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Do I really have to wait 2-4 weeks before I can kiss someone with a newly pierced lip?

Asked by PhillyCheese (655points) March 21st, 2010

I’m going to get my lip pierced.
I heard I have to wait 2–4 weeks for it to heal before I can actually kiss my girlfriend; but I also asked my co-worker (with a pierced lip) and she said that as long as I don’t go oral on her, kissing is fine.

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Hmmm I think its fine, when i got my Labret pierced the piercer told me the same thing…I didnt listen (of course)...and it was ok.

Im sure they say that just to cover them if someone you kiss has a really festy mouth and you get some gangrene funk happening on your face and then you try to sue them.

I would wait a few days though… one wants gangrene.

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Mouths are very germy. From what I understand tongue piercings get infected quite often, so better not to introdce even someone elses germs. I know this is not part of the question, but I beg of you not to pierce your face.

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I had my lip pierced, I had no desire to be making out with my boyfriend because it would hurt. I would play it safe and just not kiss for at least two weeks. There’s other ways to be intimate.

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