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How can an American obtain dual citizenship? Are there certain countries where it is allowed?

Asked by lilikoi (10094points) March 22nd, 2010

Now that we have mandatory insurance coverage shoved down our throats, I think it is high time to abandon ship, as I won’t be a lone nut that starts a successful revolution and I can’t continue to be the blind follower.

How does dual citizenship work? Are there any countries I can gain citizenship of while also maintaining my existing citizenship w/ the U.S.? I like beaches and warm weather too much to completely give up Hawaii. Most places I’ve looked into in the past require you to relinquish your old citizenship to gain the new one…

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egypt allows dual citizenship via natuaralization. You must live in the country for ten years.

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Oh, here we go…

I have a friend who has dual citizenship in Germany and the United States. You could look into that I guess.

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not sure how accurate it is, but here ya go
However, in a lot of countries you can remain as a resident and not claim citizenship from that country.

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Germany allows dual citizenship.

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@LKidKyle1985 Does it apply both ways? That link lists all the countries you can retain your citizenship from if you are naturalized in the U.S….my case would be the opposite – I’d be retaining my U.S. citizenship while being naturalized in a different country. I’m not sure it goes both ways..

Thanks for the tips on Germany and Egypt. I don’t think I’d survive in Egypt.

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You can’t just move to another country and expect them to take you. It doesn’t work like that. I’m a US citizen who has had residency in two other countries. (Both had Universal healthcare and it was great) Germany has the oldest established universal healthcare system, so surely, you wouldn’t want to move there.
Seeing as how this is an option you don’t agree with, you’ll have to choose from the grey coloured countries on this map:

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Marry an Australian.

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Wake up naked in Canada. No documents, claim that you just woke up naked on the streets and you don’t know how you got there and you remember nothing. And then decline their socialized medicine if they offer to allow you to stay.

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And you look stupid when you say..

“I think it is high time to abandon ship”

and then you say this:

“How does dual citizenship work? Are there any countries I can gain citizenship of while also maintaining my existing citizenship w/ the U.S.?”

Make up your fucking mind.

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You can find your answers on the U. S. State Department’s website.

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You can’t just show up somewhere and be given citizenship. It doesn’t work like that. The best you can expect, and that is if you get a job or have enough money to start a business in that country assuming they take that sort of application is residency and sometimes not Permanent Residency but the type that needs renewing
Usually applications are made on the following grounds:

Asylum seeker (strict guidelines and quotas even)
Family Reunification
Temporary Work Residency given for the term of the work contract
Temporary Study Residency given for the time of the study position which has to be approved before residency will be given)
Business Investment (you bring over boat loads of money and start up a business that offers employment to local people)

In most cases, you will be given Residency, NOT citizenship. Most countries require a certain number of years of residency before you can even apply for citizenship. If you work, you may be taxed and given no right to vote in their federal elections. (Like I have for the last 7 years where I live) If you have children or a spouse, they may not be granted residency just because you have. I have watched as visiting professors kissed their children and spouses goodbye at the airport after having them here for 3 years when their final application is rejected.

Oh, and again… remember those grey countries, otherwise you’ll have mandatory health care jammed down your throat. The Baltic States are pretty, but they still have a bit of unrest occasionally.

Oh.. and be prepared to learn at LEAST two new language….

Go’ bedring….håper du er aldri syke.

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Join the new Hawaian Nation I have been reading about.

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Australia has an agreement with the USA to allow dual citizenship.

Course why do you want to retain US citizenship if you are “abandoning ship?”

And of course Australia has national health care (and it works very well) so if that is a reason to abandon ship, you wouldn’t want to move here, despite the unbelievably beautiful beaches and mild climate.

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You need to pick somewhere without national health care, of course, or there’s no point.

The libertarian paradise of Somalia fits the bill.

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Some countries – Italy and Ireland are a couple – will allow you to apply for dual citizenship and will grant it after a waiting period – if your immediate ancestors came from there. Not sure which, but depending on your heritage, you could check.
Why couldn’t you survive in Egypt? Lots of people do.

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p.s. You can repatriate to Mexico if you get a green card and work for five years without getting into trouble with the law or asking for too many services from the state – if you become a contributing member of Mexican society. You have to give up your U.S. citizenship. And I’m not sure how good the health-care system is. But people do it all the time when they can’t stand it here any more.

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Looking over the replies, I’d really suggest Egypt for you.

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In some countries, if you start up a busniess that will provide employment to 10 or more locals, you get a Foreign Resident status and after a few years, you can apply for citizenship via naturalization.

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@cazzie Hej, hur mår du? :-)

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@Dr_Dredd is that the only Swedish you know? hahahaha… Foresten, det var ikke svensk. Det var norsk.

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@cazzie Germany has the oldest established universal healthcare system

Established 1883. Teabag-Americans are to the right of Kaiser Bismark.


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How about Nigeria?

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