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What diets or weight loss plans have worked for you or someone you know?

Asked by MagicalMystery (900points) March 18th, 2010

i know that people will say “just eat less and exercise” but it’s not always that simple. people with weight issues understand that some diets are more successful than others, some help people lose weight faster, some make it easier to maintain the weight loss, some may be great for weight loss but may be hard to stay on for long periods of time, or may make the person feel bad physically.

what diets or weight loss plans have been successful for you?

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Cutting down my calories to 1700–1900 per day, adding more water, fruits and veggies has always worked for me. That and becoming a vegan helped a lot!

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If you can’t lose much weight from diet and exercise I don’t think a new weight loss plan will do anything. The reason some people just can’t lose the kilo’s could be genetic or thyroid factors.

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I know that many people don’t want to hear diet and exercise but really that is all you need. Everyone has an ideal weight that is all their own. If you eat less than you need in a day, then you will lose weight. Exercise, starting off with walks, work up to jogging every now and then. Add yoga or weights, biking, swimming. Eventually, your body will find the weight that is ideal for you.

Looking for answers in fad diets or pills is a short term solution. You’ll gain the weight back as soon as you back to the lifestyle you had pre-pills/fad diet.

Unless, it is a medical reason for weight gain. Then you need to look at how you can alter that via medication or cessation of medication. Talk to your doctor.

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Weight watchers.. I love them.. they helped me accomplish something I never thought I would be able to accomplish. If you’re like me then you need someone to push you and motivate you.. weight watchers did that and much more for me.

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Eating half an apple and drinking a bottle of water before every meal. Of course it was mixed with an hour of excerise 5 days a week, but I would mix it up. Aerobics one day, running an weights the next and then back again. Work out 2 days rest one work out 3 days, rest one.
Found out resently that there is something in apples that actually help you loose weight. But I just used it at the time to feel full.

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Eat fewer calories. I don’t understand why people think they need a diet with an official name, or one that has a cost. People are just brainwashed by marketing.

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For me it was eat differently. Nothing fried,no skin on chicken,stayed away from meat except poutry and fish,glass of water before each meal,lots of raw veggies when I wanted to chomp on something,unsalted popcorn,fresh fruit only,egg whites on melba toast with thin lo-cal cheese on top,and the magic for me seemed to be tomato juice 2 or 3 times a day and no salt. A disciplined exercise program did not work for me because I was busy chasing kids and racing around all day. I did start walking 3 hard miles a day after I lost the weight and it has helped me maintain the loss. Not a fancy plan but it worked for me.

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@thriftymaid Some people don’t have the will power to do it alone, especially if they grew up with bad eating habits. I don’t regret giving my money to weightwatchers because they gave me the opportunity to have a better life. Some people can do it alone, I can’t.

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I personally think the key is exercise, but obviously diet does play a role.

I recommend starting to exercise everyday first, even if its just a 30min walk. Once you have established a routine/habit. THEN worry about what you are putting into your mouth…but usually you will find that if you start exercising you will automatically make healthier choices when it comes to food.

Going to a dietician is a good idea…they wont help you lose weight FAST, but they will help you lose weight over a long period of time, which is much better for your health anyway. I went to a dietician and found it very helpful…I found out I wasn’t eating enough for the amount of exercise I was doing so my body was holding on the weight. I started eating more and lost 3kg in 4 weeks.

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If your goal is to lose weight and then maintain it the plan most frequently endorsed as well balanced is Weight Watchers.

I’m speaking about the diet itself. You can do it without cost by following the diet plan itself and regularly going to Overeaters Anonymous for the necessary support.

All the various fad diets and the ones which are fast, are not sustainable as a lifestyle.

Fast is definitely not best.

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I lost 30 pounds like this. Period.

Eat more, not less. Speed up your metabolism through exercise and eating. Don’t go on any diets – those reinforce a time period change (oh I’m not eating because of spring) instead of a lifestyle change (I’m not eating this because I want to be healthy).

Instead eat 5 meals a day. Eat SMALLER portions – this is very important. Get your digestive system working constantly. This will improve your metabolism.

On top of that – go to the gym everyday. If you’ve never been there – or stopped – you will have to ‘work it up’. I do a circuit workout (google if you have to) on M W F. And run 3.2 miles in 30 minutes on T and Th. Now… you might not do that from the get go – I didn’t either. Do as much as you can prior to killing yourself and you’ll get there over time. Run 1 mile first. Do a 20 minute circuit first. Get those muscles and that body used to the work out. Then work your way up.

Be consistent. It takes 21 days of repetitiveness to form a habit. Keep to it. And lastly – believe that you can do it. Believe, believe, believe.

Remember this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. Because if you diet – you’ll be right where you started after you’re done. Gym is a lifestyle choice, not a medium to lose weight. You have to change your whole perspective.

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The bottom line with this is simple math, its a fact I have been trying to avoid for the last 20 years but if you take in more cal then you burn you gain weight. I have tired a mess of different things, wieght watchers, personal trainers, crazy diet programs, surgery. The bottom line is if you dont care enough to commit to the math you will gain the weight back.

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Pay attention to the labels of things you eat. Get a calorie counting book like “Food Counts” for things that don’t have labels. Don’t eat too many foods with a high fat content. Just educate yourself about food and make low-fat choices. You can loose weight by just cutting your fat/calorie intake, but that does not mean you will be healthy. Exercise when you can, and eat a good balance of different types of food.

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Yes, using a low glycemic and insulinemic approach, but not an extreme low carb approach.

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I really eat about 1,500–1,700 calories a day (try )
However, I work out like a crazy person. I go to the gym at least three days a week.
20 minutes elliptical. 20 minutes treadmill. 20 minutes stationary bike. Then I spend some time on the weight machines for my arms / abs.
When I’m at home (two more days a week), I do pilates, cardio, go for a run, etc.
I take the weekends off.

Be sure to figure out your BMR ( )
And drink LOTS of water :)

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