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Who would like to join me in positive thoughts for Keysha and Ariszid as she is in surgery?

Asked by Dog (24827points) March 24th, 2010

Today our fellow jelly Keysha is going in for delicate ovarian surgery. Her husband, also a fellow jelly, Ariszid is at her side and is worried sick.

They had to wait a long time, with her in excruciating pain because they did not have insurance and today, as I type she is finally getting her operation.

Please think of them today and send positive thoughts and prayers for successful surgery and a quick and painless recovery.

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My mom had a similar surgery. I hope nothing but the best and I send my good thoughts your way.

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Sending positive vibes your way! I will be thinking of you!

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Good luck to you both.You will be in my thoughts:)

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Keysha :)
Good luck with everything. So happy to hear that you’re finally getting the surgery that you need. You’ll be in my thoughts for sure!

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Thank you for telling us…. Keysha, Ariz you’re both in my thoughts!

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I wish you two nothing but the best. I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

Thank you @Dog for letting us know.

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I wish Keysha and Aris my best.

I hope that ALL their health-care concerns are relieved in a very short time and for a very long one from then on.

If only there was more that I could do.

It’s times like this that I’m reminded that if I was to have any superhuman power, it would be the power to heal with just my touch.

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Absolutely. Positive thoughts from me. I like him personally, and her by extension. I wish the best possible outcome for this.

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What @Brian1946 said. Best wishes to you both.

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Here’s hoping she pulls through! Good vibes are coming your way from me. :)

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@Arisztid and Keysha My very best wishes for a successful operation and a fast recovery. You two are a wonderful, loving couple who deserve only good things.

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Best wishes! Hope you see you both back here soon.

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HappythoughtsHappythoughtsHappythoughts. Hope everything goes smoothly.

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Best of luck to you both (but especially Keysha). I hope the surgery ends up being open and shut, quick and successful and that both of you are quickly back to revel in the success.

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I know Keysha is in good hands! I wish her a speedy recovery.

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Wow…go Keysha!!! Much love to you both…hope all goes well and I’m sure it will xxxx

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Thinking of you both. All good wishes.

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Good Luck Keysha! I know it will work out for you! And you hang in there too, Ariszid!

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The best of health to you!

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I hope you’re back to optimum health soon, Keysha!

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Although I have not come across these fellow jellies, my thoughts and prayers are with them both xxxx

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I hope that everything goes well. I will send positive energy.

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lots of positive thoughts!

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Good luck, good thoughts, good wishes. Best to you both.

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How terrible that they both had to be in pain because of lack of insurance. Like @sakura I don’t know either of these jellies well, but I wish them good luck!

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You’re in my prayers. I’m sending good coffee, restful recovery and a happier tomorrow.

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I’m familiar with waiting on insurance so thank goodness she gets to have her needed care now and has such a supportive, proactive and loving partner. I hope she feels like a new woman afterward :)

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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Good luck, and good thoughts.

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My thoughts are with you both. How harsh to have to wait. Best of luck.

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It’s been several hours. Has there been any word?

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I just heard back from Ariszid:

“She is out of surgery!”

I will let him fill in the details but she is very fortunate to be alive. It was not exactly what the doctors had assumed it was.

Hopefully we will hear directly that she is awake and recovering well!

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@Dog Thanks so much for the update.

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I’ll keep an eye out. Thank you.

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Holy cow… I’m reading the latest update from Dog. I’m so glad you were able to get the help you needed. Best wishes to the both of you. Hoping for a speedy recovery for you, Keysha! There will be plates of jelly donuts waiting for you when you return.

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All the best for you both. I truly value your contributions to our community and will keep you in my prayers.

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You are both in my thoughts and heartfelt prayers.

I’m glad I stumbled upon this thread. Much love to both of you and speedy recovery. Hope the underlying problem was completely addressed and healed by this surgery.

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Best to both of you! Hope to see you here soon.

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Hoping that Keysha is feeling no pain today.
Also hoping Ariszid will find this question and give a formal update. :)

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Wow thankyou everyone! I am going to send it to Keysha via IM right now to give you a formal update. I shall fill in anything she misses. She is resting in the hospital right now, going to be released tomorrow.

She is in less pain a day after surgery than she has been in in a very, very long time.

I have been kind of busy for obvious reasons so I did not notice this question.

