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When should I take my SAT 1 and SAT subject tests?

Asked by loverainx33 (67points) March 23rd, 2010

I want to take the SAT again but the problem is I also have to take my SAT subjects too but I dont know when should I take each. The times I can take them are May, June or October. These dates are the same for both tests but I’m afraid if I SAT in october then it’ll be cutting it kind of close to college deadlines.

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What grade are you in?
If you’re a Junior, go for the spring dates; then fall dates as well in case you’re unhappy with your scores.
If you’re a Senior most definitely go fo May: the sooner you startm the better.

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Take the SAT I in May in the SAT subject tests in June.

If you bomb any of them, you can retake in October.

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I’m a junior.

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Do you know what schools you’re going to apply to already? Or at least have some idea? If so, check their requirements first to make sure they require the subject tests – not all schools do. No point in paying the fees and giving up your time if they are not required. Also check the average scores for acceptance. If you are well within the threshold, retaking it is a waste of time. Just saying.

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@loverainx33 Yep, you’re in good time then. My English teacher always advises Juniors to take their May or June SAT of Junior year, and October or November SAT of Senior year :)

For the subject tests, see what your choice of schools requires; and take those as soon as possible. As @nikipedia said, if you don’t preform this time, you always have next fall.

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