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I am new to a genre of metal (folk metal, mostly Viking themed). Would anyone have any recommendations of bands?

Asked by Arisztid (7113points) March 22nd, 2010

Examples of this genre are Turisas and Finntroll .

So I can narrow the parameters of my question, here are the following elements that particularly appeal to me: symphonic, folk (especially the Viking theme), mixture of modern and traditional instrumentation, and drive. I am still getting used to the vocal style used in these bands, preferring a mix of the growling (whatever that style is called) and more, to me, normal vocals.

I do not know if this is an appropriate question for Fluther so shall not be surprised if this question is rejected.

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Enslaved all the way. I prefer their older stuff, with Eld being my favorite (many consider it to be the quintessential viking album – just look at the album cover!).

If you want to go back to the beginnings of Viking metal start with Bathory

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There are a bunch of great music sites which stream music based on your likes & dislikes. I find a lot of unknown (to me) bands. (not available in the US)

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You may enjoy Eluveitie. One of my faves, also known as ’‘Paigan Metal.’’
Ensiferum is also awesome, as is Hel, but that last one may not be quite what you’re looking for…it’s more like…Viking Rock, rather than metal, but it still owns.

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Thankyou all. I have some digging and listening to do.

@FutureMemory I very much would like to hear the origins. Jethro Tull had some music themed this way back in the ‘day. “Broadsword” from “Broadsword and the Beast” being the one that leaps to mind.

@jaytkay I always find my way around that little “not available in the US” thing when it comes down to purchasing music. Probably cannot get to the site you linked to but I should be able to get to the rest.

@Symbeline I am open to all good music. Rock, rather than the heavy stuff, is great too.

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Oh and also check out Thorr’s Hammer.

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(epic Enslaved song, note that it’s broken up into two parts since Youtube vids have a 10 minute limit.

The 2nd part is here.

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One of my all time favourite bands is Tyr. They’re awesome I love them. I would also recommend Korpiklaani, Kiuas, Moonspell (some say they’re gothic, some say they’re folk), Cruachan, Glittertind, Asmegin (although they’re considered black metal by some), Manegarm (same as Asmegin), Vintersorg, Elvenking, Moonsorrow, Einherjer, Kampfar (same as Asmegin), Fejd, Amon Amarth

… There’s lots more but those are some I thought of off the top of my head. I can give you more. It really depends if you like the more black metal or folk metal sound.

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The only Viking metal I listen to is Bathory’s Blood, Fire and Death and Blood on Ice. Both are epic albums.

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I may be totally off here, but I have a song along the lines of being similar to your first link. It’s from the movie 300. It’s called Returns a King by Tyler Bates. You can get it off the movie soundtrack or on iTunes. Here’s a video with the song. It’s not really viking themed, but it’s a pretty cool intense, warrior song. :)

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@Hexr I just love Korpiklanni
@Arisztid you might like this song Pine Woods, or my personal favorite Pellonpekko both by Korpiklanni

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Wow! I had no idea there even was such a thing as Viking folk metal. I’m really getting old.

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I can’t really add anything new, in fact I’ve probably got a couple bands to check out from the answers, but I strongly second Eluveitie and Ensiferum. I just picked up Storm by Fejd over the weekend and I’m liking it, not so much metal but good stuff. As mentioned a couple times, Korpiklanni is a fun listen, I can’t say they’re my favorite but definitely worth a spin; Spirit of the Forest is probably my top choice, album-wise, from them.

Not quite on topic but anytime someone asks about metal I always recommend Dark Tranquility and Sentenced too.

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Thankyou everybody and my apologies for not many individual comments, which is what I like to do.

At this time all I have done is click links in this thread but tomorrow I shall be looking up bands that folks have listed by name without a video. This thread is going to provide some much needed distraction for me tomorrow at top volume on my headphones while my wife is on the operating table. Thank God for laptops and headphones that do not leak enough sounds to bother others at the hospital.

I have listened to one Bathory song and it is now on my favorites. When my wife is out of surgery I am going to ask the Google Goddess to find me more.

Thankyou so much for directing me to the album Eld from Enslaved. That is on my “must” list.

Korpiklaani is also on my “must” list.

@Vunessuh Oh that is nice. My musical tastes are varied. Your post brought me in mind of one of my absolute favorite songs, Temple of the King by Rainbow.

@lillycoyote me too… I did not discover that this was actually a genre until I found Turisas. I learned about Lordi (they are one of my favorite groups) and someone in a comment thread said that, if I like Finnish metal, check out Turisas. That is how I discovered that it is a genre.

@wonderingwhy I have a fondness for all music of this sorts, Viking or not. I already know about such as Richie Blakemore’s Rainbow and its predecessor Rainbow. Anything mixing medieval themes with rock or metal is top of the line to me.


As I said, I am not able to do more than click links in this thread today but chasing down the names people have listed shall be one of the ways I maintain my sanity tomorrow. I am hoping I can find these bands on Youtube and, for those I cannot find, I shall ask my wife if she can find them when she is recovered enough to do so.

Thankyou very much folks!

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