She is eating dinner right now and has an IV that interferes with her typing so she shall take a couple of minutes…

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Wow. Thank you all. I am, as Aris says, out, healing, and, barring complications, getting out tomorrow. Am getting my last IV antibiotic right now, and my IV will be removed in about 10 minutes. Just had dinner (baked chicken breast, fries, peas, and lemon ice). I am up, walking, on minimal pain meds, and, according to the nurses, not nearly demanding enough.

I had an endometrial cyst, which they had to, I am told, seal off the veins before they could remove. I also had adhesions and scar tissue they had to remove. more than a 3 hour surgery. It ended up a complete hysterectomy. so Aris gets to deal with me going through menapause

I am not thanking everyone individually, because I am typing with an IV in my hand. I do appreciate it though. You all are wonderful. :)

Thanks again

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This is her second endometrial cyst, surgery for the first one left adhesions and scar tissue. I intend to ask her surgeon the best way to ensure that she does not have these problems after this one. I am pretty sure that us living upstairs and, despite all I could do, she had to go up and down a couple of times contributed to it. We are in a downstairs apartment now.

I am very happy to see her pretty much out of pain for the first time in I have no clue how long. And… my wife is going to live!

I shall find out more when I speak with her gyn surgeon tomorrow.

Oh she is having her IV d/ced right now.

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thank you for an update. so sorry about the invasive surgery, but yay to no more pain!! take it easy, keep up with the pain meds. lots of good thoughts for you both!

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@casheroo Thankyou much. :) Her pain is a mere fraction of what it was before surgery despite her being only one day post op. She is only using tylenol and a few norcos. We are both so pleased.

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@Arisztid Great, great news!

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@Arisztid she’s stronger than me! I was taking my percocet for a couple weeks after my c-section recently. and they just told me today I may already have adhesions because of the pain I’ve been having. It sounds like a nightmare what your wife had to go through to get rid of the pain.

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Wishing you a speedy recovery :)

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AWESOME!!!! I was eager to finish work and was hoping to hear her pain was subsiding!
This is very good news!

What a great day!

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Thanks for keeping us posted guys! You’ll be in our thoughts throughout your recovery.

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@casheroo She has a remarkable pain threshold. She actually does not feel pain normally, which can be a bit dangerous.

Thankyou much @Dog , @PnL , @augustlan , @janbb , @everyone who commented

She is home, sitting beside me eating lunch.

I learned exactly how troublesome this surgery was. The cyst ruptured before they could get it out, they suctioned out about 150 cc’s (about 5 fl oz… about ⅔ of a cup) of old, dead blood (there was probably more that they flushed). Her abdominal cavity was flushed very thoroughly… having a cyst break open before removal is not what a surgeon wants. If the surgical site is not flushed properly and completely, peritonitis results.

We are very lucky that the thing did not rupture before surgery. That could have been fatal. She was still bleeding into the cyst even during surgery.

She is not allowed to lift over 10 pounds, drive until she can stomp her foot without pain, bend over, no repetitive stairs (luckily we live downstairs), no sex (whines), no housework, and she is not to run the Boston Marathon this year. These restrictions are for at least 2 weeks. She is going to go nuts with boredom. :P

I am just happy as a clam (how happy is that and where did the expression come from) because I have my wife home, feeling 10 times better than before the surgery, and she is going to live! I am sitting here next to her and she is in hardly any pain for the first time in, literally, I cannot remember.

It says a lot that she is in significantly less pain two days post op than she was the day before her surgery.

She is anemic due to the type of cyst, that it kept on bleeding, and that it was a more complex surgery than they expected. She almost required a transfusion. So, she is on iron pills for a bit. She is also on an anti-inflammatory, Tylenol, and vicodin (when needed).

Ok, I am gushing (I am just so damned happy). I shall shut up now.

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I am in more pain than I was with the last surgery, but still feeling much better. My last surgery was in Jan of ‘09, and I left there on no pain meds, the day after surgery.

Last night, I did have a slight issue, my hospital room was freezing. I was asleep in bed, covered up, warm. They came in, woke me, said ‘vital check, sorry.’ I flipped off the blankets and the cold air hit me. My body literally locked into massive shivers now that causes pain , and they ran out full speed, and grabbed a borderline hot blanket, more so than warm, for certain, and covered me, watching me until I quit shaking. That caused me to be very sore today. They even had to turn the heat up in my room. Funfun.

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I’m thankful that it is going so well! Stay warm!

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Again, so great to hear, you guys.

