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Why, when I got to work this morning is the car park covered in worms/nightcrawlers?

Asked by Mat74UK (4649points) March 25th, 2010

I trained a little in the night.

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If it rains, they move upward to avoid drowning. If there is a certain vibration- train etc- that can also make them come up to the surface.

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Worms need moisture in order to survive. So when it rains, they come up to the surface in order to find the most moisture possible. Their bodies are designed to help them burrow and find wet spots, so it’s something of a biological imperative for them to come above ground when it rains.

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Yes but it rains a LOT here why would so many decide to commit suicide by coming up and staying up past dawn?

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God’s idea of a practical joke…..?

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@PadmanJones No, worms come up to avoid excess rain and moisture from filling their burrows and drowning them, not to seek more of it.

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It is spring, perhaps it is a mating frenzy..a worm tangle, like some snakes engage in.

Makes sense to me….breeding season is here for everything! lolol

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Oh wait…don’t worms reproduce themselves…hmmm…never mind.

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THey do have 5 hearts though…pretty cool!

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Our driveway was covered in worms after a heavy rain the other day. My son kept busy for a long time, picking them up and throwing them into the grass. I kind of felt bad for the worms because I think they crawled to the driveway in order to avoid drowning in the super-wet soil.

@Coloma Worms are hermaphrodites but still need other worms to reproduce.

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Hahaha…well, I better brush up on my knowledge of worms. lol

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