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Why is Safari on my computer rendering all of the colors -- not just for images -- incorrectly?

Asked by richardhenry (12664points) March 20th, 2010

I’m not just talking about image color profile issues; every single color that the browser renders is incorrect. It’s like it’s in it’s own color space (or something!).

Screenshot: (Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox)

Spot the odd one out? Open this up in Photoshop or similar and try using the eyedropper to select the colour. Safari renders the same hex color completely differently. That color is set using a background-color declaration in CSS, so it should be identical in all four of those browsers.

Here’s the HTML file I was using:

Literally every website I’m viewing with my install of Safari is displaying colors incorrectly. Here’s Facebook, notice the blue of the bar: (Chrome on the left, Safari right)

This doesn’t occur on any other Macs I’ve tried. Any idea what’s happened to my Safari install?

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I can’t figure it out, but a couple of ideas that might spark something…

If it was Firefox I’d say an extension may have gotten a little off and thrown an overlay on the whole thing, is that a possibility with Safari? Do you have anything extra thrown in to your installation? A custom stylesheet maybe? (I don’t know how this would specifically cause what you’re seeing, but just thinking of things that would be between the page and it being rendered)

Have you tried the Edit -> “Reset Safari” option?

Have you grabbed the latest updates in OSX?

Goofiness all around, especially with Chrome not showing the same. Would love to know what it is if you find out.

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I ended up quitting Safari, scrapping ~/Library/Safari/, and letting it create all that stuff from scratch at next launch. I’m befuddled as to how the plist files in there could screw with anything color or rendering related, but nevertheless, that’s seemed to resolve the issue.

Remember to do File > Export Bookmarks if you want to save those, and then File > Import Bookmarks after deleting the library files.

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@funkdaddy Yep, I checked through all the settings (including the developer stuff), and tried using Edit > Reset Safari. The issue was still present after restarting. Scrapping the library files for Safari seemed to be the only way to fix it.

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I also have had the same issue. I’m not 100% sure what the deal is to be honest but I suspect this might have something to do with it: (note how old it is…).

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@timtrueman Interesting, thanks for the link!

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