And, incidentally, Mazel Tov™ on the 5K, @Arisztid.

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Yes! Congrats on the 5k!

Ohhhh those “vitals” checks… It is impossible to get rest in a hospital!
Glad you are finally at home where you can rest!

I just hope you do not have any more issues like this. I cannot fathom the pain you endured.

@Arisztid “whines” Too funny!

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@Dog I’d give him some cheese to go with that whine, but he cuts enough of that as is.

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Hooray for health!

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@Keysha Good to hear you are home and resting and doing well xx Lots of love and hugs xxx

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That’s great you guys!

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Keysha took a turn for the worse. She is back in the hospital.

Please send positive thoughts and prayers again.

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Oh, no! Thinking positive thoughts.

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Oh no, that’s so bad! Sending hugs, peace, healing and decent coffee.

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Oh, dear. Sending healing vibes Keysha’s way.

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She just got back from a CAT scan… results are not yet in.

I shall post when we know what is wrong.

Any appearance of calmness on my part is incorrect.

Thankyou all for your support. It matters more than you know.

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Thanks for keeping us posted

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Oh – love and positive thoughts to the two of you.

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I’m sorry about this distressing news.

My previously expressed sentiments are renewed and my hopes for Keysha and Aris are re-energized!

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oh no, lots of thoughts!

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Hoping for the best. We’re here for you guys.

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Thankyou all so much for your support.

Over the period of two hours, she went from a temperature of 97.something to 100.3 and, of course, that earned her a trip to the ER.

While there she started seeping copiously from the incision… normal serosanguinous drainage, no foul odor. This is a good thing.
1) the bulge on her side went down
2) her pain went down
3) her fever dropped

However, there is a problem.

The CAT scan revealed a new hernia. About 4 days ago she felt a “twang” and it turns out that the “twang” was the hernia.

So she being admitted tonight, put on antibiotics for a minor infection of the surgical wound, and goes under surgery again sometime tomorrow. I shall post her surgery time tomorrow to ask for strong thoughts at the time of the surgery itself. We are not going to know when the surgery is scheduled for until tomorrow.

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Best wishes for an easy time tomorrow.

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I’m so happy they found what was wrong and are fixing it quickly. Stay strong @Arisztid!

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Best wishes, Aris.
You’re one of my favorite people on Fluther, which automatically makes Keysha an awesome person for knowing you.
Best of luck to the both of you.

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I do so hope that this all goes well for her. Thinking of you both, and hoping for a good news.

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Good thoughts good thoughts good thoughts

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May the surgery be uneventful, fast and wildly successful.

We are thinking of you both.

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Thoughts are with you! Poor Keysha.

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Thank you for the update. Hope she got some good sleep and the surgery goes well today. Be thinking bout you guys.

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thank you for the update. Thinking of you both, hopefully they’ve got her on the good stuff!

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Inputting from the hospital again. Thank you all, for your well wishes. It seems they are not doing surgery right away. I am staying in today and tonight because they are doing IV antibiotics to stop the infection. Then they will send me home on oral ones.

The surgeon is not sure if a hernia ripped open because of my cough or if I dehisced inside. He says the colon is fine, and does not want to do surgery until I recover from this one, and have the infection gone.

So, today in the hospital, again, tomorrow home, I hope, and healing a bit slower than we wanted.

Again, thank you all for caring. It means more than you know.

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@Keysha It sounds like better news than having to have surgery again right now. I’m sorry that it has slowed down the recovery rate.

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Yiyiyi! Oy.

My best to you, Keysha, and I hope this is all behind you sooner rather than later.

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I am getting a lot more details and a general picture of what happened. I need to ask the doctor a couple of questions when he comes in tomorrow, then shall post it.

After he does I shall write out what happened. I am going to resurrect this thing when she has her next surgery.

Thankyou, again, my friends. On the website we came from, it would have been extremely unlikely for anyone to start a question like this. If someone had, people who did not know her certainly would not have joined in.

Edit: doctor just came in and says it is a hernia of the lowest fascia layer.

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Yay for diagnosis and hoping things are repaired fast.

Keysha- hope you are not in too much pain. :(

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None, to speak of, Dog. Thanks for caring. :)

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Fluther has some of the kindest people in the world.
I’m so glad you’re not in pain, Keysha.

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@Arisztid jsut a quick question. Did the doc by any chance mention fascia transversalis?

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@Dr_C I was the one the doctor spoke to, and she said it was the inner fascia layer, a true hernia.

