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If Obama passes health care tomorrow my mom's gonna lose her job, what do I do?

Asked by ducky_dnl (5378points) March 20th, 2010

My mom works for an insurance company and if obama passes health care she stands a high chance of losing her job. I don’t agree with his health care at all. What should I do? I’m going to ask my doctors to start treating me as an outpatient. Screw sleeping, I need to work so we don’t lose our home.

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This is the single most selfish reason I’ve ever seen for being against health care reform. I think you should be nominated for some sort of award.

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^ Word. I seriously hope there are other reasons you oppose it.

Anyway, if you oppose you can write to your representatives or take action in other ways. You kind of took your sweet time with this one, didn’t you? Tomorrow comes soon.

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are you serious?

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Don’t worry your moms job is safe. People with current plans through employers will be stuck with them for five years. You have bitten into the “bullshit apple” that was created to make you afraid. Don’t worry. The bill will actually give your mom more work.

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@Dpworkin Government Health care will never work. Why should I pay for someone that doesn’t want to pay for it? There is no “I can’ts” People can pay for it if they try or want too. It’s out of frugality that people want this. It’s the mentality “Why should I pay for it, when someone else can?” That’s what is ruining this country. Two options: Pay health care or prison? That doesn’t seem like freedom to me.

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@ducky_dnl “Government Health care will never work.” Tell that to Canada. And you should pay for it because people that are sick need to be taken care of. Just like when you’re sick, or your mother is sick, or your spouse, a child… when they’re sick, they’ll need it too. What I think is screwed up is that people don’t want to do something to help others. You’ll get older and sicker too someday, @ducky_dnl. Don’t worry your self-centered little head, it’ll benefit you, too.

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You need to get some serious education on this issue. I highly doubt your mother will lose her job since most of the bill is a give-away to the insurance companies. Also, people are not going to be put in jail over healthcare. Do some real reading and thinking before you spout off nonsense.

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Johnpowell is right. It’s too bad you’ve taken the bait intentionally created to scare you. You and your mom are going to be fine . . .

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Aww, I came in here guns blazing (because I love a good political debate) ready to question your opposition to the bill. Others have already beat me to it, and beat me to it nicely. Do you honestly have another reason besides your mother losing her job?

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Your mom will probably have more work to do now. By mandating that everyone buy health insurance, we’re giving a giant handout to insurance companies.

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@ducky dnl “Government Health care will never work.” – you mean to tell me it doesn’t work for anyone else?

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@Allie Do you see how long it takes them to see doctors? I have known Canadians that come to America for our health care because they love it more than theirs. It’s faster and they aren’t on a “waiting list” here.

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I don’t see anybody with a secure job anyway, in any field, health care or no. Please don’t try to blame Obama for that, not if you’d like to be taken seriously.

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So concerns for your mothers employment turned into a Glenn Beck style rant without any logic. OK.

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great. Another Sean Hannity/Glenn Beck fan.

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Proud of listening to them as well. At least they speak truth and not force fed parrot talk

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Glenn Beck? Seriously?

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Seeya, as Gary would say.

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oh boy, here it comes

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@ducky_dnl In Canada, they put you on the list based on your need and the availability of doctors or specialists. Here, they make you wait because of some reason like you can’t pay, or your insurance won’t pay. On average, the wait times are about the same, but one method sounds much better than the other to me, and it’s not ours. more

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If you want a soapbox you need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and stand on it. Using your mom as a excuse to spout shit is simply pathetic.. Or it is sad. Pathetisad works too.

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I’m not going to say anymore. Fighting with a liberal is a lost cause.

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Removed by self.

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Not only will she not lose her job, but there’s every chance that the insurance companies will need so many more workers that they’ll even hire you!

This is the biggest bonanza they have every had!

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what in the hell could a liberal know with all their college thinking?

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Oh, Ducky….thanks for wasting everyone’s time. I initially answered this question because I thought you were maybe young, and potentially a little scared. Now it’s just obvious that you’re manipulative and have no effin’ idea what you’re talking about.


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I am guessing that our Ducky here is a guy who went by the name of Alexander on another site, posing as a teenager, asking anti Obama questions like this one.

They focused on his mom, dad, other family members, and featured loaded questions about how this or that from Obama would hurt his family. He had a lot of the right wingers completely snookered but gave himself away if you watched.

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The implications on your mother’s job aren’t likely to be that instant or that severe. This will bring 30 million Americans under insurance. Insurance companies, like the one that employs your mother, will be providing this. It takes people to administer insurance.

