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Why did Jesse James cheat on Sandra Bullock?

Asked by bellusfemina (808points) March 19th, 2010

She seems like the “girl next door” every guy dreams of. In addition to that, she’s rich, beautiful, and an award winning actor. Why would he cheat on her with such a skank?

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because he could. if a man can live with himself after cheating, he will.

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Oh great, another round of generalizations and man-bashing. Oy vey.

Only Jesse James knows the answer to this question.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities… well, Jesse James and the skank, one might presume.

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So somebody will give a flying frak about these two horrible actors again?

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I don’t care enough about these two to comment on their relationship or why he cheated, but I would like to point out that being rich, beautiful and award-winning are superficial qualities. They are hardly reasons to stay faithful to someone. If there was nothing deeper to the relationship, then it was doomed from the start.

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Jesse James is an actor? I thought he was a motorcycle dude that had a reality show.

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Person on TV = actor. Specifics are irrelevant. No one cares about him anymore, and if Bullock hadn’t pulled an Oscar, no one would be talking about this situation now.

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Because he’s a douche?
I’ve seen monster garage.
She knew what she was getting in to.

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I never heard anything about it until now. A person will cheat on another person and it has nothing to do with how the SO looks. @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities did you note that I said “person”?

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@Trillian Thanks. I’m not fond of being lumped into categories that I’m not a part of.

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We don’t know what Jesse James is like in his private life and we don’t know what Sandra Bullock is like in her private life, although the few employees of hers that I’ve talked to paint her in a positive light.

Sometimes things just happen.

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Didn’t he rob the glendale train,a cheat & a thief.Quite the bandit eh.

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I would actually ask a slightly different question: why would a beautiful, talented, accomplished, intelligent, desirable woman like Sandra Bullock align herself with a man who was veritably guaranteed to treat her shabbily? His former wife was a porn star, his “business” involves decorating motorcycles for rich men in the throes of their mid-life crises, and he’s no longer even respected in world of motorcycle ride-pimping.

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He used to be married to a “Porn Star” that’ll give you an idea of his standards and lifestyle.

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And after Sandra gave such an emotional speech about how much Jesse meant to her.

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I honestly don’t know who Jesse James is. That’s how much I don’t care about their relationship.

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Because he was Mr. Bullock.


(In all seriousness, I really don’t know why he cheated. There could be a million reasons. None of which are my business.)

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@dpworkin To answer your question because of some embarrassments to womanhood dumb-ass,stupid Beotches’ desire to hook up with “Bad Boys”
My aunt recently was dumped by a great guy,who treated her like a queen and saved her home from foreclosure,she was dumped due to her inability to stop cheating with the “Bad Boys”!!
She 45 for God’s sake ! Not some freaking impressionable teenager !
Now she is about to lose her home !! Too bad bad boys hardly ever have any money !!

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@Pretty_Lilly I think it’s true that some women have what seems to be a perverse attraction to men who are not kind to them, but I assume they must have very good, if covert, reasons for this behavior. Otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

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Men (and Women) aren’t naturally monogamous. This is something that we’ve made up.
We’re made to simply make babies and repopulate the planet. “Cheating” is simply making babies (or practicing).

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he’s a douchebag from way way back and been into the wild stinky stuff for a long time. If she wouldve asked around in the right places, she wouldve known

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“Men (and Women) aren’t naturally monogamous.”

I will give you that, except Men and Women have the ability to see the benefit of a monogamous relationship. And have the ability to have self control.
Making a clear comparison (difference) between lower forms of animals and us.

“This is something that we’ve made up.”
No this is something we have come to the understanding is more beneficial. For most.

If you want to lower our behavior to that of a natural act in the animal kingdom. Us being part of that and we do have those traits.
Then everything goes, no monogamy and let the strongest survive.

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Isn’t it funny that as soon as we want to justify something, we’re all “just animals”, but if someone does something we don’t like, it’s all “Rah! Morals! Values!”

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@ChazMaz So if we didn’t make up monogamy.. where’d it come from?

By the way. A LOT of people cheat. So it isn’t like everyone is following this unwritten rule.

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I don’t think the evidence shows that humans are not naturally monogamous. To the contrary it shows that humans are fundamentally monogamous, but that part of mating strategy in both males and females can include extra-pair copulation for some individuals, some of the time.

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“A LOT of people cheat.”
And A LOT of people rob and steel too. That can go back and “justify” our inherent need to survive.

“are fundamentally monogamous,”

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I’m sorry. But we didn’t learn to walk upright and then learn how to stay with one person for the rest of our lives. Its unnatural.

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You answered your own statement.

We walked upright, literally and metaphorically. In advancing our ability to progress we advanced our understanding of each other.

No one is saying you can’t, it is a process of that “walking upright” evolution.

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@meagan I have extensive citations of peer-reviewed studies that I can provide for my conclusion above. Kindly show us the empirical evidence for your conclusion.

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Do you consider only poor, ugly and none award winning woman are worthy of cheating on?

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