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Anyone know of great sites to find start-up jobs in San Francisco?

Asked by malthauser (58points) March 23rd, 2010

I’m moving out to the Bay Area from Germany(originally from Seattle) and would like to find some more very early stage companies to apply for. So far, I have been concentrating my search on Startuply and LinkedIn. If anyone knows of some portfolios of companies that I could review or websites that are focused on this area, please let me know.


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what sort of experience do you have?
Have you tried

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Here are some sites that could be useful.

Jobnob It is not a direct job but it would get you into the network of start up.

SF Tech a networking group of web start ups

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currently, i am a Domain and Website Broker for I handle the brokerage of our high value deals in the international market out of the Cologne, Germany office. A lot of buy outs of small-medium size websites and high traffic domains which gets into BizDev and strategy for my clients.

as for the sites, these are great suggestions, keep ‘em coming!

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Have you tried the link at the bottom of this page?

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yes, but unfortunately i am not an engineer…if they were looking for bizdev/sales/strategy, i would definitely be interested.

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You might want to hook up with EO, the Entrepreneur’s Organization to get connected with folks starting up stuff like that. It’s not like a direct job posting, but at least you can get networked.

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