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Is a 1990 a good SAT score?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7894points) March 29th, 2013

The most you can get is 2400. I know that the colleges I want to apply to will definitely accept a 1990 (CUNY Hunter College, Mercy College, Ramapo College), but I’m worried about my math score.
Broken down:
Writing 700
Reading 680
Math 610
Is 1990 a relatively good SAT score?

Also, on another note, how did you decide what to write for your college essay?

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Your math score is a little low but I wouldn’t worry about it. At my college if you had below a 650 in math you just had to take a math placement test. If you did good on that you could start with normal math courses and if not then you just had to do some basic ones first.

For my essay I wrote about why I wanted to go to college and what I hoped to achieve in my life.

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I think the best college essays are the ones that tell a story that is somewhat unusual. Admissions officers don’t want to read the same old stuff. If you had an experience that was a turning point in your life – and it doesn’t have to be running before the bulls in Pamplona – and can write about it in a compelling manner, you will get noticed more.

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I agree with what @janbb said. A great essay doesn’t just say I’m this or that but tells a compelling story to let the reader in the end determine these qualities about you. If you think you’re really passionate about x tell a story that illustrates that.

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It’s good to look at the scores in terms of percentiles:

Writing = 700 = 96%
Reading = 680 = 93%
Math = 610 = 78%

Your writing and reading scores are very good and will certainly meet the qualifications for most universities.

Your math score is okay, which means that you can certainly improve it. I think that you should try and take the SAT again, but you need to be prepared.

EDIT: I’m going to add some more info in a second answer.

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If you choose to take the test again, then you should find out the exact policies that those colleges follow with accepting SAT scores. Some colleges will only consider the highest submitted score for each category, while others will consider all of the scores submitted.

If they only look at your highest score, than you might want to take the test again. If they look at all of your scores, then you need to account for the possibility that your writing and reading scores will drop the next time that you take it. In the second case, I don’t know if it is worth the risk.

Geometry is very prevalent on the SAT. Here is one pdf document that shows the sort of geometry that is common.


As for the college essay, the most important thing to try and do is to make it unique and memorable.

I am going to assume that the topic of the essay is “Why do you want to attend this school?” Personally, I will try and stay away from the argument of “it will help me get a high-paying job.” I would instead opt for an answer along the lines of “helping to contribute to society.”

It is also useful to tell a story, such as something life-changing. Make sure that you explain what you learned from your experience and how you plan to utilize that knowledge.

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Your scores are really good. They are what I’m ultimately aiming for so if you have any advice as far as getting a good reading score I’d appreciate it!

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A 1990 is a pretty solid score. I got a 1900 the first time I took it (Breakdown: 720 in Reading, 710 in Writing, 470 in Math). Even with my extremely embarrassing math score it’s not my strong suit, okay? I’ve gotten into three out of the four colleges that I’ve applied to (I’m still waiting to hear from the last one!) including the public honors college in my state as well as the honors college at one of the other school I’ve been accepted to. I’ve also been offered pretty generous academic scholarships from each college. So, while your SAT scores are important, and you should definitely take the SAT again and try to improve them, you’re in pretty good shape for applying to colleges! That obviously depends on what you want to major in and how prestigious the schools you’re applying to are, but generally speaking your score sounds pretty good.

As for writing essays, be sure to put some of yourself in them. Don’t make them generic, like anyone could have written them. Telling a memorable personal story is great, when it fits the prompt you’re writing for.

Good luck in all your future endeavours!

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I got under that and I got into dental school. It’s good.

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