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hope you don;t mind me asking, was it a pre existing hernia? becaue your surgery sounded extremely similar to the csection i just had (minus the ruptured blood cyst…i get those things too but NOT to your degree.) so do they think you coughed and caused the hernia?? i have an umbillical hernia caused from having kids, i wish they could have fixed it when they did the surgery, so i was thinking :why didnt your doctors”
i really hope the infection clears up! i spent a lot of time online when i was in the hospital…they’re sooo boring! i just counted down the time until my next pain meds hehe

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@casheroo no, it was not. They think the cough did it. I have an umbilical hernia, too, and it is fine. Pain meds are something I don’t need much of. I have a high pain threshold (to Aris’s deep dismay) and so end up on Tylenol when others are begging for narcotics.

The infection is responding to the IV antibiotics. I just wish they were not so hard on IV’s. I’m on my 4th one in about 30 hours.

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Multiple rounds of antibiotics always drain me. I hope you’re feeling better soon and they do the job this time.

Are you bored out of your mind yet?

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all the best Keysha, much love and light xxxx

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Good wishes for peace and recovery for your family.

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I hope all is going well. Thinking positive thoughts.

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Not hearing anything makes me anxious.

Positive thoughts heading your way!

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@augustlan Aris was posting yesterday about something else so hopefully things aren’t too bad.

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I’m doing ok. Thank you all. I have a large hernia, which I go to see another surgeon for on the 19th. The initial surgery, the hysterectomy, is doing quite well, I have an all-clear from the doctor on that (see her in a month). The infection is clearing up nicely.

I did, the day after getting out of the hospital the second time, end up back in the emergency room with an impacted bowel. The ER did everything wrong, but, after being there for several hours, with an off-duty phlebotomist of a husband acting as a better nurse than the ER nurse, I told the doctor I wished to go home. I arrived at the ER at 10:20 pm, and left after 2 am. My impaction finally broke free after 9:30 am. With a great deal of agony on my part (colon spasms as bad as a very hard labor contraction, for about 10 minutes solid, twice). That did not, I am sure, do my hernia any good.

Aris has complained to the hospital about my treatment, and we will see what, if anything, is done.

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For some reason, I was not getting notifications to this thread. My apologies.

After the travails Keysha described, she is back heading towards proper healing.

Her surgical wound looks textbook perfect… and I mean that literally.

We shall see if I get results regarding the ER treatment. The error: she was not given even an xray before treatment despite me heading towards bloody insistant. This was also my error because I should have taken it up the ladder. There were other minor errors but that was the bad one.

They were busy, yes, but I dropped the ball on the xray/CAT scan side of things.

The scant amount of soap suds enema they got into her time after time after time (and I called off due to her pain per enema and the lack of results… then we agreed we were going home) managed to give her enough comfort for the mag citrate to do its job, which I was hoping would be the case. She got an appointment with her MD that she did not have to keep. If it had wound up in the ER again they would have met my bad side if she got such treatment again.

Oh, hernia repairs are known to be very easy surgeries with high success rates. Expect me to completely forget this as surgery approaches, turning into the neurotic basket case Fluther knows me to be when my Lady goes under the knife. Just fair warning.

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@Dr_C I know what the transversalis fascia is but am not certain what you are asking. Are you referring to a disorder or just the transversalis fascia? I am not terribly high up the medical ladder and do not know of any disorder by that name, if that is what you are asking… could you link me?

I need to speak with the doctor further to know more details of the hernia. Based on the location of her hernia, I would not be surprised if it is of the transversalis fascia.

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I so glad that you are doing better, @Keysha . You are a lucky woman to have @Arisztid looking out for you!

Keysha's avatar

I know I am. And I make sure to show him the appreciation I have for him, all the time.

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@Keysha It is worth everything, love.

It took her a bit to realize that, truly, tending messy wounds that would make most people pass out (like the dehiscing of her original surgical wound) and cause people to go into a panic (reference: the dehiscing of her original surgical wound) is, well, I have seen, and tended, much worse many times and not batted an eye.

Yes, I turn into a full out basket case pre-op and during surgery. I do my best to snap myself into work mode and slip into “patient/caregiver” mode when I start getting neurotic but I suck at it.

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I am just glad that he is not working during my surgeries. That would be even harder for him… and anyone he needed to ‘poke’.

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Thanks for the update, guys. Happy healing!

