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How to translate phrase "Food for Toddlers" to Spanish?

Asked by Russter (242points) April 7th, 2012

So if there was a computer game for young kids called “Toddler Food” in English (all it does it teach the names of different foods to Toddlers), how would you translate the title of that game (“Toddler Food” or “Food for Toddlers”) to Spanish?

Bonus round: How would you translate it to French?

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This is a little tricky. Some Spanish speaking countries don’t use a word for Toddler from what I understand. Some use Infante. So, if you are marketing to the entire Spanish speaking world it might be tricky. I’ll send the Q to some of our native Spanish speakers.

To be extra sure you can use food for 2 year olds: Comida para los niños de dos años.

If infante is correct, which I am not 100% about, you could say: comida para los infantes.

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Oh, I just thought you can use Niños Chiquitos, which means little children. Comida de los niños chiquitos.

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I just realized I used the preposition de in some sentences and para in others, a Spanish speaker can clarify that also. I sent the Q to two.

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Alimentos para niños pequeños

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@CaptainHarley Alimento, interesting. That is a possibility too I think. I had not thought of it. And, pequeños could definitiely be used instead of chiquitos. Many options.

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French: Alimentation des tout-petits

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What’s wrong with just “Comida para los niños”?
Is it very important that the age of the “gamer” is precise?

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You would ideally need to translate and interpret this one. You could call it “Alimentos para niños pequeños” or “comida para niños” and it would be correct, but, it would also make it sound like a charity that feeds children.

If you want to avoid sounding like a charity or a grocery store section, then I would recommend you go with something different. Something more slang/fun sounding, and maybe give it a slogan.

The best literal translation for my taste would be “Comida para prescolares” meaning “food for pre-schoolers”. This is the one that best identifies the age of the child.

Prescolar – Preschool

Niños pequeños – Small children

Instead, why not try something like “Chicomida – Nombres de comida para prescolares” meaning “Kidfood – Names of food for preschoolers”.

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Ok, great thank you everyone. Is it typical in Spanish to only capitalize the first word in titles?

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No, we are just being lazy when we write. You would capitalize a title in Spanish same as English. The only capitalization differences I know of in Spanish, is they don’t capitalize I, which is yo. In fact I think English is one of the few languages that does. And, in Spanish the days of the week are not capitalized. But, would be in a title, titles are different, just like in English.

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