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How do you say "mullet" in Spanish?

Asked by adrifoxx (69points) March 22nd, 2010

Is there actually a word for the hairstyle?

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Julio Iglesias?

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haha that is true.

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“Cresta” is the mohawk-mullet that persists to be popular in Spain. The dready-mullet is “greñas”.

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I don’t know but I’m intrigued that you want to know.

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i second “greñas” ... can also be any kind of long scruffy hair.

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muchas gracias. :)

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@prolificus Jajajajaaa——you’d be surprised how hip “crestas” are in Spain. It’s not a redneck thing at all. More of a young urbanite thing.

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In Colombia the young people call them “colas,” which means “tails.”

I was in Medellin, Colombia this winter and 90% of the young people in the city had mullets. Seriously. Hard core mullets, too!

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It’s called “pareces un idiota”.

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Como? Very confusio!!!!

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