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Keysha is back in surgery, this time for her hernia. The doctor was hoping to repair it via laparoscopic surgery but it was way too bad for that.

It has been 3½ hours to get her bowel through the hernia. Now they are stitching it up enough so they can use a mesh. The doctor said that the bowel was all the way through which I have a hard time wrapping my mind around. He was in a hurry to get back in there so no clarification until Keysha speaks with the surgeon later.. As with the earlier surgeries I shall be getting a card with a number that allows me full access to her medical information.

She shall, most likely, be under the knife for another 2–3 hours.

I have been forgoing Keysha updates because, if I had been, this thread would be much longer. This has been one hell of a rocky ride since the last surgery.

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Gosh, I sure hope that this all turns out ok for her.
I’m keeping you both in my heart.

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Sending you warm, loving, supportive thoughts.

aprilsimnel's avatar

Yes, me too!

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Thankyou very much.

So far, she is in her 8th hour in OR. Considering the size of the hernia, that so much of the bowel was through it (manipulation of the bowel protruding through a hernia has to be done excruciatingly carefully), that they have to stitch the hernia closed enough to be able to use the mesh, and that the surgeon is doing more than just one round of stitches around the mesh, 7 hours is within parameters.

I shall post again when she is out.

Any appearances of calm on my part are wholly incorrect. I am in my customary neurotic state, one which I enter every surgery.

Good Gods I hope this is the last. This surgeon said that he is going to do what he can to not have her back on the table again.

I am going to do what I did the first two times: ask for her to be assigned to me when I go into work tonight. If they do not, I shall see if I can swap off with another phlebotomist and get her as my patient.

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Any chance they’ll let you? Quick recoveries aren’t always technical, if she’s with someone she loves it might be way better. Best of luck to both of you, and fingers crossed for this to be the last time she needs this done.

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She is out of surgery. I was not able to be there with her so this report comes from her sister. Her sister does not really understand medical terms. I am going up there tonight and, hopefully, shall be able to speak directly to the surgeon.

To put it mildly, her condition was critical. Here is what her sister said the doctor told her:

3 hernias, one umbilical (and not that bad), 2 on her side, one of which was big enough to be considered completely open, the second a couple of inches away from the main one and about the same size as the one they knew about. If they had waited a couple of days both side hernias would have joined (as the tissue between them tore… Aris) to be one massive one which would have likely killed her. Part of her “small bowel” (she must be referring to the small intestine) had to be removed. Part of the bowel had ruptured. I do not know if the rupture was during or before surgery .. She has two drains.

The doctor said that she would not have survived two weeks. Her sister says “in all of his years of practice, he has only had 1–2 patients as bad as Keysha. He had to call his partner in to help once he saw how bad it was.”

She is going to be in the hospital for 5–10 days.

Tonight the main surgeon plus his partner are remaining on call for her at the hospital itself and, when I visit in a couple of hours, I hope that I can get ahold of the surgeon. If not, I shall get ahold of him in the next couple of days for a full report.

I do not know what unit she is in. She could be on a med/surg unit but I expect her to be in CCU or ICU. I shall find out tonight.

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@Symbeline I think they shall. They did the second time. After the first surgery she was home quickly enough that I was not working those nights.

casheroo's avatar

oh my goodness, i’ll be thinking of @Keysha so much for one woman to go through.

Arisztid's avatar

Thankyou @casheroo and I agree. She is one strong Lady.

I just returned and they have her on the floor rather than the CCU or ICU which is a very good sign.

Her sister and I went up, stayed for, I think, about 2½ hours. Unfortunately the surgeon did not come in while I was there. I shall know more about what occurred when I speak with him, hopefully, tomorrow.

She is pretty much out of it, the doctor saying to expect that for today and maybe tomorrow. She is in much more pain than the last surgery.

I got there, according to two of her sisters who were already there, about half an hour after she was brought to the floor. I am glad I came when I did because I was not pleased with such things as the callbell being out of her reach (these things are supposed to be set up as soon as the patient is transferred to the floor). I set things to right and had a chat with the nurse tending her.

I shall be able to see and keep a weather eye on her during the night because I work tonight. I shall be asked to be assigned her as one of my patients but, if that does not work, she is in a part of the hospital that I go into all the time.

I shall update if anything changes and relay everyone’s well wishes to her (she shall be without a computer for a couple of days, they say)

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my thoughts are with you both, lots of love and light xxx

Dog's avatar

She is a pretty amazing person!

