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How do I help my friend?

Asked by crazy_twilight_chick (200points) March 24th, 2010

My best friend and other friend got into an argument and they aren’t talking. My friend likes my best friend but she doesn’t like him back. Yesterday The cops founds my friend’s best friend with a gun to his head about to kill himself. Now my friend is all depressed and won’t talk to anyone except my best friend and me but like I said my best friend doesn’t want to talk to him at all. I keep trying to get her to talk to him but she won’t listen to me. How do I get him to get himself help? I’m really starting to get worried about him and I don’t know what to do.

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Huh? Could you maybe tell that again and use initials or something? I got lost and don’t know who is who.

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It won’t let me edit the question.

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I am not sure who the cast of characters are, either, but How do I get him to get himself help?

With all the best intentions, you cannot get anyone to do anything until he is ready. If you think your bff’s f is really suicidal, you and your bff can contact his family. How did the police get involved?

There are many modalities to deal with depression if the person is receptive.

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the likee has no obligation to the liker even if his best friend just spazzed. be a good friend, listen.

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Take the damn gun away from him to start! It might be a simple call for attention drama but I have lost 3 friends to suicide and you just never know what may have helped them avoid that terrible fate but you have to try to help them!

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Tell someone—an adult. This is not time for keeping a secret. Tell his family. Tell a school counselor.

This friend who is wanting to kill himself is not thinking clearly. He needs help.

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The friend who attempted to commit suicide really needs help.
Speak to someone as soon as possible.

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Make sure your parents know about this. You friend needs some help from adults.

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Tell an adult what is going on, right this second. Tell the adult that you feel it’s serious and see to it they take it seriously. I don’t mean to scare you, but, the 14 year old boy who lives down the street killed himself a few months ago. It turns out, he told his girlfriend he was going to, she told her mother who unfortunately chalked it up to teenage drama. No one contacted the boys family. Early one morning he got up went outside and shot himself. He didn’t die right away, in fact when the cops showed up to see why he was out in the street acting strange he never opened his mouth. The cops stood questioning him while he bled out from the hole he had blown in the roof of his mouth. Had his parents know I’m certain they would have taken action or at the very least put the guns under lock and key.

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Well we’ve already tired telling the school counsler &they talked to him but he jsy won’t listen. & now he isn’t talking to me or my best friend for other reasons. But I still worry. He told me & my bff not to talk to him at all in school so we don’t really talk anymore. Ohh & him & his best friend Christian don’t talk anymore since Christian was found with the gun to his head. I really worry about him. Even though he doesn’t realize it I do care about him & I love him like a brother now. At first it wasn’t like that, but now I really miss him.

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