almost always take a few minutes to chat,if I have the time.

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a feeling of polite obligation usually.

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Whether or not I want to chat with the specific person, and if I have time for it.

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If I’m walking, I’m going somewhere. I’ll chat with someone if they’ll follow me to my destination. That happens sometimes. I’m rather busy, and it can be hard to track me down…

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Depends on our relationship,my condition,and the situation.

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The only things that would stop me are if I didn’t have time, or I didn;t like the person. Other than that I’m pretty easy…

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If I have time and if they have cookies.

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I stop if I want to. It is more of a mood thing.

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It depends, usually I will chat if someone talks to me, or if we have a history or chatting, but it takes me a long time to build a chatting relationship with someone, so in most cases it would be a you chat first and then I’ll chat, which usually leads to no chatting unless I already know the person. Different at parties or situations that you are ‘meant’ to be social, in that case, I will talk like I am in that speed movie and if my words per minute drop below a certain level I will explode.

in summary: its complicated.

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