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How can I watch metacafe clips on my iPod?

Asked by MilkyWayMilky (4points) March 25th, 2010


I would like to be able to watch some metacafe videos on my iPod but for that I need to download the metacafe videoclips to my PC and then convert to iPod format. Can you point to a good metacafe videoclips recorder and converter to iPod?

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Find what format the clips are in (right click the file, “properties”, and then it’ll tell you) Then google that format “convert to iPod” and I’m pretty sure lots of results will pop up.

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I found this piece of software called Ares Tube that will allow you to download videos from many different supported sites (MetaCafe included) and convert to MP4 for play on the iPod.

Try it out!

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Actually, since as far as I can tell Metacafe videos are flash videos, I am pretty sure that there are a lot of solutions on how to download, convert, transfer and watch Metacafe videos on Ipod.
One of the most popular methods for saving flash videos, that might also be useful for you to save Metacafe videos, is the one with saving flash videos from the cache of your browser.
What you have to do is find and go to the cache of your browser, find the Metacafe video you want to save, copy and paste it to another more convenient location and, if everything goes well, you’ve just managed to save Metacafe videos.
Now, because you want to convert Metacafe videos from flv to other format you need to find yourself some flash video converter, but that shouldn’t be such a big problem, just google for Metacafe Video Converter or convert Metacafe to Ipod, as already mentioned.

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Why don’t you just use one of those online video downloader websites to download or record and save Metacafe videos to pc?These come in handy if you don’t want to install some Metacafe Video Downloader app on your pc, thse are anyways a better alternative to that solution to save Metacafe videos from cache or something like that.

You just go online paste the Metacafe video link and if everything goes well you’ll manage to download and save Metacafe videos to pc.
You can take a look for starters at zamzar, file2hd, keepvid etc. and try to download or record and save Metcafe videos with their help.
See if these can be used as Metacafe Downloaders or Recorders, if not you can always do a google search on “online video downloaders” or “Metacafe Video Downloader”.

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It’s a pretty good idea to also take a look at some mozilla add-ons that can be used to download flash videos and which could also function as Metacafe Video Downloader or Recorder or something like that.
Just look here:

These are flash video downloader add-ons, take a look at them and see if any of them will do a good job at downloading Metacafe videos.
I can’t tell you unfortunately exactly which of these works better to download, convert and save Metacafe videos for ipod cause I don’t usually rip Metacafe videos.

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You don’t have to necessarily install a metacafe downloader on your PC. You can use some free services, like tubeminator, for instance (just as an example). It’s simply, quick and the greatest of all is that you don’t have to install any metacafe downloader, recorder on your computer. Simply add the metacafe link from where you want to download the video and voila! In a short while you have the metacafe videoclip file on your PC.
It’s a simply way to capture streams from websites like metacafe, youtube and several other sites and with this method you will also be able to convert the metacafe videoclips to the desired file format, in your case iPod file format.

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I agree with the other guys on this,if you need some basic features that could help you download or record and save metacafe videos to your hard disk than you can make do with these online video downloader websites and you won’t have to install on your some complicated metacafe video downloader or recorder or something like that.
Since there are a lot of those online video downloaders that can also function as a metacafe video downloader, you have from where to try and pick one that does a good job and that can download Metacafe videos easily.
Besides that ones mentioned, you can also take a look at clipnabber and extractvideo .

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Another option was just recently showcased on Lifehacker. allows you to save videos from Youtube, Metacafe, and more video website. It offers MP4 video, which can be easily imported into iTunes.

Hope these ideas help! Enjoy your videos.

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