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What's your favorite Internet radio station?

Asked by derektherock42 (191points) March 21st, 2010

With FM radio dying, Sirius-XM is taking over radio. The other radio stations that are alive and well are Internet radio stations. I personally enjoy, NPR (especially All Songs Considered), and a few others.

Anybody have any other suggestions? Does anybody still listen to FM?

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This is the only one I frequently listen to.

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somafm – groove salad

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92.5 FM, Seattle. give it a listen.

Also WVCP- FM Gallatin, Tennessee. this station is owned by The State of Tennessee and students make it happen and run the show, since 1979. its on the web at WCVP.Org. playing the oldies and having good times.

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WXPN They broadcast out of Philly. Check it out.

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NPR all songs considered is legit

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I don’t often listen to internet radio, but I sometimes like to listen to the international stations on itunes.

@john65pennington John, it’s

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3WK and BBC’s 6Music, which the BBC is trying to put out of commission, damn them!

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@thriftymaid Me too. I like African music so I have some favorite “stations” bookmarked on the radio apps on my iPod touch. It’s fun.

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thriftymaid, thanks. i was in a hurry when i typoed the call letters.

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I like best of all, but they only offer 40 hours free per month, and that runs out sooner than I would like.

So I also use, which operates on the same principle, but doesn’t play the same selections for the same artists.

Both of those help me to fill up my playlists on

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I just remembered, Spotify is great if you’re in one of the countries it’s available in.

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As far as Internet Radio,I like Pandora. I disagree that FM is on its way out. I think we have yet to see the full effect of HD Radio.

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@derektherock42 HD radio is a fad that’s on it’s way out already. I do agree about FM, though. Free shit doesn’t go away all that easily. And it’s much easier to change during ads than internet radio.

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@OperativeQ “And it’s much easier to change during ads than internet radio.”
Although I think technology to remedy that situation is not far off.

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