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Does anybody else do this?

Asked by aaronheaberlin808 (69points) March 7th, 2008

Ok when i meet someone new i tend judge them on their intelligence by seeing if they meet this one requirement: For instance when someone tells you “don’t tell bobby i said his girlfriend is cheating on him” (or somthing similar) and my response is ” tell bobby what?” You normally get two responses “exactly” or “don’t tell bobby his girlfriend is cheating on him stupid”
i do this almost without thinking about it now lol but i do think of it as like a base line for intelligence

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I don’t know if that is a good intelligence barometer. Especially if you’re Bobby – then that person telling you is really dumb.

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I have my own scale of measurement. But yeah, I have a particular level of wit that I refuse to interact with (the low level, mostly).
It makes me seem like a bitch sometimes, but it keeps me from justabout killing anyone, so its all dandy. ;)

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Okay, you cant say “lol” and “base line for intelligence” in the same sentence.

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Does it count if it is used after a sentence (or before) to accentuate that humor was intended (or is being taken) if the sentence is proper? I tend to do that, I must admit, as a back up. Its so hard to get intent across over the internet.

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Quit gossiping about Bobby and his girlfriend!

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How is it that you are gossiping with someone you just met?

I judge intelligence by the way they talk and the brightness of their eyes. I’ve noticed that the eyes are almost always a failsafe indicator.

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