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Is it okay for someone like me to not really have a sense of humor?

Asked by ducky_dnl (5378points) March 19th, 2010

People say I should be laughing and enjoying my life because I’m young, but is it weird that I don’t? I mean I laugh like a normal person, but nothing seems to hit my funny bone lately. I just keep dwelling on the past and I’m so engulfed by my own thoughts worries, and hurt that I only here “blah blah blah, get it?” and everyone laughs and I feel out of the loop. I don’t want to hear things that make me happy I guess? I have no idea… suggestions

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Not “since,” I met “sense.”

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That’s kind of an abstract question that only you can answer.

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Well….what makes you laugh or used to make you laugh? Know any funny stories. Tell us one!

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I would suggest thinking about incredibly inappropriate things, YOU WILL BE LOLING IN NO TIME!

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Realise that it’s just a phase that you are going through in life, that you are self aware and that it won’t last forever… I’d laugh about being human

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Doesn’t sound good to me.

Especially when you mentioned focusing on the past and hurt. Maybe you need to move past the past.

Sounds you might have anxiety issues.

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The last thing you should let yourself let go of is your sense of humor. It can really help you get through tough times. Try to find it and nurture it.

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Prior to this change, did you used to laugh, kid around, cut up, tease yer friends, before? If you did, then chalk it up to a phase. If you didn’t, then that’s just who you are. There’s nothing wrong with you that needs fixing because you’re not broken.

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Sounds from the details that you are going through a depression so the issue is not that you don’t have a sense of humor, but that you are depressed. People usually don’t find much funny when they are low. If it persists, you probably want to consider some short term couseling.

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