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Should i change schools now, or stick it out?

Asked by niks1112 (410points) March 19th, 2010

well, I currently live in san diego and have been studying Graphic Design for about a year. Over some time realized that that is not what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life, so I went ahead and started looking at more options, and finally found the program that I feel was made a perfect fit for me. That being said, the program I want want to switch to is at my same school but at the orange county campus. I know that that is the program I want, but it is some what a long drive up there, around like one hour 15 mins I would say as an average. but I have about 2 and ahalf years left… so my question is should i go to orange county right away? or stay at the san diego campus for my generals and then start going to orange county later on? The problem with just taking generals at the San Diego campus is that i have to keep more than a B for the classes to transfer over. I’m not saying i won’t do my best and i am aiming for a C grade, but what if i do get less than a B?

I know that the real answer to this must come from me, and it’s completley my decision, but I did want to get maybe some advice or just any information in general. Thanks!

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Life is short. Seize the day!

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I would say make sure your generals will transfer, even if it is the same school. My college is very difficult when it comes to transferring credits even between different campuses of the same school.

I currently commute as I live outside the city where I work and school, and it’s about 45 minutes each way, and it is FAR too long for me personally, I am moving back downtown soon as I can. I would say figure out a way to move closer to the new campus, with a friend or student housing for a while if they offer it. 75minutes each way is a long long commute to do daily.

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i have to keep more than a B for the classes to transfer over

If you stay in SD, that would be a pretty good motivator.

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Use the commute time you will spend to attend OC campus to better your grades at SD and achieve the grade that will cut the transfer. It will be easier to study when you’re not too tired from all that driving. If there is a commuter train, then that can make a difference in favoring a move to OC right away..

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I would consider switching to orange county right away and moving there to avoid the commute.

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How entrenched is your residential situation at SD?
Would it be feasible for you to move to OC?

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thank you everyone for taking your time to respond.
@jaytkay yes it would be a motivator, and im not saying i will do bad, but in any case that i do get lower then a B then it wont transfer over, meaning that it was a waste of time and money. so that is my only problem there.
@njnyjobs the commute really isnt a big problem to me, i dont mind spending some time in the car, i will eventually end up in orange county either way, i just dont know if i should do it starting this quarter in april or the quarter in october.
@marinelife and @Brian1946 i love san diego, and i want to be living in san diego, i do not have the slightest intrest in moving to OC, but my program is only offered in orange county

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@niks1112 I think you should go, and look for a room share for school days only. You could sleep over the days you are in class. We had a student renting a room in our house for four days a week, and it went quite well.

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I do not want to do that, because i already pay for rent here in san diego, i do not want to be paying rent in 2 different places. i would hopefully only be going to school twice, max 3 times a week, depending on what scheduele i can get ofcourse,

But for anyone answearing, i do not wish to move to OC even on school days. i would have to be commited to driving up there

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@niks1112 I get what you are saying, but consider the cost of driving compared to paying extra rent, and I think you will find very similar in cost, not to mention the increased danger of being on the road so much – a cost most people ignore.

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