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How would you differentiate between "Mind" & "Soul"?

Asked by 9doomedtodie (3113points) March 25th, 2010

According to me the Soul has the power to control the mind if it crosses the threshold of bad things.It always shows the proper direction to mind.but sometimes or lot of times it fails.I think the mind always depends on the “sudden thoughts” & it follows them.

Then what do you mean by Soul? Is it different from mind?
or is it a different form of mind?

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I tend to not believe in the soul and to see the mind as a function of our experience in the world. So what we have seen and what we expect to see and feel forms the basis of our mind – and, therefore, our actions.

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I don’t believe in soul. Our mind makes us think that soul is part of human body. Cooperation of different organs in my body that allow me to live.

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The mind is where a person thinks, and therefore exists. The mind controls all aspects of the person, and defines who they are. The soul is a mythological entity envisaged by the mind of some people as a coping mechanism to deal with the knowledge of their mortality.

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The mind is the thinker, the soul is the feeler.

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Interestingly, when Freud’s work was first translated into English, the translator used the word “mind” to represent some German word or other
(I don’t remember what it was, sorry, bad bad bad)
that should have been translated “soul”. case anyone cares about Freud any more. I happen to.

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I think they’re one & the same. However, I dont believe the soul exists, therefore what people who do, attribute to the soul, I just see as being our mind.

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@JeffVader @Doctor_D @PadmanJones :If soul does not exist.Then why do the people say after death of anyone that“May his or her soul rest in peace”

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@blinkErri Are you honestly suggesting that people only say things if they’re true…?
People say it because it’s soothing for people in distress to hear. Have you never said to someone “It’ll be alright”, when there’s no way for you to know if it will be or not?

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@JeffVader : I say “It’ll be alright” to people..if they deserve that.

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@blinkErri People say “may his/her soul rest in peace” because it has been carried over as a tradition from our ignorant past. There are innumerable religious myths about souls restlessly wandering about in the netherworld between heaven and hell, or haunting places of interest on Earth until their business is finished. It is simply tradition to say so, and it is generally less well received to say “may he/she decompose in peace”.

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@blinkErri Well, thanks for that gem…. & if you want to respond to what I wrote at any point, feel free!

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The mind resides primarily in the nervous system. It is the result of the electro-chemical activity, and gives rise to one’s pattern of thoughts, both conscious and subconscious. The soul is the divine spark around which all that is us develops. Intuition and inspiration connect the soul to the mind. The mind connects the spiritual(intuition and inspiration) to the emotions. The emotions connect the mind to the body.

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One starts with an “M”. This is a tiresome argument. It is called Dualism, and it has been settled philosophically for many years. Do a little reading and you won’t have to come here and spin your wheels over nothing.

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@dpworkin If you don’t want to talk about it, don’t. If you want to explore the question, add something interesting.

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I just did. I added years and years of history in which the subject was analyzed and reanalyzed. What good would it do to port all those volumes and volumes of material here? Far better to direct people to a place where they can find it, all neatly arranged and annotated. You just aren’t creative enough to see how helpful my answer is.

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@dpworkin Ouch! You slammed me down. I have done a little reading. Clearly not as much as you. Please, direct me to a book that explores the relationship between mind and soul. My ignorant response to your authoritative assertion that soul and mind are a duality would be that the soul and the mind are parts of the psycho-spiritual anatomy of man and not opposed ends of a spectrum. That assertion is like saying the heart and the lungs are opposites. But if this discussion isn’t too boring for you, maybe you could set me straight.

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The Lord gave me the gift to reveal to myself the attitude in your post, and I have no interest in wasting my time arguing with you. Let us just stipulate that I am in error, you are correct, and there is no literature on the subject of dualism. Bub-bye now.

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@stump Try reading Daniel Dennet’s book Consciousness Explained. I’m in the middle of it right now, and it destroys dualism quite effectively in the first few chapters.

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I repeat: it has been a settled question for many years. I do not need to defend this statement with a source any more than I need to defend heliocentrism or a spherical earth.

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The mind holds reason, but the soul is where you innermost being is that is affected by all you do. Ultimately, the soul is what God will end up judging.

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If there were a God, there might also be a soul.

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