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What are the must-sees in Greenwich Village?

Asked by Jude (32112points) March 21st, 2010

My girl’s a writer and a big fan of Ginsberg, Bob Dylan and Kerouac (I am, as well. I also love me some Anais Nin and Henry Miller). New Yorkers, which places should we hit? We plan on spending an afternoon there.

New York City.

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@jjmah Your best bet is to get a guidebook or go online and get a literary walking tour of Greenwich Village. I don’t know all the buildings to see but a good walking tour will do it for you. One place I have been in is Cholmondeley’s Tavern which is an old speakeasy style bar that a number of the literary figures hung out in. Very cool to see. You will also want to hang out in Washington Square Park for both Henry James and current ambience. Unfortunately, a lot of Greenwich Village has been co-opted by NYU as this point and number of the old buildings are gone. Let me know if you can’t find a good walking tour guide and I will do some research on it for you.

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Absolutely go shopping. You will find many one of a kind items.

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The west village of today bears little if any resemblance to the west village of the beat poets and folk singers. The one thing I’d recommend is John’s pizzeria on Bleeker. The east village is more fun, and Brooklyn is where it’s at.

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