I am glad she is in recovery now. What a relief!

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I have seen no reason to continue updating a recovery that has been, to say the least, rocky. There would have been a solid 6–8 posts of the problems with her recovery so I have forgone that. Things like a fever of 104.4 and a 2 unit blood transfusion are included.

I shall say, at this time, that she seems to be on the path of recovery and is much improved. At times during this, the path of her recovery has not been guaranteed. It still is not, however, she is doing quite well as I write this.

I have been, err, to say it gently, like white on rice regarding how she is tended. I can get a bit, well, pushy when needed.

I am too fatigued to go into exactly what occurred. Basically, what I originally posted was correct.

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Well, @Arisztid I hope I am speaking for all of us when I say that we are thinking of Keysha and hoping she’ll pull through with as little additional trauma as possible. And for you, we wish you strength in supporting her, and hope you get relief from this difficult time soon.

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^^^ What @wundayatta says.

I am so glad that the surgery is over.

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Wow, it sounds like you both have had a tough time.
I sure do hope that things get better real soon.

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I hope she recovers fully, despite the present rocky situation you describe. She’ll prolly need a whole lot of rest, and hopefully they won’t just feed her jello and yogurt without fruit in it.
Studying in the medical field, I’m learning some pretty creepy shit about hospitals and how patients are sometimes treated. :/

crosses fingers

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And the invalid writes…

I am still alive, in more pain than anyone should have to be.

Aris is taking wonderful care of me. (he waved). My only issue is the generic cookie cutter the put patience in. I am not an average patient. I hurt more than I ever have in my life. If they would just just that I will do the best I can to get out asap, and stop pushing me to do more, we would all get along much better.

——————Aris here… they have been badgering her to ambulate ambulate ambulate.

I have been here, I think, about 3½ hours or so. I have been tending her needs and, about half an hour ago, she asked me to ambulate her. Emphasis on “ask.” The big thing is she trusts that I know what I am doing.

They do not need to be pushy to her. She wants to recover and do what she should. Now that she is recovered enough to ambulate I shall come do it.

She is now fully alert and oriented and it is so nice to be with her! I had been doing short visits and letting her sleep. I have actually been able to be here for 3½ hours. :)

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Thanks for the update!

aprilsimnel's avatar

You’re both so blessed in having each other.

Be well and feel better soon, @Keysha!

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Keysha is home and currently snoozing beside me in the recliner. We have arranged it when I am asleep for her to call me on her cellphone, which shall be beside my head, her with the land line beside her (it might be a day or so before she sleeps in the bed with me). I am leaving it to Keysha to decide if her sister is able to ambulate her anywhere and I am doing all personal care, dressing changes, tending her drains, etc. I am very happy that I am in the profession I am because I can actually do these things for her. :)

I was, to say the very least, shocked and dismayed when they sent her home today, complete with two JP drains and having just got her off of IV medications that morning, pain moderately under control.

I stood down from “ready to rip heads off” mode when Keysha told me that the doctor was not going to let her go home without someone like me to tend her. He would have either kept her a few more days or arranged for a home health nurse. Keysha just really wanted to come home as much as I wanted her here. :)

I have taken off shift tonight, have the next two nights off, by then her sister should be able to tend her with strict orders from me to leave her drains and dressings alone when I am at work. If anything looks wonky, which it should not by that stage, leave it the hell alone and call me at work.

Well, the rocky road is heading into the home stretch and I have my Lady back. All is good in my world. :)

Oh, I forgot, her sister overexaggerated… her life was not in as much threat as it was.

She also lost 8 – 12 inches of small intestine. It had adhered to the fascia. That is not a terribly large amount of intestine to lose. The problem is the pain that comes with a bowel resection.

Her surgeon told her, when he first consulted with her, that he is not one to worry about leaving scars… he wants his patients to do well, does not care about scars. Keysha told him that she is likewise unconcerned because I am not one to be bothered by scars either.

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sounds like she’s finally on the road to recovery!

and yeah, a scar means nothing to me either be alive with a big scar than not around anymore. I never understood people who were so caught up in that.

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Ditto… who that really loves a person would give a damn about a scar? I am just so happy she made it. The surgeon did not expect to walk into what he did… at all.

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I know how awesome it is to return HOME!

This is great! :)

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Not been here for a while so I’m not sure when you posted that @Arisztid but really glad she’s home and doing well!! xxx

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