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So.. Ducky.. do you even know what the health reform will offer or are you opposing it just because you’re a conservative republican and that’s just the way you’re suppose to think? Do your research first.. you don’t even have a valid argument here.

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By the way, since when do presidents pass legislation?

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@Ivan Jeez, don’t you read the news bro? Presidents pass legislation since KING HUSSEIN OBAMA stole the election. That’s why he’s been so able to pass his fascist health care so easily, and it hasn’t taken one year of uphill battles or anything. He just throws his rubber stamp onto some pieces of paper and it’s law.

edit: SHIT! I forgot to mention all of Obama’s CZARS. WHAT? CZARS? THAT’S LIKE RUSSIA!

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@ducky_dnl If ignorance is bliss you must be in heaven.

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His middle name is HUSSEIN, people!

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Watching all the fallout is going to be interesting.
Good thing I rarely get sick…

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Why will she lose her job?

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Don’t worry. Insurance companies are like roaches. They can survive the government and nuclear blast.
Personally I hate health insurance. At one time we had two health insurances and all they did was fight over who pays what and I got stuck with the bill after months of debate.
We dumped them and went with one.
They really don’t mean to pay anyones bills if they can help it.

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There will be even more people insured and insurance companies will probably be hiring. Stupid scare tactics really piss me off.

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@ducky_dnl – Fighting a liberal is usually only a lost cause when one’s argument is loaded with either faulty ammunition or no ammunition; or when one enters a battle of wits completely unarmed.

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The entitlement people ought to be happy, at any rate. And the Big Government people.

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Unless your mom is employed by the Teabag Party, her job should be safe.

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@Nullo – And by entitlement people, I assume that you mean the shadowy corporate entities, the greedy insurance industry and the fat-cat Wall Street bankers who feel entitled to multi-million-dollar bonuses when those same executives were the ones who caused those companies to fail in the first place. Right?

I mean, you couldn’t possibly have meant the poor saps who would just appreciate the same chance at a healthy, normal life that their insured counterparts already have, could you?

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I have worked in healthcare and these guys are correct, You have been baited by the scare tactics.
Your Mom will not lose her job. What about those in healthcare who have lost their job recently, locally, Humana. healhcare will boom, as folks get much needed care.

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Health insurance for everyone has worked in Germany for more than 40 years. During this time our country rose to being the third richest nation in the world. Countries able to send people to the moon can do it too. It’s a great puzzle why this took so long. Nations getting stuck in greed and selfishness are doomed.

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So did she get fired?

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she was probably promoted.

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I maintained insurance for over 20 years, totally self-paid, $5000 deductible. No prescriptions or mammograms. It had a million dollar cap. Never really used it, so I guess that the over $200,000 I paid in premiums helped to keep the insurance industry thriving.

Finally, at the end of 2008, my premium were so outrageous that I just couldn’t keep it going. The percentage of rate increases was increasing exponentially. I tried to have faith that the government would step in and limit the extent of premium increases. Surely, I’d be able to find a different insurance company. Didn’t even get a courtesy call or card, thanking me for my past business.

Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I canceled, I truly needed it. EVen at the exorbitant cost. An aggravation that I’m sure many experience, is the stress that not having insurance brings.

It will be interesting to see whether there is a place for me in this whole healthcare deal. I have decided that I am not going to bankrupt the family to pay for tests and treatment. I just couldn’t do it. Maybe something reasonable will develop…or, maybe I’ll be another one who slips through the cracks.

I don’t expect, and never have, anything free. What I do expect, is a system that is not fraught with fraud…with premiums that can go up as much as nearly 20-percent within a 6-month period.

While I agree that we must help those less fortunate than ourselves…after having to forfeit my own coverage, I’m not happy paying (as but one example) for an illegal’s healthcare. There’s much that I could say here, but, I’ll leave it at…that one fact, is a large bone of contention for many Americans. It’s a divider among us…a very unfortunate one.

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@MissA Illegal immigrants are NOT included in the new health care plan. They’re forbidden from participating, even if they pay for everything themselves. It’s a conservative talking point to say that illegals will get “free” health care, but it isn’t true.

Anyway, you already pay indirectly for the care given to illegal immigrants under the old system. If they go to hospitals, they often cannot pay and default on their bills. Everyone else’s premiums go up because of it.

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I should have been more specific…YES, I was referring to the old system. I do not know all of the points that have finally been hashed out. i agree with you completely. And, I wish the Obama haters would concede that he is the ONLY president to give a damn about affordable healthcare, period.

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I wonder if Mom is still working?

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