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How to quickly create a Flash demo interface?

Asked by oxjox (38points) March 25th, 2010

Part of my job entails user interface designs for touch panels. I have screen shots of all the pages that I have developed and would like to create a program that can launch on a mac or windows computer.

The interface is composed of buttons that do simple page flips within the project. I’d like to find the simplest way to make the screenshots of the project “live” to give clients demonstrations of how the interface would feel in the clients hands.

I’m thinking sort of like the web export in photoshop or even the way you can build power point to work this way. Maybe those are still my best options?


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If you want to do this in flash 3D flash assistant is really easy to use. It can also export as stand alone programs (so it will run not in a webpage). $50 for the full version. I use it alot

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