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What online games are in lately?

Asked by tomokawaii (41points) March 23rd, 2010

can you suggest GOOD games that are somewhat now kind of popular?

they may be in these genres:

rpg, beat, rhythm, music, mmo, mmorpg, browser based

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Trackmania Nations

Incredibly addictive and fun racing game with crazy tracks

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Aion, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Star Trek Online – the latest ones I have tried. I like Aion a lot but I am very tired of fantasy games.Battlefield heroes is browser based fps and is quite fun if you like shooters.

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Modern warfare 2 online.

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Starcraft 2 beta!!! Oh sorry… it’s not out yet… suckers :P

FF13’s out, DDR was always my fave, MW2 is good!, Mass Effect 2.

So many games – why ask? Go play!

Edit: Sorry you said ONLINE games…

Drawing a blank. I’ve been playing SC2… (awesome btw – but definitely wait for it come out. I don’t get why ppl pay hundreds to play a beta version…)

Fair disclosure – I own Activision Blizzard Stock.

Warcraft 3 is always fun. DOTA particularly. Bships also a fun map. That’s all I have.

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The only one I ever have recommended to me is World of Warcraft! I’m rather tired of that game and I don’t even play it!

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Counter-Strike is still one of the undisputed kings.

@The_Idler Haha, Trackmania. It’s actually surprisingly fun. You have the free Steam version or the payed version?

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free, non-Steam version

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where can i download trackmania?

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check out – they have a variety of games listed and reviewed.

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